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Due in July part 3 ..second trimester and blooming?

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AggiePanther Sat 04-Feb-06 13:49:18

Here ya go

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AggiePanther Sat 04-Feb-06 13:52:21

Think we should start with our list

HumphreysCorner 1.7.06 expecting a girl
usandbump 3.7.06
bumpybel 4.7.06
spub 4.7.06
puddytat99 6.7.06
dangirl 8.7.06
OldieMum 11.7.06
lilianna 12.7.06
kayzed 14.7.06
AggiePanther 15.7.06
monkeychops 16.07.06
2ndtimelucky 16.7.06
Straightforward 19.7.06
jersey 21.7.06
heartinthecountry 22.7.06
agalch 23.7.06
madness 23.7.06
Clara1 23.7.06
IamBlossom 26.07.06
Wallace 27.7.06
kbaby 28.7.06
maewest 28 or 30.7.06
Cwmtydu 31.7.06

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AggiePanther Sat 04-Feb-06 13:53:29

By the way I forgot to say ...definitely feeling movements now ..hee hee it's so exciting!!!

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HumphreysCorner Sat 04-Feb-06 14:45:54

Gosh, we are moving along nicely.

The amnio said it is a girl and that is 100% accurate-unlike my string test. Still going to ask at the 20 week scan though.


Straightforward Sun 05-Feb-06 11:45:42

Kayzed - sorry to hear you're feeling so yukky

If it's any consolation, in my 1st pg I was ill with just about everything going round and the MW said it helps the baby's immunity cos they benefit from all the antibodies you make. Small help when you're heaving every few mins, but at least there's something positive about it!

I've been feeling the odd definite movement too - just occasionally but v v exciting. MW appt on Wednesday (will be 2nd and I'm 17 weeks) - hopefully dd and I will get to hear Pip's heartbeat.

PS Dd announced last night that we should call the baby Parsnip.

AggiePanther Sun 05-Feb-06 11:52:22

Oooh Parsnip is a lovely name and if it's a girl you could call it celeriac

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bumpybel Sun 05-Feb-06 17:26:46

Oooh a new thread! This weekend has been extraordinarily emotional. DH decided he needed to tell dsd and dss, before they came over. The reaction was pretty hideous by all accounts. Dsd was distraught and hysterical, while dss was very quiet, which put me into floods of tears. However, we've spent the weekend with them, doing lots of togethery things and they seemed to get used ot the idea. Dss in particular seems quite excited now and is pleased that his room is next to the babies as he can 'pop in and check on him' (He clearly wants a boy!) He has also been grilling me about if what i eat, the baby eats too! Dsd is still fairly quiet about it all and hasnt really asked much. Before DH took them back this pm, dsd said that she was worried what her mum (evil ex) would say, so we think this is the main reason for her being so quiet. They were both petrified of her reaction bless them... it was horrid sending them back.Dss didnt want to go home.
Thanks for the nice messages girls.

HC- my dh is hoping for a boy too (as is dss now!), so i havent told him the results of the thread test, which sort of indicated a girl!

Kayzed, hope youre feeling as bit better soon. There are soo many bugs about. I've been bunged up with a cold for the last ten days. They dont seem to shift as fast when all you can take is paracetamol! A good dose of nightnurse extra strength i could do with!

Have got my twenty week scan on tues (not quite twenty weeeks... but saying it makes it sound nearer!)... dead excited and dont want to know officially the sex. Have been having loads of rumbly type bubbly feelings in my tummy and I feel quite a bit rounder now.

Is anyone thinking about having the 4D scan? They are really expensive, but are supposed to be amazing. I'm hinting to prospective grandparents that it would be lovely for them to see!!

SF... laughed at parsnip! very cute

AP- are your movements happening very often? How often are you supposed to feel anything?

Wallace Sun 05-Feb-06 19:42:57

Great a new thread

bumpybel - glad your dss is getting used to the idea, and I'm sure dsd will too - it must be hard for you xx

Would it be really sad of me to post a scan pic on member profiles? It's just so exciting

AggiePanther Sun 05-Feb-06 21:22:54

Bumpybel ..I'm sure they will all soon be totally used to the idea and really looking forward to having a new half brother or sister. My dd and her half sister get on like a house on fire now but it was tough going to begin with. I think as long as they know they are not going to be 'replaced' and they are still special then they will learn there is enough (if not more) love to go round
Yes movements are happening every day now but this is baby number 2 for me so they say you feel movements earlier ..but at this stage I don't think it matters how many movements you feel cos if the baby is facing your back you won't feel much at all

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AggiePanther Sun 05-Feb-06 21:24:19

No Wallace go for it ..not sad at all..very exciting isn't it

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maewest Sun 05-Feb-06 21:34:04

Yay, new thread! Some early July types must be half way by now? I'm just 15+3 but getting rounder by the day. Really need to get round to sorting out some proper clothes

My parents were down for the weekend, so went out in Bristol being sightseers (you know, all the places that you've never actually been to even tho you've lived there for nearly 10 yrs). My mum gave me a bag of second hand baby clothes which she'd got through work, I nearly blubbed at the sight of tiny vests [emotional first time mum emoticon].

Bumpybel, sounds like the step-kids will be fine, don't let the ex-p spoil your happiness, it's her problem not yours.

Off to bed now, talk to you all soon

Wallace Mon 06-Feb-06 08:11:12

I posted my scan - it's come out tiny, but you can just about see it.

I bought some maternity clothes online from blooming marvellous and they cam on saturday. The jeans are wonderful - only problem is they fit already so I'm not quite sure how they will manage til the end!

AggiePanther Mon 06-Feb-06 10:29:10

Nice one Wallace

Btw your maternity trousers not have a button or anything to extend them when you get bigger?

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Fiz Mon 06-Feb-06 10:51:50

Hi Ladies, my SIL is due in July and has suffered v bad with sickness which is slowing down a bit now, but is worried about a stitch like pain she's woken up with. I myself had dd last July and I'm sure these pains are all normal and it's just baby growing and pulling on her, but I just wondered if anyone else can relate with it now?????????? Bless her, if she phones her midwife she just gets told "well its early days you will get pain"...which doesn't help much and puts her off ringing for advice. Anyhoo, she is really worried can anyone help?????????x

Straightforward Mon 06-Feb-06 11:00:10

Hi Fiz

I think the general consensus is that they don't worry too much about that sort of pain, as it's insides stretching etc. What does worry them is when it's like period pain. What a supportive SIL you are!

Fiz Mon 06-Feb-06 11:07:37

Thanks ever so, I have said so long as she not bleeding it does sound like usual pulls etc of pregnancy. I've just had an update and may have been trapped wind?!?!?!?!?!? Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jersey Mon 06-Feb-06 11:26:19

Fiz that sounds likely as very early on I had really bad pains I was almost in tears and that turned out to be trapped wind. I still get it now and again but not as bad.

jersey Mon 06-Feb-06 11:28:57

Morning eveyone.

Congrats HC that sounds brilliant and a girl as well. My DH wants a girl as we have a boy already and he would really love a daughter. Allthough if this is a boy he wouldn't be upset.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

I've just started a thread on preg section re hypertension clinic and what to expect as I go for my first appointment tomorrow. Anyone on here got any experience please.


Fiz Mon 06-Feb-06 11:36:23

Thanks jersey I shall pass that on. Oh well off to visit SIL now. Good luck to all you mums to be out there!!!! x

Wallace Mon 06-Feb-06 12:15:57

Sorry no experience jersey, but good luck.

AP - they do have a button at each side with elastic that goes round the back, but it seems to be fully extended already! They are under bump jeans, so they may be okay. They are really nice though - so much nicer than any I coul;d find when I was pregnant with ds or dd.

OldieMum Mon 06-Feb-06 12:46:53

I had quite bad pain in my right lower abdomen at about this point in my last pregnancy (which was my first). I was so alarmed that I phoned the maternity unit and they scanned me. Then a doctor examined me and said that ligament pain is common at this point in a pregnancy - the baby is now growing a lot and it can put a strain on the ligaments. I also experienced something similar (though less severe) last Friday.

spub Mon 06-Feb-06 12:57:18

Me too!
Woke up last night with a severe stitch like pain on the RHs of the bump. Felt like a cross between a pulled muscle and bad trapped wind!
Glad I'm not alone in this tho' sorry that anyone is going through it. Reassuring to compare notes, eh?
Hope all well.
Anyone blooming yet? I'm waiting in vain for the great hair and skin to happen!

Wallace Mon 06-Feb-06 15:09:21

my skin and hair are getting slightly better now, but still not blooming. I am knackered with lots of achey pains.

MrsDoolittle Mon 06-Feb-06 17:36:38

OH MY Oldiemum!!!
I've just seen it today on the smelly wee thread.
I didn't know you were pregnant!!!
Big congratulations. I'm really pleased for you.
Very best wishes to you and your lovely dh.

Wallace Mon 06-Feb-06 18:25:19

Have you had the baby yet MrsDoolittle, or still niggling?

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