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pain after catheter...

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MrsPatMustard Wed 16-Apr-14 13:31:02

Had my beautiful DS almost three months ago. However, I had complications after a forceps delivery and was catheterised for three days. Since then I've had 3 urine infections and intermittent pain in my urethra. I've had several courses of antibiotics and the doctors say the infection has finally gone, but the pain remains. It's not necessarily when I pee, it's just in the background most of the time. The doctors are being a bit dismissive now, saying there's nothing wrong with me but things just don't feel right and I don't want to just pretend I'm fine - for starters, I can't really restart the sex life when my nether regions are throbbing :-(

Has anyone else had a similar experience or can offer advice? Don't know what else to do but really starting to feel miserable.

FurryGiraffe Wed 16-Apr-14 15:09:48

I had something slightly similar but less severe: forceps and catheter (though only overnight for me), followed by UTI and antibiotics. I had intermittent background discomfort for a while: it wasn't the pain you get when weeing when you have a UTI, it was more general and achy and it was very unpredictable (came and went). I remember thinking at the time that it felt as though the catheter had bruised things IYSWIM. The GP was dismissive and I wasn't persistent. It has cleared up now, but I honestly can't remember how long it lasted: I think everything was ok by three months.

I can't offer any advice I'm afraid, but you have my sympathy. Is it the GP you've been dealing with? Is it worth trying a different doc? Do you feel up to being firm and pushing for a referral? It really isn't something you should just have to put up with.

MrsPatMustard Wed 16-Apr-14 20:17:04

Furry you've just described my symptoms perfectly. I think I am have to be pushy and go and get a second opinion. I'm meant to be seeing a physio to help me with my pelvic floor (completely shot to pieces but that's a whole other story...) However, the physio won't start treatment until she's absolutely convinced the urethra pain issue is resolved, so I need to get it sorted.

creamoftomato Tue 22-Apr-14 00:07:31

Intermittent background discomfort that's unpredictable here too - brilliant description - though slightly different scenario. I had a catheter for about 8 hours after a pph almost 4 weeks ago - it was shoved put in in quite a hurry so they weren't very gentle sad had pink pee for about 4/5 days and now this weird intermittent feeling of pressure/bruising that comes and goes. Doesn't seem to be related to needing to go and completely unlike a UTI. Midwives have just been saying it's understandable, will take time etc. last one I saw said she thought it sounded muscular and to do lots of pelvic floor exercises. Sorry this isn't a very helpful post but wanted to reply because I recognise the feeling (!) and maybe this will bump it a bit too!

zoemaguire Wed 23-Apr-14 18:34:12

Yep, me too!!! So relieved to hear an exact description of what I've been experiencing! It has been steadily improving though in recent days, if that helps!

Donkey36 Mon 05-May-14 18:05:20

I would ask to see a urology nurse specialist I had to have catheter for urinary retention and the nurse I saw was amazing and had the specialist knowledge that would possibly be needed in your case, most hospitals have them now, hope you get it resolved as it is definitely not a nice problem!!!

Mummycherry2 Mon 05-May-14 20:15:18

Poor you, I complete understand and not at all what you need when your nethers hurt as well. I gave birth to DS on Saturday and have 3rd degree tear and got catheterised in surgery but I was lucky and had it taken out same day. I've had a history of UTI and kidney infections so I've picked up a few tips... Probiotic yoghurt once a day will help, showers not baths and put either a hot or cold (depending on what you feel you want) pad (hot water bottle/ice pack) between your legs when your sat or led and that should help with the discomfort xx

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