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Anyone else trying to lose weight for TTC?

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TandTandTTC Sun 22-May-11 10:08:12

I'm 5ft 4 and 11st, used to be 9 1/2, been on and off weightwatchers and now heaviest I've been- know I should lose weight and get fit (now get breathless running upstairs, used to run 20k a week) but it's just SO HARD! Emotional eating, seeing friends with kids/preg envy , AF arrives, wine vicious circle! I know I'm not HUGE in the scheme of things but would like a) to be fit and b) to have less to lose after (hopefully) baby! Urgh, I'm a moaner aren't I- I know what I need to do, just no willpower!

Ringing any bells for anyone?!

Bexamundo Sun 22-May-11 10:56:33

Hello, yes me too!! Am 5'4" too bit fantasise about getting down to 11 stone, currently around 13 1/2! Started on.serious weight loss programme last week.
I'm fairly fit though go to the gym 3/4 times a week (I go to curves).
Have you tried taking magnesium? It's really helping me minimise sugar/carb cravings.
How ln

Bexamundo Sun 22-May-11 11:00:27

Ah stoopid smart phone!
How long have you been ttc? Are your cycles regular? I'm starting to wonder if I've got pcos due to sugar cravings, all weight around tummy, irregular cycles and based on my charting some anovulatory cycles. That could also explain why (like you) I can lose weight but never keep it off!

TandTandTTC Sun 22-May-11 12:09:09

Well naughtily engineered some 'accidents' over the years that came to nothing but only been officially trying with a willing OH for a couple of months- I KNOW this is not long but just thought, you know....! Oh no, I have it all round my tummy, ridiculously skinny ankles and wrists etc! OOoooh no not tried magnesium, might get on that! What about you, how long have you tried for?

Bexamundo Sun 22-May-11 12:23:19

16 months and counting!
I take 300mg a day of magnesium (got it from Tesco). Been taking it since January on recommendation from my GP to help with pms. It's a swings and roundabouts thing cos eating less crap helps with pms symptoms, less severe pms means less desire to eat crap!

TandTandTTC Sun 22-May-11 12:58:36

Oh wow, you deserve a medal! Bless ya! Well I'll certainly be looking out for you on my journey! Hope you get that BFP soon x

melliebobs Mon 23-May-11 08:29:24

hey TandTandTTC i'm the same. Always been bigger than colleagues/friends. About 5"4, over 10 more to 11stone n a size 16. I thought ooo i'd like to lose weight before I conceive so less weight to lose afterwards! But then when i broke it all down n though about it that whilst losing weight would be fantastic that the changes I would have to make would be massive nutrition wise.

My diet is far from perfect, have boujts of anemia so the simple things like cutting out crisps, eating every couple of hours so i'm not grabbing the most sugary food for energy when it is meal time nand increasing the amount of fruit n veg I eat and keeping hydrated so far have been making all the difference. Well I feel better for it (only had this breakthrough last week) so the scales may tell a different story when I jump on later!

Purplebuns Mon 23-May-11 15:50:39

Hi all, I have just quit slimming world but trying to keep to the diet as best as I can! I have a stone to lose as a minimum. I eat lots of veg I just can't keep away from the cake/choc when I crave it.
I am 5"5 and the higher end of 11st sad I am trying to go on walks more.etc
I am glad I found this thread as I really need some more inspiration butt kicking to keep on the straight and narrow!
I have been trying for 8 cycles now since my MC and was blessed with a chem pregnancy in April so really trying to boost all my chances. Magnesium you say? interesting... smile

pecka33 Mon 23-May-11 16:56:00

Hhhhmmm sounds familer!! 5.4 and now 11 stone! The heaviest I've ever been, got this way through a combination of excessive comfort eating and lack of exercise after my mmc in sept last year. I will also try the magnesium, does it have any affect on fertility??

stillstanding Mon 23-May-11 16:59:21

I was overweight after DS1 (BMI 30 blush) and desperately ttc for over a year. Finally started to exercise and do weightwatchers and after losing only a stone (with really 3 more to go to get to ideal weight) I fell pregnant. So do take heart and realise it really is worth it!

Bexamundo Mon 23-May-11 17:00:01

Lol you all sound skinny to me! Magnesium has No negative.effects on fertility, helps to balance mood, my GP suggested it for bad pms, the minimising cravings was a positive side effect I discovered!
well I lost 2lb this week. Good result considering usually gain around 2lb when af arrives (and she did on weigh in day!). Been to GP who agrees I may have pcos so I definitely need to shift the pounds so let's keep going ladies!

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 23-May-11 17:02:15

Hey... thought I might join you... I'm 5'8" and probably about 15 stone.... don't actually know as slightly in denial. I'll know tomorrow when I go to Slimming World and get weighed.... I was doing SW before but then got pregnant and decided to stop while PG. Ended up terminating the pregnancy for medical reasons so am now back TTC and returning to SW... Would love some friends who are TTC and Loose weight at the same time :-)
FWIW I also have a 2 3/4 year old and have lost 3 pregnancies in the last 18 months trying to make #2 :-( The losses are one ectopic, one MMC and one termination but I think that my image of myself as a mother is being coloured by my view of myself as being overweight if that makes sense - hence I want to loose the wobbly bits :-)

TandTandTTC Mon 23-May-11 17:02:42

Whoop well done ladies, keep up the good work!

(I'm sure if I don't tell them I had cheese sandwich for lunch and cheese for a snack when I got in, they'll never know!!)

KnitterNotTwitter Tue 24-May-11 14:32:07

Went to SW today and weighed in... 'only' 15st and 3lb.... So roughly within expectation (although expectations are fairly low m'thinks)... So it's all lettuce from here on in :-)

Bexamundo Tue 24-May-11 15:13:47

Well recognising we need to change is the first step right?! Esp since my GP has just agreed with my self-diagnosis (nlbet GPs hate it when nurses walk through their door as patients!) of ?pcos. Got my fertility clinic appointment 1st July so I want to get into the "overweight" bmi category to show I'm trying. All info says losing weight if you have pcos is best thing you can do. So I need to be 12 stone 6...started at 13 st 8.. currently 13st 3. Some way to go bit achievable I think!

KnitterNotTwitter Tue 24-May-11 16:24:15

Bex definitely achievable... especially with us lot to cheer you on...

Bexamundo Tue 24-May-11 16:40:29

Hooray got weighed at the gym they reckon I'm only 13st!!! grin. Even though I'm still suffering from the evil witches impact, I still managed to work out!
[Waves poms poms with enthusiasm then.collapses on sofa]

KnitterNotTwitter Wed 25-May-11 09:59:51

Bex well done <waving pom poms back at 'cha>

First official day on SW yesterday... think I followed the plan - even cooked diet friendly food for DH last night and I don't think he noticed.... smile

I also went for a 20 minute run which was ok... I damaged my calf running before Xmas and have only just started running again... I had to stop half way through the run and stretch the calf out but was ok after that.... I'm wondering if I should do more regular stretching to keep it in shape?

Is anyone else weighing themselves regularly? I'm just going to weigh at slimming world I think....

Bexamundo Wed 25-May-11 14:08:23

Pilates might help with the leg? I weigh in weekly at the gym and with (on an 8 week challenge to lose weight, winner wins £100!). Have a sneaky look on bathroom scales first thing in the morning but I reckon they weigh heavy!
My old WW leader said really you should only weigh in once a fortnight but WW think people couldn't commit to every other week!
At my gym (curves) they usually weigh and measure you monthly. I just get weekly check in cos I'm following their weight management programme.
Well done with the healthy tea and the run. Together we'll do this!!

KnitterNotTwitter Thu 26-May-11 09:34:44

Bex good idea - I did pilates when I was pg with DS... will have a look for a non-pregnancy class!

Another 'good' day yesterday - managed to say 'no' to the cakes that someone brought into work, to only have diet coke at the pub and to have chicken tandori when DH suggested curry... no creamy sauce/naan bread for me any more :-) Feel very smug and virtuous smile

Bexamundo Thu 26-May-11 19:55:41

Hooray still going strong! Yes I have been good again, declined cake today (I mean I should, I'm gluten intolerant but that's not stopped me in the past!). Also been to gym and [gasp] I enjoyed it! During the actual working out!!
Motivation continues as I'm babysitting Dnephew and I can hear him down the monitor playing and singing himself to sleep! (Awww, he's 20 month btw).

KnitterNotTwitter Fri 27-May-11 13:07:30

Good job Bex... well done

I think I had another good day diet-wise yesterday.... sausages for dinner last night but everything with them was super-healthy. I'm also getting organised in the mornings and making a salad for lunch and taking lots of fruit to eat in the office - so far today I've had a pear, two oranges and a banana!

Bexamundo Fri 27-May-11 22:31:13

Excellent work with all the fruit! Hoorah have been to the gym 4 times this week! Also been cleaning the house a lot, tidying post rewire/new kitchen/decorating nursery spare room. House looks fab and huge. I feel simmer already!

Bexamundo Fri 27-May-11 22:31:39


Bexamundo Sat 28-May-11 20:40:00

Fallen off waggon somewhat. Had a brownie at Asda today (well I realised it had 500 calories so I ate half, saved half -get me!). Now having a cider but will limit it to two. Oh and i got some extra exercise with Dh last night, that must've burnt a few calories right?! wink

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