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TTC First Baby Thread 19

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ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 12:57:56

Filling up fast!


I'm sure I've forgotten some. I'll tag more!

ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 13:00:00


ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 13:00:47


cupcakesandglitter Tue 04-Jun-19 13:01:27

Thanks for the new thread @ValidUser 😊

MrsEG Tue 04-Jun-19 13:07:13

Thanks for the new thread!! Can’t believe how quickly we get through them haha!

ELW85 Tue 04-Jun-19 13:09:29

Thank you so much for organising us all @ValidUser smile

@Cupcakesandglitter - you’re not out just yet; I’ve got everything crossed for you!

@MrsH497 - sorry you’ve had some rubbish ‘friends’ - not worthy of you if they’ve just walked away. At least you can press on without wasting any energy on them now!

@purplefig - is it you with the TCOYF book? I’ve ordered myself one as I’m quite curious about what she’s got to say about vitamins and temps!

FlapJackered Tue 04-Jun-19 13:11:50

Thanks @ValidUser xx

ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 13:21:16

@Lozzlepop I'll continue to test daily, but won't believe anything I might see until next Monday!

Bettythecat Tue 04-Jun-19 13:32:57

Hi lovely ones just marking my place so that I can keep popping back in every now and then and see how you all are. Xxx

LikeTheFruit Tue 04-Jun-19 13:34:29

Hey thanks for new thread @ValidUser

I'm CD 5 of cycle 6. This AF was a LOT heavier than the last 5 so hoping that means positive things for his month. Interestingly I got a couple of new ear piercings after my last cycle, one being a rook, which I'd put off because of TTC. I had read online it could decrease period pain and I had hardly any this month. Probably a fluke but who knows.

My AF treat this month was booking a weeks all inclusive for me and DH to Majorca later this month. Can't wait.

Congratulations for any BFPs I've missed!!
Good luck to any testers for this week

starkid Tue 04-Jun-19 13:35:09

How did that last thread get filled up so fast? Feel like I only posted on it twice haha

@orangeloo- that;s interesting that she conceived doggy-style with a tilted cervix/pelvis... definitely something to bear in mind! Might try and alternate between that and missionary just in case, all my bits n bobs inside moved around after my last surgery so wouldn't surprise me if something of mine is wrong (again another thing I hope to find out in my scans etc.).

Who knew getting pregnant could be such a conundrum?! Seems to be so natural and easy and dangerously quick everywhere you look!

starkid Tue 04-Jun-19 13:36:49

BTW I'm Cycle 11, CD 17 (swear I was cycle 10, but looking at clue i miscounted at some point along the way! great..)

ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 13:40:34

@starkid I'm cycle 11 cd20!

Cycle buddies!

starkid Tue 04-Jun-19 13:44:23

@ValidUser - Woo! Do you know if your trigger shots are going to affect the length of your cycles at all?

ValidUser Tue 04-Jun-19 13:55:29

@starkid shouldn't do!

purplefig Tue 04-Jun-19 13:55:44

Thanks for the new thread *@ValidUser***!

I'm Cycle 9 and 10dpo...planning to test on Friday (13dpo) if no AF.

@MrsLBear @ValidUser** thanks for the chart appreciation guys! This is my first month temping so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

@ELW85 yes it's me! And ooo I'm excited for you! It definitely taught me some new bits and it's what convinced me to start temping. I'm not sure there's much on vitamins, but SO MUCH on temping!

@LikeTheFruit welcome back - love your style re: period treats - epic! Glad to hear it wasn't so painful, and very interesting about the piercing.

@starkid I totally know what you mean. I never for one minute thought it would take this long!

In fun news I now have backache and a cold sore. Yay.

MrsH497 Tue 04-Jun-19 14:01:49

Thanks @ValidUser!
Well my amazon order of clearblue OPKs and some pregnancy tests arrived let's start again! X

MrsEG Tue 04-Jun-19 14:08:26

I have another question! (Can you tell I’m avoiding clearing my work inbox like the plague)

What vitamins is everyone taking?

I’m currently on:
Pregnancy vitamin with folic acid (as methyl folate)
Vit D
Vit B12
Omega 3
Vitamin C

DH is on zinc, Vit D and Vit C.

I’ve been reading Vitamin B6 is also really good, and CoQ10 - anyone with any knowledge on that?! It’s all to add to my long list to chat to my consultant about on Thursday!!

starkid Tue 04-Jun-19 14:19:32

@MrsEG - I'm on:
Pregnacare (liquid, stats here)
B12 oral spray (4 pumps deliver 1200ug)
Cod Liver oil
Vitamin C 1000mg

I've been taking B6 50mg this cycle too so far, but am going to stop for the rest of the cycle as I think it's delaying ovulation.

DH is on some generic multi-vitamin for now, he'll be getting a sperm sample checked soon though, so will see if his supply is ok.

PippaPug Tue 04-Jun-19 14:20:37

Thank you for the new thread @validuser, that thread got full rather quickly!

purplefig Tue 04-Jun-19 14:51:36

@MrsEG that looks like a decent list.

At the moment all I take is the pregnacare conception and DH takes the male version (named something to appease the male ego....something like wellman?!).

I suspected I had a short LP (though now on 10dpo so hopefully not!), but if I'm not pregnant this cycle and it's shorter than 12 days, I'm going to try a Vitamin B Complex as that's supposed to help. I also want to look into a Vegan Omega 3 supplement as I don't eat fish.

In terms of other daily nutrients, I'm still doing my mad fertility smoothie which has a whole host of weird and wonderful ingredients including maca powder, acai powder, wheatgrass powder, flaxseed and goji berries. Who know if it's doing anything but I must say it makes me feel vibrant!

If you have any specific queries, I always think of @KatBeCool as the ultimate vitamin guru of these threads.

PaintingOwls Tue 04-Jun-19 14:51:44

Thanks for the tag and new thread!

Age: 26
TTC: #1
Cycle 9? 10?? Who knows!
CD: 4

Very odd cycle as well, I had 2 days of heavy bleeding and then almost nothing yesterday and today has been very light too. Not sure what it's happening but I know I don't like it.

I've stopped drinking coffee following the last thread which has been tough but I'm okay now.

I keep getting very down about it all. We're trying to buy our own house at the moment and I have days where I think what is the point of getting a 3 bed house, it'll be empty etc etc. A small stupid part of me thinks I'm Jinx myself. I bought a tiny baby outfit last summer just before we started TTC and I think I jinxed myself then as well. Stupid but I suppose it's human nature to try to find an explanation to the unexplained things in life.

Lozzlepop Tue 04-Jun-19 14:51:45

Yaaaaaayyyy a new thread!! Thanks *@ValidUser*!

I'll just repost this here then incase its not seen on the last one lol

@MrsH497 I got my OH to bring my laptop charger home so I could do some bits whilst I was off. I am so sorry to hear some of your friends haven't been there for you but like you say, it shows who your true friends are at times like these!

@cupcakesandglitter I am actually glad she is here as it means we can try again next cycle 👌🏻 sorry to hear about the BFN I know how frustrating it is having just been there so fingers crossed you get some answers soon!

@MrsEG its been fab! Just back from getting my nails done and about to start packing!! I will be drinking and eating all the naughty things for us all 😂

@Starkid fingers crossed that you caught OV its sounds like have being going at it DTD wise 😄

@ValidUser thanks hun but its actually a relief this time around, thats good your trigger positives are getting fainter, I have everything crossed for you 🤞🏻

@LikeTheFruit 👋🏻nice to see you back, hows things?

Snuggs19 Tue 04-Jun-19 15:03:05

Hi I’m new to all of this? Can I join the thread? We have been trying since jan 2019 and nothing happening so far we need some advice. Obviously we don’t want to be telling people cause they will be waiting for the announcement which is pressure so I don’t know who to turn to. Thanks x

purplefig Tue 04-Jun-19 15:23:04

@Snuggs19 of course you can! Do you temp? We've been TTC for 9 cycles and this is my first cycle temping and it's made me feel much more sure about when I ovulated. With that, plus OPKs, it's the first month I can ever be fairly sure we DTD at the right time! If that sounds like too much pressure for you, you might like to look into the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (google SMEP) which basically means have a lot of sex to make sure you cover around ovulation. Sorry if you already knew all of this!

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