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Dancing nurses hate

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collateramadamge Wed 22-Apr-20 22:55:40

Are people seriously moaning about this? Are we turning on the nurses now?

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BlueBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 23:00:41

It's the Daily Mail, take with a large pinch of salt, they've probably found one or two moaners and just blown the whole story out of all proportion.

OneMoment Wed 22-Apr-20 23:01:15

I am finding it quite annoying now. Literally every hospital and every department are doing them hmm

collateramadamge Wed 22-Apr-20 23:06:53

Fair point regarding the Daily Mail.

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HeyBlaby Wed 22-Apr-20 23:12:15

I'm a nurse and tbh it isn't great for PR.

collateramadamge Wed 22-Apr-20 23:13:46

Surely its just similar to lots of professions doing the toilet roll challenge.

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barbites Wed 22-Apr-20 23:14:25

I'm a nurse in the made me think, wow they obviously aren't as busy as we are! Would piss me off if I'd had important treatment cancelled too..

collateramadamge Wed 22-Apr-20 23:17:36

But surely it only took 10 minutes and could be at the end of a shift? Break?

Just seems a nice thing to do at an awful time.

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trixiebelden77 Wed 22-Apr-20 23:18:10

I work in an ICU. I think it’s a very bad look. The one with the haka was terribly misjudged.

Where I work there is simply no time to do this, and it would be seen as unprofessional even if there were time.

That doesn’t mean that anyone hates the people who’ve done them, just that we’d prefer it to stop now. There are lots of other ways to let off steam, without undermining professionalism.

trixiebelden77 Wed 22-Apr-20 23:19:08

Break? Hahahah.

Exhausted at the end of shifts here.

Didkdt Wed 22-Apr-20 23:20:02

I'd agree I can understand the Belfast Respiratology Team coming in on their day off to say "protect loves stay at home" but the corridor dance routines in scrubs and masks they are supposedly desperately short of which need replacing each time you leave a ward gets my eyebrows quirking

Unusualbloodgroup Wed 22-Apr-20 23:22:38

Sorry but it’s annoyingly me too blush

Unusualbloodgroup Wed 22-Apr-20 23:24:24

I am also fed up with my colleagues posting selfies in full PPE on Facebook all the time. I will get my coat.

NeedToKnow101 Wed 22-Apr-20 23:25:42

I find it annoying too...

Summerofloaf Wed 22-Apr-20 23:26:29

A. What a waste of PPE
B. They’re getting deranged by it all

XmasRibbons Wed 22-Apr-20 23:27:40

A choreorgraphed dance routine among 20+ staff is going to take longer than 10 minutes. And it's hard to not get slightly annoyed when we're constantly being told the hospitals are like 'warzones' I really can't imagine staff having time to do it before the pandemic. So surprised they'd have time now. The covid-unrelated unit one's aren't such an annoyance but the ICU one's do kind of irritate me.

whiskybysidedoor Wed 22-Apr-20 23:27:41

Those videos are not quick to set up and make. It makes them look like they’ve got nothing better to do which obviously isn’t a good look right now.

Can you imagine many other work places where this would be acceptable at any time?

Santaclauswhosthat Wed 22-Apr-20 23:28:25

Like many people, I have had surgery cancelled indefinitely, am unable to have a face to face appointment for an ongoing condition and am well aware that lots of NHS staff haven't been in the same room as a patient for a month. So, no, it doesn't particularly fill me with joy to see people dancing around when most of the population can't get any medical treatment.

Laniakea Wed 22-Apr-20 23:28:45

I don’t understand the motivation to film yourself for social media - it’s embarrassing but maybe I’d just too old or something.

collateramadamge Wed 22-Apr-20 23:30:11

Can you imagine many other work places where this would be acceptable at any time?

Teachers did the toilet roll challenge but that was for the kids so I guess different.

Lots of people sharing the nurse thing though like its amazing.

I do agree with PPE pics though that says look at me.

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Unusualbloodgroup Wed 22-Apr-20 23:31:10

I tell you what I do like and that’s the ones of patients leaving ITU and everyone clapping. It’s heartwarming and makes it about the patient.

I don’t want to see any more dances, selfies in PPE or photos with cards saying that they are working and people need to stay at home.

It’s unprofessional and it’s starting to give the wrong impression of how serious it is.

Gruffawoah Wed 22-Apr-20 23:31:20

There are loads on tiktok under the hashtag NHS, mainly for the gushing comments of admiration I expect.

FOJN Wed 22-Apr-20 23:34:35

When social media first became a thing I remember reading about a few trusts trying to discipline staff who posted photos of themselves at work. I don't think it looks very professional to be honest. There is always a need for a joke and a bit of fun particularly in such a tough job but I'm not sure the world needs to see it, I think that aspect of being human needs to be confined to the staff room.

heyyoucoolcatsnkittens Wed 22-Apr-20 23:37:32

I’m not sure it’s a good look either, seems a bit unprofessional and perhaps a little disrespectful, particularly if filmed where people are dying nearby.

XmasRibbons Wed 22-Apr-20 23:38:12

It does make you wonder whether we're being misled about the severity of this pandemic and also how much strain it is having on the NHS. Hospitals are emptier than ever, the Nightingale hospitals are all but empty and staff seem like they've plenty of time on their hands.

Thousands of people are throwing their livelihoods away and even sacrificing medical treatment which they require to not 'overwhelm the NHS' plenty of people are dying of preventable things also and mental health issues and suicides are also rising. We're told it is a 'war zone' situation, these tik tok videos don't exactly illustrate that at all.

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