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The Creme Egg Appreciation Society...memberships expire June 08

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debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 06:26:10

Good morning all you creme egg lovers ( and those weird ones amongst us who don't appreciate them)

Good luck for all the scans coming up this week, and next.

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sophiewd Fri 01-Feb-08 08:17:04

Found you, good morning everyone, hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend and good luck Wales tomorrow.

China - friends have the Jane Pro Twin as they did have twins, loved it but had to change cars, Our Phil & teds have turned up, and really pleased. DD still needs a pram, but it is only the size of a single buggy so space wise it is fantastic.

goingfor3 Fri 01-Feb-08 08:29:04

Poppy (Poopy LOL) so glad all went well with the scan and that you are having a girl! Time to think pink!

goingfor3 Fri 01-Feb-08 08:29:19

estt - EDD 27th May (1 ds 19 months)
goingfor3 - EDD 29th May (2 dds, 3 and 6, mc july) GIRL
flosspot/makecakesnotwar - EDD 29tt May (1st baby, mc June 07)
katyjo - EDD 29th May ( 1 ds 20 months)
systemsaddict - EDD 31st May (1 ds 1YO) GIRL
lazylou - EDD 31st May (1 DD 3.9/ MC September 04)
laughinglil - EDD 1st June (3YO twins)
nh101 - EDD 1st June (it's twins!, no other DCs, MC Mar 07)1 BOY
Trix11 - EDD 1st June (DS and DD)
paromapu - EDD 3rd June (first baby)a girl will be called Fleur
Tizzwizz - EDD 5th June (MC June)
emotionalwreck - EDD 5th June
aberdeenhiker - EDD 5th June (DS, June 06)
Josey - EDD 5th June(DS8, DD2)
Kif - EDD early June (DC3)
Calebsmum - EDD 6th June (DC2)
supperwoman - EDD 6th June (DC2)
nettiehay - EDD 6th/7th June (first baby)
Lucy0608 - EDD 6th June (1st Baby)
Debinaustria - EDD 7th June (2 ds's 7 and 5)
mellymel - EDD 7th June (DS 14 months)
ChinaSurprise - EDD 8th June (1st baby)
dylansluckymum - EDD 9th June (1DS 18 mos)
tassisssss - EDD 13th June (ds aged 4, dd 15 mths)
Deese20 -EDD 14th June (1st Baby)
Jules43 - EDD 15th June (1st baby)
sybilvimes - EDD 16th June (2 dc) Expecting a boy!!
GardenAngel4 EDD 17th June (DD 7months)
Josie57 - EDD 18th June (ds1 13 months, mc sep 07)
LittleMy34 - EDD 18th June (DS1 18mos)
hedgehog1979 - EDD 18th June (first baby)
babyalfie - EDD 20th June (got 3 DC - 16, 14 & 7)
ernest - EDD 20th June (got 3 dc - 8, 6 & 3)
ktpie - EDD 20th June (first baby)
poppy34 - EDD 20th June
HeyBaby07 - EDD 21st June (First Baby)
Hoggle - EDD 21st June (First Baby)
needahand - EDD 21st June (DC2)
Upsidedowncake - EDD 22nd June (1DS 23m, ep Aug 07)
gr1973 - EDD 22nd June (first baby)
august26bride - 22nd June (First Baby)
SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice - EDD 23rd June (DS 4 yrs)
sophiewd - 27th June (DD 22 months)
Gemzooks - EDD???
capricornqueen - EDD 30th June (DD 2yrs)
Kittyjimjams -EDD 30th June (2 MC)

aberdeenhiker Fri 01-Feb-08 08:34:17

Yeah a new thread! I like the title too - even though I've never been a huge fan of creme eggs before (but now that I'm pregnant and you all keep talking about them, I'm really hankering for one!).

calebsmum Fri 01-Feb-08 08:56:28

Congrats Poopy on joining us pink ladies! I currently look like a hamster and am hoping the swelling goes down quickly, have a big bag of Cadburys Mini Eggs in the cupboard but can't eat them due to swelling!

I had some soft blue cheese spread on toast the other week and I also ate some sushi. Feel alot more relaxed with Baby No2.

Had more body hair when I was pregnant with DS and got quite spotty, not really noticed any similar changes with this pregnancy. Boobs have gone from a B to a C but I want up to a DD/E when my milk came in, didn't know what to do with them!

So then, who's in maternity clothes?? Am now too big to wear normal trousers so am in early pregnancy jeans which I got off eBay for £2. Have 4 big bags full of baby girls stuff which have been given to us by various people.

debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 08:57:26


No exciting plans this weekend, Ikea this afternoon ( won't have tea to cook then) , changeover day tomorrow, 9 out and 13 in.

Then on Sunday it's the start of Fasching week here which means lots of dressing up. The bots have a party in the village on Sunday, puppet theatre and circus things at Kindergarten on Monday and on Tuesday they go dressed up to school/kindergarten - batman and a fireman this year. On the Tuesday everyone dresses up(well I don't) but people in the shops, banks everywhere - weird!!

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aberdeenhiker Fri 01-Feb-08 08:59:22

I've been in maternity clothes for ages - since Christmas - and even before then I was bursting out of my regular clothes! That being said, some of my mat clothes are still too big, especially the over-bump ones.

A colleague came into my office yesterday to ask me a question and when I pulled back from my desk stopped mid-sentance and blurted "are you pregnant?". He and I don't get along (he was my supervisor for a while and was a complete jerk to me when I came back from my last mat leave) so I was very tempted to say no ...

debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 09:02:00

Calebsmum - mmm mini eggs, why didn't I remember them before dh went away? Will have to put them on the list for SIL.

Maternity clothes - I've been wearing them for months.

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makecakesnotwar Fri 01-Feb-08 09:30:37

Debs- you start the day way too early for my liking!

Have also been in maternity clothes for some time...all the creme eggs, no doubt!

nettiehay Fri 01-Feb-08 09:34:31

I've been in maternity tops since xmas (along with some 'normal' ones) and tried to get some trousers last night, but find that they are still too big! So I am continuing to use regular trousers with the zip undone blush with a bump band around for some modesty! The only problem arises when I walk too fast and my trousers begin the fall down!

I must also say that I am not a fan of Creme Eggs (I think that makes me odd in this company!) but I have had recent cravings for Coco Pops!

ChinaSurprise Fri 01-Feb-08 09:44:03

Had to give up the last of my normal clothes last month. But I have bought a few things which are just two sizes up from normal which cinch at the back so that they don't look like tents. Got a pair of over bump jeans in the sales too and they're still way too big for me.

Bit annoyed as DH and I were supposed to go over to MIL's on Sunday to pick out the baby clothes/ gear we are getting from SIL (who has a roomful of stuff to give away), but she is "too tired" after supposedly having flu two weeks ago.
I know I should be grateful but I really want to know what we have/ haven't got so that I can sort out the rest of the gear we need.
MIL is generally fab but weirdly loves being ill - if she's not got flu she's got cystitis or tonsilitis or whatever. Normally she's actually got a mild cold but from what she says you'd think she was some kind of Victorian invalid.
Sorry for the rant. Better now I've got that off my chest.

Two questions - is anyone else knitting baby stuff, and if so, got any good pattern books you'd recommend?

Secondly, are you all planning to have godparents? I never had any but I think they're a nice tradition. However, I'm not sure my friends are, ahem, suitable, due to their various lifestyles. Any thoughts?

goingfor3 Fri 01-Feb-08 09:54:49

ChinaSurprise when I first got pregnant my best friends first words were I'm going to be a godmother, and a male friend said I'm godfather aren't I. We aren't religious but it makes my friends happy to have the title even if it isn't formal.

dylansluckymum Fri 01-Feb-08 09:55:15

Wow, miss a couple days...

i know it's way back now but sybil shock at the milkman comment. pretty funny though too i admit.

sorry to hear about those with SPD, hope treatment helps and you can carry on. i can't imagine how hard it with be with a toddler to chase after too!

i have been so laid back with this baby - maybe too laid back but i was a psycho with ds - and have eaten all the bad stuff except raw fish and peanuts (although i even cheated there a few times). and that's only because dh is allergic to brazil nuts. what a weird allergy.

i haven't craved creme eggs i find them too sweet but am now really wanting potato waffles! i hadn't gained a lb for the first 16 weeks, went to canada for 3 weeks and gained 10lbs! how annoying, mind you i ate like a horse the entire time...

i stuck with underwired bras this time too - last time it made me feel inhuman (started of DD, last time got to H) and completely unsexy to wear the other ones and so far they haven't bothered me at all. i go to bravissimo too and they told me the same thing.

calebsmum hope your mouth is starting to feel better.

i think i can say i'm kind of blooming now. i never really did with ds but i feel good, my skin is okay now (found out it wasn't just spots i have a skin condition called rosacea and am now treating it so feel a million times better), and just generally in a good mood. i've started nesting already (!) and dh is loving it as i've been making fancy dinners and the house is spotless. my sex drive has even come back and i haven't seen hide nor hair of it since i got pregnant with ds!!!! shock

all this makes me think it might be a girl???

aberdeenhiker Fri 01-Feb-08 10:27:25

We're going to have godparents - I need to ask them still for this LO! I picked people who I thought could add something to my DS's life rather than people who exactly agreed with my views. After all, godparents aren't the legal guardians anymore!

I'm knitting a baby blanket and that's more than tough enough for me - I'm a newbie at the knitting thing.

dylansluckymum - I have rosacea too, I've had it since I was a kid, and it flared up in my 1st pregnancy but went back down in between. What are you being given to treat it? I'm not using anything right now (can't be bothered) but maybe I should be...

dylansluckymum Fri 01-Feb-08 10:36:30

i only seem to have it on one cheek which is strange but it was really severe. i wish i'd known what it was before my wedding as it was particularly bad that day. i had huge pustules (sorry TMI!) and purple colour underneath the whole time we were in canada. it's really sunny there and dr. said UV light makes it worse. he gave me rozex which seems to be working a treat but i had a glass of wine last night and it flared up again. i may never really be able to drink again if that's my trigger. sad

PiggyPenguin Fri 01-Feb-08 10:36:54

Aaah, so here you all are! Like the title although must admit I'm not a fan of creme eggs, they are just too sweet. Cadbury's mini eggs though, they are a different story.

I have been in maternity trousers for a while, mainly because they are more comfy than normal trousers and a bump band. I bought a couple of pairs of drawstring ones from mothercare than I'm hoping will see me through most of the way until June, but agree that the over the bump ones are huge until at least 7 months. I bought a pair of maternity dungarees from vertbaudet last time and while they may not be trendy, by god are they comfy!

I'm confused by the peanut rule. My midwife said that they think allergies may be caused by not eating peanuts and so we are now allowed them. Has anyone else heard this?

debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 10:36:59

Makecakes - you have to remember that we're an hour ahead of you so when you see time of posting just add an hour!!

Our boys haven't got godparents , we didn't do the Christening/baby naming thing but SIL and BIL are the "spare Mummy and Daddy" as my ds once said.And I'm very happy with that.

Guess what I've just eaten? Well you need energy for Ikea don't you?

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goingfor3 Fri 01-Feb-08 10:42:34

sybilvimes when pregnant with dd1 was told it's okay to eat peanuts as long as there are no allergies in the family, with dd2 there was a strict no nut rule for everybody and now with dd3 it's gone back to the same rule as dd1. I have eaten peanuts in all my pregnancies and my dd's haven't got any allegies.

ktpie Fri 01-Feb-08 10:52:20

china - I picked up this book (hope that link works!) in The Works near the beginning of my pregnancy for less than a fiver, it's got some lovely stuff in it but haven't yet attempted to make anything (perhaps I will this weekend).

debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 10:57:15

I've been eating peanuts too. My friend had a craving for snickers bars(well they were marathons then - her dd is 20)and her dd is allergic to nuts. But I think she ate an awful lot!!

Wonder if our babyies will be affected by the creme eggs?

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nettiehay Fri 01-Feb-08 10:58:02

I've been eating peanut butter like it's going out of fashion! But there are no problems with peanuts in either mine or DP's families, so we should be fine.
We will probably have 'unofficial' godparents (unless DP finds religion in the next few months) and since I am from Oz, we have one set of substitute Grandparents as well, just so that Bug has someone he/she can go to if he/she needs some granparenty advice.
Not wanting to rub this in, but am genuinely worried - I haven't put much wieght on. I am usually about 55-56kgs (sorry don't know what this is in pounds - but the needle hovers below 9 stone) and now I am almost 60 kgs (just over 9 stone). I am 22 weeks today and have an obvious bump, and my boobs are now D when they were C (not much of a change) but not much weight elsewhere. Should I be worried? I don't have much of an appetite and have to force myself to eat most food (apart from fish and chips!)... I feel fine though, so don't think I am suffering for it.... c'mon o wise mumsnetters, help me out!

goingfor3 Fri 01-Feb-08 11:01:35

Don't worry about not putting weight on as long as you feel your bump is growing. I thought I had put on 22lbs but then looking through my notes I was heavier than I thought I was at the start so have infact put on 8lbs. In my pregnancy with dd1 I put on 10kgs (22lbs) between 24 and 28 weeks so I'm sure I haven't got away without having a huge weight gain!

debinaustria Fri 01-Feb-08 11:02:11

I wouldn't worry at all Nettie, if you've got bump, boobs and baby is growing nicely then you are very lucky not to have put much weight on elsewhere. You might just start to pile it on now and then you'll be on here complaining !!I've put 4kg on so far!!

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nettiehay Fri 01-Feb-08 11:22:13

Thankyou smile As everyone mentioned they were putting on weight, I was starting to fret (which I will do over the smallest thing, what with being new to all this pregnancy malarky). Bump and Bug are definitely growing - at the scan on Monday they said the size was right for the dates so I guess I am just tempting fate by mentioning it! Next week I'll be on here moaning about how huge I've become!
On another note, I have enlisted DP to sort his tools in the spare room, before he goes to Twickenham for the England vs Wales match on Saturday, as we have a wardrobe and chest of drawers arriving from Argos. So this is definitely a nesting weekend!

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