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November 06 - oooh the suspense.

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Hattie05 Sat 28-Oct-06 09:02:03

Babies born:-
Welshgal - girl, Maddy born 16th October weighing 5lb 12oz
MeAndMyBoy(s)! - boy, Sam George born 21st Oct, 6lbs 4 1/2oz
CattyB - girl, Katherine Rose(?) born 26th Oct, 9lb 2oz.

Babies due:-
Youngmum21 due 29th Oct #1
Mummy2Toby due 30th Oct #2 has DS having a girl - Romford, Essex
Tinasan due 31st Oct #1 having a girl
Dpind due 1 november #2
Chubley due #3 on 3 November flavour unknown, DS (3) DD (16 months). West Yorkshire
Berthablatherwick due 4 Nov #2 Has DS 22m Flavour not known
TwoCatsOnTheBed due 4 Nov #1 Missed M/c last year
Eeyoreuk due 4th Nov #1 Leicester
Camgirl due 4th Nov #1
Debz99 due 5th Nov #1 having a boy
PinkMagic1 due 5 Nov #2 has DS, having a girl
Zink due 5 Nov #1
Delia due 5 Nov #1 flavour not known. Birmingham.
HopingCat due 6 Nov #1 flavour not known, Preston Lancs. Prediction born 4th Nov, 7lb 12oz
Lebe due 6th Nov #1 having a boy
AussieInLondon due 6 Nov #2 has DD
Emom due 7th Nov #1
Novis due 7th Nov #1
Rarrie due 7th Nov #2 has DD
AwayFromHome due 9 Nov #2 has DD
Spinach due 10th Nov (but will have cs weeek earlier) #2 has DD, having a girl
Jodypops due 10th Nov #2 has DD
Staceym11 due 11th Nov #2 has dd 16mth, having a boy Surrey
Velcrobott due 11th Nov #3 has DS and DD
Mower due 11 Nov #2 has DS having a boy
Jamcrumpet due 12 Nov #1
Mygirllolipop due 13 Nov #4 (a girl) has DD1 (7), DD2 (5), DD3 (1) homebirth, predict 9th just under 9lb
Tamula due 14 Nov #2, a girl, has DD (age 13.5mths)
Kif due 15th Nov #2 has DD aged 2, having a boy
Schmizaj due 16th Nov
Sighkotika, due 17 nov #1 having a boy.
Fatbetty due 18th Nov #3 has DS1 & DS2 (age 3 and 21 months)
Podglet due 18th November #1, m/c Nov 05, flavour not known, Colchester - Essex. Prediction born
20th Nov 9lb 4oz
Kaybee7777 due 19th November #1 having a boy
Flowers1 due 19th November
Bethbe due 19th November #1 unknown, h/b 140, prediction: 2nd Dec @ 8lb 12oz, Herts/London
m0m due 20th Nov #2
Joules1234 due 20th November
Foghornleghorn due 21st November has DD aged 23 months
CharleeSunnysunsun due 21st November #2 has DS 22 aged months, scan says having a boy
Littlemermaid due 22nd Nov #2 has DS
Hattie 05 due 22 Nov #2, a girl, have dd aged 3
Harrogatemum due 24 Nov #3, has DTs aged 18 months. Harrogate (!)
Frangosa due 24 Nov #2, has DD aged 18 months
saralou100 due 24 Nov #2 has ds 17months flavour unknown Bournemouth, dorset.. predicts born on 30th weighing 8lb 4oz
NatalieJane due 25 Nov #2 has DS age 4, Accrington, having a boy. Predicting: D.O.B. 2nd December, weighing 8lb 9oz.
MommyUpNorth due 25 Nov #4 has DD (5), DS (3), DS (1)
Martinemorris due 25 Nov
amyjade due 30 November #3 Have 2 Dds. Having elective C section at 38 weeks(Flavour unknown)
LadyAnne1sttimemum due 27 November #1 flavour not known, Plymouth, Devon prediction - baby born early and very long in length.
Debbsy 1st time mum due 27th Nov a boy. Staffordshire
Calsworld due 1st Dec #1

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Hattie05 Sat 28-Oct-06 09:03:20

And apologies to fondant 400 who posted the following on the old thread.

Morning everyone,

Finished work last Friday and haven't really stopped since!!

NJ - Really, really hoping that this time it kicks off.... or something!

I'm at my sisters looking after my niece (13) for half term while my sister swans round Valencia for a week.

Another dh moan here. On the morning me and dd (3.5) were leaving for 2 hour drive to my sister's he complained that we woke him up at 9am!!! Never mind that me and dd had been up since 5am (dd not sleeping well at the mo', that's her thing I think ahead of the baby coming). Never mind that I was trying to pack everything for me and dd. Never mind that we were about to leave in 45 minutes and not see him for 5 days. I was fuming..... Just have to see how he feels about being woken up when the baby comes

He's been a SAHD for our dd for the last 2 years, and I think he thought once I went on maternity leave that he wd be able to stay up late, lie in, and not have to do anything.... ha ha! (poor dh) Instead it's a madhouse of hormonal woman and small child rapidly approaching birth (Nov 24).....

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sighkotika Sat 28-Oct-06 09:15:30

lol it seems i have missed a whole thread while ive been away. two moves in two months is not good for keeping up with you all.

37 weeks yesterday, and all i can think now is that i wish lo would hurry up and show his face, though i am glad he didnt turn up on the 26th, as im a little too selfish to share my birthday with anyone lol.

glad to see you are all doing well, and congrats to all that have had their arrivals already.

Charleesunnysunsun Sat 28-Oct-06 09:20:04

Cool new thread! Thanks Hattie!

It is a waiting game now i log on every morning hoping to see a 'i have had my baby' post then i think that if you had all sprogged the first thing you will be doing is not announcing it online! I am planning to teach DP how to use mumsnet so h can come on here and tell you all whilst im in hospital after LO is born.

I managed to get DP to contribute to getting LO out last night it had no effect what so ever, not that i was expecting any! But i have informed him that it will be a regular thing (unless one of us is ill) untill LO decided to make her/his presence known. TBH he didn't seem to worried about the prospect of possible 3 more weeks of sex!

eeyoreuk Sat 28-Oct-06 09:25:46

Hi everyone - sorry i have not been on for so long - but it has taken me days to read everything and catch up.
am 39 weeks today and for the past 10 days have had bp problems - have had to attend hospital three times in past week. Once was even shown on monitor that my uterus was contracting every 5 mins and i just thought it was lo not liking the monitors.
Had a curry last night and sex three times this week but still to no avail.

Congrats to everyone who have had there babies am so jealous.
Hope everyone elses aches and pains start to ease .
Is any one else massaging themselves to reduce the risk of tearing?

sorry about the long post speak soon eeyoreuk

bcsnowpea Sat 28-Oct-06 09:31:31

eyoreuk: my yoga instructor recommended perineal massage a couple of weeks ago, and since I can't comfortably reach the region anymore (38 weeks and lo is fairly low), I've asked dh to help out. Haven't yet tried, is it worth it? I'm worried about the level of discomfort, though of course, that's half the point.

eeyoreuk Sat 28-Oct-06 09:35:40

bcsnowpea i have found that if i sit on the edge of the bath with one leg in and the other on the side i can just reach to massage the area - but anything is worth a go.

NatalieJane Sat 28-Oct-06 11:50:10

Morning everyone, thanks for the new thread Hattie Welcome to the newbies

And no, the contractions did nothing as I suspected They finally went about 3 o'clock, managed to get off to sleep not long after, to be woken by DH at 5.30, he knocked something in the bedroom over which smashed and then he insisted on clearing it up - fair enough I thought, except it took him 3 times as long to do it as it would have taken me, and he woke DS up, so I have been awake since then

I have no idea how they are expecting me to be able to give birth when I can barely even gather enough energy to get up and make a cup of tea!

NatalieJane Sat 28-Oct-06 12:29:00

OK, so I am a bit happier now Just bought a brand new Oi Oi changing bag (£50 in John lewis!!) for £30 on eBay I lurve bargains!! and it is black so matches the Micralite

bcsnowpea Sat 28-Oct-06 14:01:27

Ah help!
Have been having lower back pain and abdominal cramps with lower abdominal pain for about three hours. Don't trust myself to diagnose contractions, though they don't seem to abate regardless of whether I'm in rocking chair, on yoga ball, strolling around my tiny house, or in the shower. Is this it? I guess lo arriving would be a good indication, but for the mo I'm not sure as there is also rectal pressure and am wondering if I'm just constipated.
Ah, the beauty of the human body!

Hattie05 Sat 28-Oct-06 14:20:25


and wow how exciting bcsnowpea, sounds a possibility! although is the pain constant rather than intermittent contractions?

I did spend a couple of hours yesterday evening with constant pains wondering if this is it, but the pain has gone now.

Is this your first? With my first labour i had very regular 'pains' every five minutes so i knew they were contractions for sure. But i believe if the baby is laying in awkward position the contractions can merge a bit.

See how you go and if all persists ring your mw's for reassurance. But don't get too excited in case all dies down again.

Good luck! will be thinking of you

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bcsnowpea Sat 28-Oct-06 14:27:57

Thanks for the reply Hattie.
They are definitely broken up, although there is a small amount of dull back pain that lingers.
I think I don't want them to be contractions because lo will be two weeks early and yes, he is my first (so I'm terrified!).
Well, my hot shower seems to have pushed them from three minutes to eight minutes, so maybe I'll try to sleep.

Hattie05 Sat 28-Oct-06 14:31:31

Oooh definitely sounds like a possibility bcsnowpea! Enjoy a good rest whilst you can and wishing you the best of luck. Two weeks early is fine, still considered full term and you'll get to meet your beautiful baby at last! .

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Charleesunnysunsun Sat 28-Oct-06 14:33:33

Ohh sounds exciting deffo call your midwife if they get any more painfull or closer together or if you start to have any 'loss' from down below. I hope everything goes ok!

I have just spent £95 on a weeks shop at Asda although i got alot more than usual so hopefully i wont have to go again for a couple of weeks at least!

Nothing fun to happening here, i can't eat anything without chucking it back up again but i still am making sure to eat little and often for LO's sake more than my own i think she/he must have squashed my stomach becuase im always hungry but half a sandwich fills me up then i bring it back!

contractions coming and going but not completley regular so nothing exciting!

Hattie05 Sat 28-Oct-06 14:36:47

Is the sickness normal Charlee? D'you think you ought to check with a mw? Doesn't sound like much fun .

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Charleesunnysunsun Sat 28-Oct-06 14:40:34

I have not a clue Hattie

I should think it would only be a problem if i was getting under nourished or dehydrated thats why even though im bringing it back im making sure i do eat something rather than just nothing.

I had constant sickness (and i mean constant) with DS right up untill after i had given birth to him and thats all the hospital were worried about then was making sure LO was growing and getting enough nourishment. It's dead on for size so far so hopefully it will be fine if it continues for more than 24hrs i will see a dr thaks for your concern though.

DebbsyandBibby Sat 28-Oct-06 15:50:13

yeah one more thing to buy on baby list then we have got everything.

mygirllolipop Sat 28-Oct-06 16:03:02

Message withdrawn

Charleesunnysunsun Sat 28-Oct-06 16:58:58

OMG i just propper snapped After having a crappy night i dropped a tin of beans from the top shelf of our larder onto my belly which hurt like hell luckily LO is still moving. I went for a lay down on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and ds took it upon himself to sit on my head and kick my repeatedly. I jumped up and just broke down into tears, all the sickness is bringing on contractions that are sodding painfull but not regular and i feel bruised from my baked bean attack, my backa dnt he whole of my left side hurts so im feeling pants.

Luckily my mum has taken ds into the kitchen to make him some tea, he's ever so worried as to why mummy is sad and came and gave me a big hug.

eeyoreuk Sat 28-Oct-06 18:02:28

bcsnowpea - are you still having contractions?? or have you gone to hospital.
charliesun - hope the pain of the beans soon subsides why not go and have a relaxing bath
mygirl - unfortunately i can not comment on pil as both my dh parents are no longer with us.
Nothing is happening here even though i walked round town for 2 hrs this afternoon.
speak later eeyoreuk

Charleesunnysunsun Sat 28-Oct-06 19:23:46

Blimey after reading that post back it was a bit gobbled wasn't it!

I am having a hard time at the moment sometimes it all just get's to me and i go a bit manic but im ok again now! I do try and be as positive as i can but i just go so stressed earlier.

My poor DS had another fit today only a small one but still......... He's ok he fell off the coffe table after us all telling him not to climb on it! He started fitting after screaming then vomited everywhere, i have thankfully learnt just to let it happen and not get freaked out by it, poor darling. He's gone to bed ok though and were checking on him regurly. I wish they hadn't cancled his appointment the other day.

No change here still feeling sore Braxton Hicks still really hurting but still not regular im going to watch the rest of x-factor then go to bed.

bcsnowpea Sun 29-Oct-06 00:51:03

The sleep was very short, and I either kept having contractions, or I dreamt them. It was too much, so I woke DH up and we went for a walk. Now they're gone.
I'm not sure if I'm pleased or irritated. I can't walk properly for the pain of los head so low, but no more cramping in my back. I guess we'll have to keep waiting for lo.
BTW, anyone think it's a coincidence that false labour started right after sex? Maybe I can convince DH to go again, and try to get lo out here .

NatalieJane Sun 29-Oct-06 01:02:19

Charlee, I don't know what to say re. your DS I can't even begin to imagine how you must all be feeling for him right now. As usual feel free to vent and moan on here, we are all here to listen. I hope he isn't feeling too poorly - keep us updated. I wonder if this would help to bring you to the top of the ladder with the consultant? Thinking of you both.

bcsnowpea, (How on earth did you come up with that name?!!) It sounds like things are getting off to a good start for you, I hope you are well into the labour by now.

Just incase anyone is even the slightest bit interested... WE HAD SEX!!!!!!! LOL I know it was a bit norty, and the contractions have been getting their own back all night, but I don't care!! LOL I did bleed for a bit after but only a tiny tiny bit and it has stopped now so I am not worried about that! Whooohoooooo!! It was very nice as well LMAO

So hedge your bets, how much longer am I going to be awake with them tonight?!

Oh and, where's Stacey??? Maybe it would be a better idea to put a wager on whose news we will hear first - Tinasan's, bcsnowpea's or Stacey's?!!!

eeyoreuk Sun 29-Oct-06 04:28:56

Well guess who can't sleep??
Charlee - hope you get some good news about your ds soon.
NJ - at least you have contractions keeping you awake so that it is productive - i am just awake i do not think this lo wants to move.

speak later eeyoreuk

DebbsyandBibby Sun 29-Oct-06 06:37:02

eeyore know the feeling
charlee sorry to hear your little boy isnt well again

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