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Plea right here from NHS staff

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madcatladyforever Tue 24-Mar-20 10:29:50

So I got to my hospital this morning an hour early and thought I'd have a coffee before the onslaught.
I was rung right then to say a colleague is off sick today can you go to the other hospital in the next town, we work between the two in emergencies.
Normally this would take me three quarters of an hour in normal rush hour traffic.
Today it took me two hours of agonisingly slow traffic.
The roads - even after last nights message from Boris were absolutely heaving, whole families in cars, elderly in cars, people with multiple bikes on their roof racks in cars, it was never ending.
What the ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with people, we have been told to stay in - so stay in. Stay the fuck at home.
It seems like the lemmings, totally confused by the loss of their normal routines have actually gone mad.
There were still people out and about in every town and village I drove through.
For the last week people whose routine appointments with physio, podiatry and orthopaedic clinics to make way for emergencies have been coming in screaming abuse at us and having to be removed by security.
Apparently we are using the virus as "an excuse".
Elderly people are coming in in droves angry that routine clinics have been cancelled and kicking up a fuss.
Quite honestly I won't even talk to them, I don't want to contract it by angry spittle flying my way because that's what it's come to now.
People are behaving like animals.
What the hell is wrong with everyone. What part of stay at home don't people understand.
We are only seeing emergencies now, people who would otherwise die if they didn't come in. I know it's crap and I know it's awful having to be in the house all the time but it's not the fault of the hospital staff.
I don't particularly want to be here at risk of getting sick everyday but I do what I'm paid to do.
Please will you all just get the hell off the roads and stay at home.
I hope Boris brings the army in next because that's what we need.

Nestofvipers Tue 24-Mar-20 10:35:23

We are fucked aren’t we? What part of STAY IN do people not understand?

Frenchdoors1 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:37:36

Why are a lot of people just not listening at all!!

wrongsideofhistorymyarse Tue 24-Mar-20 10:39:53

I live on a main road and it's like a normal working day.

I'm so sorry OP. flowers

lubeybooby Tue 24-Mar-20 10:40:25

oh my god. I'm so sorry (I've been isolating but I'm so fucking sorry that other people aren't)

and btw thank you flowers and your colleagues


Nestofvipers Tue 24-Mar-20 10:40:59

Should also have added to previous post-very well said @madcatladyforever

Jourdain11 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:41:35

Oh God. And I was going to go to Urgent Care today for a non-emergency. Now I feel bad.

On the plus side, you've potentially just changes my mind, so that's one potential time-waster deflected!

madcatladyforever Tue 24-Mar-20 10:41:36

Well basically it's going to be Italy. It's going to be worse than Italy.

Casino218 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:42:30

So sorry op. Try to remember you are seeing the most idiotic. Those individuals who are totally thick and selfish. The majority are staying home and letting you do your job.

Babyroobs Tue 24-Mar-20 10:43:12

The annoying thing is that it's these idiots we healthcare staff will be risking our lives for. So unfair. Everyone caught outside when they shouldn't be, everyone going off to the countryside when they shouldn't be should be pushed to the back of the queue for an ITU bed. idiots.

madcatladyforever Tue 24-Mar-20 10:44:01

It depends what it is Jourdain, I'm talking about people coming in for simple toenail clipping or routine physio exercises in the gym.
If you need emergency treatment that's fine, if you have emergency dental like a nasty abcess that's fine, but if it's something that can wait then please wait.

Jourdain11 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:45:00

It can probably wait, to be fair.

CendrillonSings Tue 24-Mar-20 10:46:44

People don’t seem to understand that every single person who stays in reduces the spread of infection, reduces pressure on the NHS, buys priceless time to produce new equipment, tests, and treatments, and literally saves lives.

You can save lives today by sitting on your arse and watching Netflix - just do it!

Theyrecomingtotakemeawayhaha Tue 24-Mar-20 10:46:48

We have noticed this today too,thought we would see a lot less cars on the road but it was quite busy.
We go to work for you,you stay at home for us.Simple.

Pomegranatepompom Tue 24-Mar-20 10:48:15

I agree - the trains are packed. I felt tearful on my way in - I work with people with cancer. I’m petrified of passing anything on to my patients or team.
Boris needs to be clearer - apparently.

dorapicasso Tue 24-Mar-20 10:57:11

I'm so sorry OP. There are people who are determined that the rules don't apply to them. It's shameful.

OneOfManyDays Tue 24-Mar-20 11:02:44

Its disgusting and I'm just so sorry. All we've been asked is to stay at home. It's not hard, it's not even a big 'ask' really. Stay home, cuddle your family if family are with you, work remotely if possible but if not sit down, watch TV surf the internet. It's NOT HARD.

It is, however, fucking irresponsible and selfish to think the guidelines don't apply to you and to be casually wandering around out and about without any thought to the risks of doing so.

Jourdain11 Tue 24-Mar-20 11:04:59

I think BoJo needs to try reverse psychology.

"You must go out! We really want you to treat this like an extended holiday. See all your friends, see all your family!" It might just work...

Fortyfifty Tue 24-Mar-20 11:05:25

I'm sorry to hear this OP. I've been working from home since last week and my daughters 7th form closed and weve acted like threes been a kickdown since then - just me going out for groceries at local shops and is walking the dog at quiet times. It is annoying to see that the longer people take the piss and keep living it up, we're all going to suffer more.

Fortyfifty Tue 24-Mar-20 11:06:31

Ugh typos. 6th form. And not kickdown - although that's obviously what some people need

JorisBonson Tue 24-Mar-20 11:07:58

OP, you're spot on.

Stay the fuck home.

From a copper.

CalmYoBadSelf Tue 24-Mar-20 11:08:13

It's a shame the NHS can't act like private insurers and not cover people who are fucking idiots. You went out for the day, went shopping, etc computer says NO!

YesItsMeIDontCare Tue 24-Mar-20 11:08:26

I live on a main road near a city and quite honestly it's practically dead here.

NewDOOFUSfor20 Tue 24-Mar-20 11:13:20

I live in a county with one hospital, only 12 ITU beds for the whole county, we have begged people to stay away, and yet today there has been a MASSIVE influx of people coming into the county to isolate in holiday cottages and 2nd homes.
I work in A&E, we have not come anywhere near the worst of it in this county yet, the next 2 weeks are going to be horrendous. I am facing having to move out of my family home and into hospital accommodation soon, leaving my son and husband, and yet these people don't have the decency to stay away. It's fucking shameful.

QuimJongUn Tue 24-Mar-20 11:14:51

And STILL there are people here starting threads wondering whether it's ok for them to visit their parents/drive to the countryside to allow their kids or dogs to play/piss about in the park. And then they get shirty when people say stay the fuck at home. Entitled nobs.

Thank you for all you and your colleagues are doing, OP flowers

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