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AIBU Books Game Part Seven

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CJCregg Thu 27-May-10 17:52:43

Hi all, here we are again ...

As always, everyone welcome to pile in with AIBU book synopses, as long as you bring ice cream or something equally tempting for when we're stuck.

To continue mine - I'm in charge but it's terribly difficult to keep control. I don't know how long I can keep their respect. I didn't ask to be in charge ...

Pogleswood Thu 27-May-10 18:03:13

Thanks CJ!

MCP,and back later!

llandb Thu 27-May-10 18:12:51

Hello All! Thanks, CJ!

And CJ, are you a computer? Are most of them dead, except for someone in suspended animation and a pregnant cat?

<Paddles raft of NIMCP along, piled with coffee, booze and ice cream in-a-bag.>

steamedtreaclesponge Thu 27-May-10 18:25:08

Ooh, new thread!

<settles down in raft, which is now starting to resemble a well-stocked floating cocktail bar, gives llandb a hand with the paddling>


Pogleswood Thu 27-May-10 19:40:37

So is that a book too,llandb? <grabs spare paddle and gets stuck in,while humming well known intro music..da da dum dum,da da da-da da dum dum>

llandb Thu 27-May-10 20:25:30

Yes, but I reckon is mostly rubbish, and deviates from the telly version in the account of why Lister brought the cat aboard

CJCregg Thu 27-May-10 21:06:34

Evening all!

Could someone get on with shaking that bag of ice cream? My arms are aching ...

Pogleswood Fri 28-May-10 10:43:24


So,CJ - are you young?
<shakes icecream>

steamedtreaclesponge Fri 28-May-10 11:08:59

Morning, all!

Are you the leader of a gang, CJ?

<shakes icecream>

AIBU to think she's a bad influence?

Poledra Fri 28-May-10 17:40:05

Afternoon all - thanks for leaving a note to show where you wree grin

Treacle, a bad influence on whom?

pollywollydoodle Fri 28-May-10 17:52:08

(shakes ice cream and brings raspberry sauce and sprinkles

cj are you the nice son of a mafia don?

treacle, is she leading your son astray?

llandb Fri 28-May-10 23:37:30

(brings spoons)

llandb Sat 29-May-10 17:02:12

(rummages for blankets and raincoats and hot tea}

pollywollydoodle Sat 29-May-10 22:05:17

(yo! me hearty....stops shaking bag, uses milk to make hot chocolate for self and llandb...)

llandb Sun 30-May-10 01:25:12

(rummages for heatproof mugs for hot choccy)

CJCregg Mon 31-May-10 13:26:30

Hi all,

My laptop has died ... borrowing one for the moment, but may be hopping on and off the raft for a while.

<drops in supplies of maltesers and chocolate sauce for ice cream>

I'm not the son of a mafia don, but I suppose I am the leader of the gang. Maybe it's because I'm blond and good-looking!

Pogleswood Mon 31-May-10 15:26:17

And modest,obviously hmm !

Is it your gang who are with you now,then? Or a whole other group of people?


llandb Tue 01-Jun-10 00:19:09

CJ are you a reluctant cheerleader? Or.. or.. Slytherin?

(shakes bag)

llandb Tue 01-Jun-10 00:44:57

Or CJ are you the President of the Latvian Association of Blondes?

steamedtreaclesponge Tue 01-Jun-10 11:55:49

Morning, all!

Not really ice-cream weather today - anyone for a toasted cheese sandwich?

<hopefully looks around boat for a solar-powered toastie machine>

...she's a bad influence on everyone! Things were so nice and quiet before she turned up. I don't think she was brought up properly...


Poledra Tue 01-Jun-10 12:46:04

Where are her parents, Treacle? Is her father missing, presumed lost, at sea?

llandb Tue 01-Jun-10 15:27:39

<Notes dire absence of solar power. Breaks open emergency light stick thingy and holds it hopefully against solar panel on toastie machine. Ponders invention of rain-powered toastie machine.>


steamedtreaclesponge Tue 01-Jun-10 15:56:23

...Well, her father is overseas, but hopefully not dead! She grew up without a mother though, in all sorts of terrifying places - I expect that's why she's not very ladylike!

<gives up on solar-powered toastie machine and starts drawing up blueprints for wave-powered fondue set>

llandb Tue 01-Jun-10 18:56:30

Treacle is she glad about the most ridiculous things?

Quickie before PIL descend for a month (biscuit):
AIBU to be set in my bachelor ways? (might have been done before)

CJCregg Tue 01-Jun-10 19:59:31

Treacle, does she have a horse that she likes to carry about, and talk a lot about her time in Indo-China?

I know they need someone to lead them ... we need some sort of order here, but I'm also worried that we'll never get back home, we need to do something about that too.

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