Immune/NK cells - pred thread 28

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myrainbowjourney Tue 06-Jul-21 19:56:32

Hi Ladies

New thread 🥰

If you comment to hold your place. I'll try and tag as many as I can xxx

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myrainbowjourney Tue 06-Jul-21 20:14:21

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LaurenAB94 Tue 06-Jul-21 20:14:58

@myrainbowjourney thank you xx

Daffodil21 Tue 06-Jul-21 20:19:15

Thanks for the new thread @myrainbowjourney

myrainbowjourney Tue 06-Jul-21 20:21:31

I stopped tagging as I'm not sure if it's showing names from other threads! And I can't delete 😩

Sorry if you aren't meant to be here ladies, hopefully you can remove yourself from the group so you don't get notified 🙄 xx

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treesall Tue 06-Jul-21 21:31:49

Thank you @myrainbowjourney

Daffodil21 Tue 06-Jul-21 21:38:12

@treesall how are you??


Tumby Tue 06-Jul-21 21:45:44

Thanks for setting up @myrainbowjourney xx

Minta85 Tue 06-Jul-21 22:28:11

Thank you @myrainbowjourney

treesall Wed 07-Jul-21 06:53:37

I'm ok thank you @Daffodil21. Obsessing over line progression etc! 🙄 finding out early just makes time stop! X

NImama Wed 07-Jul-21 07:28:43

Thanks @myrainbowjourney xx

myrainbowjourney Wed 07-Jul-21 10:06:20

@treesall so lovely to see your result on the clear blue. Finding out early is definitely a blessing and a curse.
What are the next steps for you scan wise etc?

Keeping everything crossed xx

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treesall Wed 07-Jul-21 10:13:00

Thank you @myrainbowjourney, really appreciate your kind wishes.

I had an intralipid infusion yesterday, and the clinic have booked a scan for a couple of weeks' tjme when I'll be just over 6 weeks...if we get that far. I was kind of ignoring everything but now they've emailed me a scan it feels a bit more real and I'm so terrified! I don't feel like I can go through the disappointment of another round of bad news. I know you ladies understand what I mean!

myrainbowjourney Wed 07-Jul-21 11:42:12

@treesall totally understand what you mean. One thing that makes me so sad is how much joy is taken away from us at a time where we should be nothing but excited.

I think it's fine to park the appointment somewhere in your mind. And the best advice I've had for pregnancy after loss is to just take each day as it comes. Don't think ahead to your scan, or reaching 6 weeks. Today you are pregnant, and that's all you need to consider at the moment

Be kind to yourself, your feelings are totally valid and understandable.

We are all here cheering you on from the sidelines xxx

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CherryO88 Wed 07-Jul-21 11:56:08

@NImama I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Interesting what you say about the steroids. I’ve just started the weaning process this week and I was excited to get off them!
When do you see Dr H again? I saw him on Monday there and I have to say he was very good to me. Very empathetic and answered all my questions the best he could. He just made me cry with his kindness. He’s asked me to text him updates as and when I have them

I got the NIPT results back yesterday and baby has been cleared of trisomies and it’s a girl 💖 she is still growing and heartbeat is strong. Another scan on Friday and then referral for CVS/amnio. At this stage I’m not even hoping for her to be healthy just praying it will be something we can manage or fix to give her a good life

@treesall big congrats! Fingers crossed for you and babe that all goes to plan. I had huge scan-xiety this pregnancy, even before anything was amiss, so I totally get it. Not sure I have any sage advice but you’ll get through it xx

Tumby Wed 07-Jul-21 17:40:22

Hey @treesall - I'm thinking of you, I totally get how scary it can be but you're doing everything you possibly can that's in your control. Which plan are you on again? Sending you virtual support!! Xx

@CherryO88 this is great news! Hopefully you feel a little calmer. Really glad to hear xx

Sorry if I've asked before, but has anyone tried the superovulation programme? We'll be giving that a go next if I'm not pregnant this month (I'm thinking not as I have pmt symptoms & mild cramps, but have had the cramps since a couple of DPO...). Test day is tomorrow. Always feel horrific at this time of the month with the hope & then crushing disappointment!!


ginandoreos Wed 07-Jul-21 21:46:16

Hello lovely ladies. Firstly I'm sorry for all you have been through and are going through. You are warrior women and I am very grateful to have this space for support.

I have been lurking on this thread but haven't posted for a long time. I'm sorry to jump in and I hope my post isn't insensitive or upsetting for anyone.

Tonight's post is a panic post. I'm 7 + 5 on Mr Shehata's complex plan. I had a scan at 6+3 which went well but a subchorionic haematoma was found. This absolutely floored me as I had one of these with my last loss. Mr Shehata still seemed positive but it has hugely ramped up my anxiety.

Very concerned about lack of/minimal pregnancy symptoms. Does anyone have any info/experience with prednisolone or cyclogest masking symptoms...?

Also, hoping things progress, I am really concerned about spiralling costs. Specifically the upcoming scans and intralipids on my plan. I am aware Mr Shehata frowns upon mixing private/NHS appointments, but it's this possible? For the nuchal scan, for example. We've spent so much and we're just about at the end of what we can afford now...

Hoping so hard that this works out..

Very, very anxious. X

Daffodil21 Wed 07-Jul-21 22:20:36

@ginandoreos I was on both prednisolone and cyclogest and barely had any pregnancy symptoms. No nausea or anything and I didn't throw up at all. I think pred in particular is supposed to mask pregnancy symptoms.

Wishing you all the best!

ginandoreos Wed 07-Jul-21 22:26:32


Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it. That really helps to reassure me, now I've just got to find ways to stay calm until next week... struggling though!

Thank you xxx

Wireless77 Wed 07-Jul-21 22:29:18

Thank you for the new thread, ladies. Haven't been commenting for a while, but watching and keeping my fingers crossed for all of you. x

treesall Wed 07-Jul-21 22:57:54

Thanks @Tumby. I'm on the complex plan, I think.

@ginandoreos I really hope everything is ok with your haematoma. I am sure he would have been honest with you if it was a cause for concern but I do understand it's scary to hear. I had one in my last mc (pre-treatment) and it massively ramped up my anxiety.

I'm very early in my Mr S journey and I'm equally very worried about costs. We seem to have spent soooo much already and that's before the scans etc start (if we get that far!). The intralipids are the killer, aren't they! Im feeling very much like I'm desperate for this to work out, not only because of course want this baby, but also because I'm not sure we could afford to repeat everything a second (or more!) time. I don't have anything useful to say, just sharing your worry about it. It's a lot of money. It will be worth it though if it works.... Xx

ginandoreos Thu 08-Jul-21 08:14:25

@treesall thank you for your reply. This journey really puts us through the ringer doesn't it.

I had my first scan with Dr S last week and he was quick to say he had found a heartbeat which was an overwhelming feeling. I had requested to have the screen off but then after that when it was turned on, I could see the haematoma before he mentioned it and then my brain just shut off as I just linked it to my last loss. He said to imagine that the haematoma is 'the bloody nose' in the fight between my body trying to miscarry and the drugs trying to keep things going and he didn't seem concerned... of course I won't stop worrying about it now. He gave me a blood pressure drug but I can't really remember what it's meant to do... just holding out til next week and trying to be hopeful. I don't really have that many pregnancy symptoms. Trying to get through each day is a challenge at the moment...

And then, hoping things do work out, as we were saying - the cost! Last weeks appointment for the scan, 'follow up' and more medication was over £500. My next appointment with be a scan + intralipids + I need some more medication - so another £600. It's just so much money and I can't even let myself think about what happens if this doesn't work out... as I don't think we can afford to keep going...

Sorry - this all sounds so negative... I'm deep in a pit of anxiety! I am going to try to find some ways to think more positively today or at least distract myself as otherwise I might lose the plot...

Sending love to anyone else having a tough day today xxx

ginandoreos Thu 08-Jul-21 08:38:29

@treesall I've just read through this new thread properly and have seen your lovely news smile! Sorry - I've been in such a panic, not reading things properly.

Congratulations to you and I imagine you are currently living 'one day at a time', same as me...! Sending you lots of love xx

Luckyducky2 Thu 08-Jul-21 10:06:04

@ginandoreos I feel your pain with the costs adding up.....last week I went for intralipids plus they decided to throw in some blood tests, a nurse planning appointment (what even is that?) and I also needed some more medication for my upcoming embryo was £900!!! 😭 I was nearly sick when they handed me the bill. Add to that petrol costs down from Scotland, hotels, meals.....i'm not sure we can afford this much longer either 🤔 I try to pretend its a weekend away or something to justify the costs but its just ridiculous for your average person to afford this on a long term basis?! I, of course, desperately want my transfer to work but if it does then its more cost for scans and intralipids, just another worry! 🙈 hoping for a lottery win this week lol xxx

treesall Thu 08-Jul-21 10:06:42

@ginandoreos that's wonderful that you saw the hb. Another scan next week? That's interesting what he said about the haematoma. I don't get the feeling he'd dress things up / try to be positive if he didn't think it was true. I guess he sees this allllll the time so would know whether it is a serious concern or not. Doesn't make it any less scary for you though!

Yep, on constant knicker-watch and feeling mildly stressed / panicked all the time. I imagine you feel the same! I did get a 2-3 on a clear blue this morning at 4+1 so I'm happy with that. If I can get a 3+ in a week's time I will stop testing, but that feels like a lonnnng way away!

I got an extra blood test sprung on me at my ibtralipids infusion this week - it was 'only' another £100 but that all adds up. I have actually just sat down with the price list and added up how much everything will cost in a perfect world, if this pregnancy works out. It's made me feel a bit less panicked about it. I think we would be in for another £3k plus probably a few hundred more for extra tests etc. Gulp. I can kinda cope with that but if we miscarry and have to start again....confusedit feels very unlikely I'll be lucky enough for it to all be smooth sailing first time around.

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