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All those who have lost babies "ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN"

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RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 13:47:44

SANDS have sent me an "ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN" order form

They are YELLOW WRISTBANDS they are £2 each.

They have "ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN" written on them I think

IMHO they are a lovely way to remind others of our babies.

It will also raise money for preventing more babies dying.

We are going to buy some for us and our family and friends in memory of DT1.

If anyone else is interested I can give more info off the sheet.


NomDePlume Fri 22-Apr-05 13:50:56

I'd like one of these too, could you post the info about where to buy please ?

Toothache Fri 22-Apr-05 13:51:29

me too... I'll buy one.

lockets Fri 22-Apr-05 13:52:08

Message withdrawn

dyzzidi Fri 22-Apr-05 13:52:33

Please post the info I would like one

WigWamBam Fri 22-Apr-05 13:53:35

Me too, KM.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 13:55:57




orders up to 5 = 50p

6-25 wristbands = £1

26-50 wristbands = £1.50

Marina Fri 22-Apr-05 13:56:00

There is nothing on their website yet, I am guessing they can be got from head office, details here:
Buy now for SANDS Awareness Week in June

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 13:58:35

sorry meant that 5 = 50p etc etc etc is for the postage

Thanks for the response guys

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 14:33:46


honeybunny Fri 22-Apr-05 16:05:56

Count me in too.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 16:07:40

Thanks honeybunny

Spacecadet Fri 22-Apr-05 16:20:31

me too

nikcola Fri 22-Apr-05 16:22:21

me too xx

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:19:55


Although it is very that there hopefully will be yellow wristbands worn all over the country

Because it means that so many babies have died

It will be good that in selling these SANDS will be able to help other familes when their baby has died or hopefully prevent more babies dying.

So I am pleased and upset by the number of people who have posted saying they will get one.

Pleased because it shows that people are interested but upset because of the number of people who have lost their babies or know someone who has

Sorry that is so jumbled am a bit of a wreck atm. Hopefully it makes sense.

nikcola Fri 22-Apr-05 17:21:29

how do i go about getting one ????

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:27:39



There is a phone number for Carolyn but not sure I should put on website as I think it may be her home number

If you don't get anywhere with email then I can CAT the phone number.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:28:55

here is the SANDS website

No details are on there yet about the wristbands

WigWamBam Fri 22-Apr-05 17:30:01

Kanga, are you OK?

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:32:07

020 7436 3715

This is the FAX number for SANDS head office

so you could send a fax to them and then they could fax the form back again

And then you can send it to them with a cheque

Hopefully that will work

george32 Fri 22-Apr-05 17:32:33

Thanks for posting this RTKM.
I would like one too.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:43:38

WWB atm not really but am trying to keep it together

I am always like this at the end of April and during May

Once June comes I am ok again.

It started yesterday and I will have bad days then they get better and then the tears start again.

After the start of June I feel better.

wendy11 Fri 22-Apr-05 17:44:58

Thanks for the information. I think this is a lovely way for us to remember out little ones.

WigWamBam Fri 22-Apr-05 17:46:08

KM, is there anything I can do? I know the answer is probably no, but if I can help then I will.

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Apr-05 17:55:09

wendy and george Thanks yes I agree it is lovely.

Hopefully it will work with the numbers and emails etc.

WWB that is sweet of you to ask but it really is a case of time healing.

Their birthday at end of May is the hardest day.

But it is the lead up towards it that is also very hard.

DT2 has always has his birthday party in June because May is so hard for me to cope.

It was lovely of you to ask though, Thank you.

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