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School NOT going back after Easter

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Saladfingers95 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:16:05

The headteacher has just phoned me to say my children's school will definitely not be back until after Easter. It will be after May half term at the earliest. I'm in the North East. Has anyone else been told the same?

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moita Thu 02-Apr-20 12:18:11

Not heard from my son's pre school yet but am expecting to be told that. Not surprising but sad for the children (although the right decision).

icecreamscoops Thu 02-Apr-20 12:18:40

Why did you think they would be?

Pishposhpashy Thu 02-Apr-20 12:19:32

Not sure why you would expect otherwise tbh.

Saladfingers95 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:20:12

No I didn't expect otherwise. But now it's official.

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TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Thu 02-Apr-20 12:20:40

Teacher here - it hasn't been formally confirmed by my school yet but the staff are all preparing to deliver the whole of the summer term curriculum remotely if necessary. My school are very much working on the assumption that we won't get back into classrooms before September.

Bunnybigears Thu 02-Apr-20 12:20:57

Moat people around here (also North East) are not expecting kids to ho back into their current school year. The most prevalent rumour is they will go back into the next Academic year at some point during August.

IamChipmunk Thu 02-Apr-20 12:21:30

Im in Yorkshire, secondary teacher. We haven't been told anything but have been asked to set work for after the holidays so the presumtion seems to be we wont be back.

I'm not suprised to be honest. I think we will be lucky to go back after spring bank half term. Wont be surprised if its Sept either sadly.

irregularegular Thu 02-Apr-20 12:21:47

The headteacher phoned you to tell you this? Personally? Really? Did they phone every parent?

MigGril Thu 02-Apr-20 12:22:22

I work in a high school (support staff), popped in yesterday to do a few jobs. Bring some work home. One of our SLT's said to me he didn't expect us back until September.

FourTeaFallOut Thu 02-Apr-20 12:22:45

Gosh, who'd be an optimist right now? It will be a series of disappointments for the duration.

GCAcademic Thu 02-Apr-20 12:22:55

I work in a university and we are making contingency plans in case we are not able to resume face-to-face teaching in the autumn.

Saladfingers95 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:23:45

@irregularegular yes she did. Its a small school so there's a good chance she will be ringing each parent, yes.

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TheDrsDocMartens Thu 02-Apr-20 12:24:29

One of the local schools is prepped as a field hospital, not expecting schools to open for a while.

Saladfingers95 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:24:41

Just to add I'm in a rural area, the school has no more than 100 pupils.

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TrickyKid Thu 02-Apr-20 12:25:05

Well we already knew it would be Sept at the earliest 🤔

coconuttelegraph Thu 02-Apr-20 12:25:07

The headteacher has just phoned me to say my children's school will definitely not be back until after Easter

How did you expect otherwise, we break up tomorrow, there was never any way the schools closures would only be 2 weeks

Goingtobeoldearly Thu 02-Apr-20 12:25:07

Not expecting to go back till September

irregularegular Thu 02-Apr-20 12:25:50

I'd been assuming September. Hopefully. Though I certainly wouldn't rule out that being disrupted too.

Saladfingers95 Thu 02-Apr-20 12:27:20

Yes @TrickyKid, but it hasn't been officially confirmed has it? It's just speculation. That's why I'm saying in my area we are certain it will be may at the earliest. Just letting others know.

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IggyAce Thu 02-Apr-20 12:27:51

I secretly hope we would be back by mid June at the earliest but totally expecting it to be September.

Wewearpinkonwednesdays Thu 02-Apr-20 12:27:55

Did anyone think they would be going back?

ilovecakeandwine Thu 02-Apr-20 12:31:34

The headteacher has just phoned me to say my children's school will definitely not be back until after Easter.
Well that's not news schools supposed to break up tomorrow for Easter .

Then you go on to say
I*t will be after May half term at the earliest.*
So another 6 weeks after so another 8 weeks in total , how does your HT know this ?

Canshopwillshop Thu 02-Apr-20 12:31:42

Some arsey replies on here OP! Why can’t people just be bloody nice to each other - we’ve enough shit to deal with!

Our school has told us that they’ll be delivering lessons via Microsoft meetings after Easter so obviously no hope of returning then. I’m really hoping they can go back before September.

ilovecakeandwine Thu 02-Apr-20 12:33:05

Well we already knew it would be Sept at the earliest
How does anyone know that for a fact ?

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