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Due April 2007 - The buns are coming out of the oven, if they don't - Octo will be dragging them out!!

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:30:10

Ta Da!! (At last...)

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:32:07

<<<<<Wipes persperation from forehead>>>>>>

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:34:10


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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:34:46


you have passed the Due in April Intelligence Test - we just like to keep your brains ticking over

CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:36:40


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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:36:57

Right. Really am going to bed now .....

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:37:21

you didn't check my links cd

CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:38:34

Yes I did - you went from old thread to new thread to new thread ....

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:38:57

i'm off to bed too, before anything else can go wrong

Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:39:38

yes, but the same new thread

i linked from one thread back to itself

fixed it now

CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:39:39

LOL - hope you have a reasonable night's sleep!

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CaptainDippy Sun 18-Mar-07 22:40:15

We are bonkers!!

I'm off to learn how to make custard....

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Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:41:31


Fanko Sun 18-Mar-07 22:42:53

tho it is quite funny, how many do you think we'll confuse with that little lot?

GirtWaspbElly Sun 18-Mar-07 23:18:14

HA! You can't fool me that easily - making new threads whilst I'm still catching uop from ny complete no-event of a Mothers Day Dh went playing on a rib for a couple of hours this morning having gone pretty much straight off from having watched MotD or whatever the early morning round up is on BBC, after I'd made hima Sausage & Bacon butty. He then repairs to the pub from 12 'til 3:30 (no card/gift/anything from him OR DS mind!)
then he parks and watches teh Grand Prix, huffs & ouffs when I ask him to play for 10 mins whilst I sort outr ds's dinner and THEN would rather sit & watch Jeremy bloody clarksons documentary rather than sit & eat the roast dinnerwith me at the table which I have cooked (ON MOTHERS DAY!)
At least yiou guys have made me smile before I depart for bed. So much fgor ht echilled out coolness for my stay at my parents lasting Oh well. I shall enjoy my day pottering around & nesting quietly tomrrow.
Was it 1B3 that fancied Zed as a name - a bit spotter-ish but there's the phrase "zed's dead" in reserviur Dogs (I <think>) but also the whole being the last inthe alphabetical queue for everything from injections to having your exams marked (Apparrently you get higher scores if your surnames in the first 10 of the alphabet?)
Right. Raaah is over, bed is calling.

weeonion Sun 18-Mar-07 23:55:52

aha - found you with minimal confusion...... another thread - another week. wonder if any of us will go in the next 7 days........

Katy44 Mon 19-Mar-07 07:54:30

I'm 35 weeks today, and getting really excited. I really can't believe no-one has had a baby yet.

Fanko Mon 19-Mar-07 08:04:59

next 7 days? the rate we go this thread won't last the week!

Fanko Mon 19-Mar-07 08:06:07

those of you with children already, do any of them have red shoes from Clarkes?

Matthew's last ones were and we have the red polish which never got used so if it's of use to anyone else?

Fanko Mon 19-Mar-07 08:09:03

i'm off to work now, last ever Monday

Katy44 Mon 19-Mar-07 08:09:12

I have a red handbag

Katy44 Mon 19-Mar-07 08:10:30

Fanko - enjoy the last Monday, take it easy

Eddas Mon 19-Mar-07 08:13:37

Morning, i am 38 weeks today, but no sign of it budging yet

I reckon after I go to work on thursday it'll be bursting to pop out. Went to work last wednesday and had some very odd pains. Although when I stood up they went so i'm assuming they came from too much sitting at my desk rather than the baby actually moving anywhere, as if!!!

I'm off into town whilst dd is at preschool. Need to do a few bits and take back the three billy goats gruff book i bought her on saturday because it is not the version i remember!!! I doesn't say 'how's that trip trapping over my bridge' anywhere in it. As MIL said, they can't just change the story!!! Do you think i'll get funny looks in WH Smith if they ask why it's being returned and i say 'well it doesn't say whos that trip trapping over my bridge'???!!! Oh well if i do i can blame the bump!!!

Hope everyone has a fab day.

Oh, i should mention that dh did a great job yesterday, i did nothing. Bless him. I got two lovely cards one from dd and one from dh (to wife not mother[grin). We don't really ever buy pressies so wasn't expecting one. Got breakfast in bed and he did all the cleaning. So my only job now is my ironing mountain that will just have to stay where it is!!!

Katy44 Mon 19-Mar-07 08:14:53

Eddas, what does it say instead?
Also, why are you going to work? Are you just popping in, or are you working the odd day this late??

Eddas Mon 19-Mar-07 08:22:29

It says 'i'm going to eat you up'

I'm using up some of my keeping in touch days! I'm an accountant(no laughing) and i have to do a set of monthly management accounts and so i said i would carry on doing the whilst i am off. I'm getting paid whenever i go in. I know i'm mad and once the baby arrives i will regret it i'm sure. I don't think i'll be doing them in April though. Depends when baby is born

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