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Due in June - bounce on your ball till your bum goes numb or it gets so sweaty that you just fall off.

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derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:46:41

oops hope i've fixed it????

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hollyandalice Mon 07-May-07 21:47:29

Well done you clever girl!!

Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 21:50:03

That link isn't working for me, but never mind...found you.

Liking it

derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:50:14

oops hope everyone finds this - i forgot to press start conversation before i linked it duuuhhhh!!!!
we'll just need to keep chatting so it stays in the last 15 mins posts instead.

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derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:51:23

no Daisy it's me thats not working not the link!!

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Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 21:53:08

woo wet beds..result!

Did you get your "last" weekend sorted out in some kind of amicable, no-one got upset fashion, or is that still hanging over you?

hope they've been behaving!

twistedknickers Mon 07-May-07 21:53:16

I have to say that I find your reference in the thread title to "bouncing on sweaty balls" most distasteful.

hollyandalice Mon 07-May-07 21:53:48

Am I greedy if I eat a whole litre tub of ice cream?

derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:54:23

oh oh have we lost everyone else???
"HELLO.....WE'RE IN HERE!!!!!"

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Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 21:54:40

you're having a larf twistedknickers, aintcha???

bumperlicious Mon 07-May-07 21:55:13

Oooh, just tried to link the new thread from the old one - didn't realise you could actually post after 1000 posts! Bloody hell we are chatty. We are changing more than once a week surely! Ok, long posts people!

Lilkel, just reading your thread you linked, fab, didn't even think about things like peppermint tea, which I always crave when feeling a bit dodgy.

foxybrown Mon 07-May-07 21:55:16

God, I'm funny!

hollyandalice Mon 07-May-07 21:55:25

Result indeed daisy! No resolution on the arguement of last time, but the eldest didn't come, so no awkwardness!

bumperlicious Mon 07-May-07 21:56:21

That's meant to be couldn't. Damn wasted another post!

derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:56:29

Foxy - are you also twistedknickers????????

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Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 21:56:47

I've been writing a crib list from that thread...I'd never have thought of half of that, and I've been there before!!

But, the hospital provided towels last time...should I be taking my own in?

hollyandalice Mon 07-May-07 21:57:01

Foxy you witch !!

bumperlicious Mon 07-May-07 21:57:10

Foxy - was that you name changing?

nappyaddict Mon 07-May-07 21:57:11

i must admit i am very disapoointed you lot didn't go with foxy's suggestion. it made me pmsl!!

foxybrown Mon 07-May-07 21:57:28

tangledthong, actually.

bumperlicious Mon 07-May-07 21:58:02

Surely you should know better than to tease a bunch of heavily pg women!

Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 21:58:52

I'm a bit too slow on the uptake.....obviously!

derlor Mon 07-May-07 21:59:02

ROFL Foxy - i salute you xx

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bumperlicious Mon 07-May-07 21:59:35

Well, we hate to disappoint our fans nappyaddict, but we mothers-to-be have to maintain a sense of decorum otherwise the rest of MN might send social services round to us!

Daisybump Mon 07-May-07 22:00:03 get to go up to 1002...

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