All the people panic buying petrol

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Shitfuckcommaetc Fri 24-Sep-21 16:45:43

Are fucking selfish, and will be the first to moan when they're takeaway can't be delivered, they can't get a taxi, or places are short staffed as people CAN'T GET TO WORK

god I'm pissed off

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pilates Fri 24-Sep-21 16:53:26

I know unbelievably selfish. Massive queues near me plus two petroleum stations have signs up saying no fuel!

WindowsSmindows Fri 24-Sep-21 16:54:51

I have to go to work, if i don't go I'll get sacked. I have to drive there and there is no public transport.
I filled up today.
What do you think I should have done?

MatildaIThink Fri 24-Sep-21 16:56:29


I have to go to work, if i don't go I'll get sacked. I have to drive there and there is no public transport.
I filled up today.
What do you think I should have done?

Does your buying today fit the description of "panic buying"? Eg. did you still have half a tank or more, or did you fill up today because you would have normally filled up today?

Amijustagrump Fri 24-Sep-21 16:56:32

I also think people don't realise many ambulances fill up at stations! DP has been screwed at work today as they couldn't fill up when out of area.. hopefully it gets rectified over the weekend

AlandAnna Fri 24-Sep-21 16:57:15

It’s the media. We are just sheep.

wellards Fri 24-Sep-21 16:57:34

heard on the radio that trucks can't get petrol in order to deliver food. Why must people panic!


MatildaIThink Fri 24-Sep-21 17:00:24


It’s the media. We are just sheep.

It is not the media, I consume "media", I have not panic bought petrol, I did not panic buy toilet roll or dried pasta. The problem is idiocy!

Pugmumm Fri 24-Sep-21 17:01:00

OP it's not the people blame the media!!!

Notthemessiah Fri 24-Sep-21 17:01:46

What do they expect? If some petrol stations are closed and others have run out of one type of fuel, people are going to be concerned and are going to fill up a bit earlier than they might otherwise.

Running out of fuel is not an option for most people, so people won't risk it, especially when they know that as soon as the powers that be say 'Don't panic buy, there isn't a problem' everyone runs out and panic buys.

They aren't selfish arseholes - they need fuel in their cars and they know human nature.

GoodnightGrandma Fri 24-Sep-21 17:02:25

I’m a nurse. I’ve got enough to get to work next week, as long as I don’t go anywhere else.
After that I won’t be able to go in.

cheeseAnd Fri 24-Sep-21 17:03:30

Well we are stuck. Totally.

Can’t get any. So Dh can’t go to work (self employed)

LaRobeRouge Fri 24-Sep-21 17:04:06

The media have whipped this up. People don't want to panic buy but then they risk being left high and dry when they need petrol. I admit I filled up this morning as we're driving 300 miles tomorrow. I had planned filling up tomorrow morning but couldn't risk it.

BluebellsGreenbells Fri 24-Sep-21 17:04:32

What did you expect?

People need fuel and are worried there won’t be any left?

I bet the police force etc were first in the queue - or the garages keep a supply for them

AlandAnna Fri 24-Sep-21 17:04:47

Ok, it’s a well known combination of human selfishness and media glee in chaos.

Autumngoldleaf Fri 24-Sep-21 17:05:12

I'm not sure what people are supposed to do though?
They may need petrol?
We all moan about how in thrall we are to places like Saudi and yet look at how everything relies on petrol.
Roll on electric cars!!

Devonchills Fri 24-Sep-21 17:05:21

Nobody ever admits to panic buying though do they, like the pp said, it's all the people topping up just incase.
Luckily we filled up the car 2 days ago, so shouldn't need fuel for ages.
Filling up the Jerry cans or whatever they are called should be banned though.

Stormwhale Fri 24-Sep-21 17:06:14

We need petrol for two long journeys this weekend. I'm really concerned we aren't going to be able to get it. We have tickets for an expensive attraction then supposed to see family we haven't seen in months now Sunday, so I have sent dh out to fill up the car, but no luck so far. I hope the people with the full cars ready to sit on their driveways are happy with themselves!

BluebellsGreenbells Fri 24-Sep-21 17:08:47


So your luxury trip is more important than people getting to work or food deliveries?

Window1 Fri 24-Sep-21 17:09:35

I agree my petrol light is on and I wait till
Payday to fill up again. Not sure there will be any left by then.

Snaketime Fri 24-Sep-21 17:09:45

I agree OP they are arseholes. There wasn't a shortage before everyone started panic buying, it is ONLY BP that has a problem not every petrol station in the UK. Some at a petrol station near me actually filled up with over £100 worth of petrol I mean come on.
I have to work, I use my car to go to work and I can't afford to panic buy diesel. I filled up with £20 last night and that was only because my fuel light had come on.

Porcupineintherough Fri 24-Sep-21 17:09:47


Ok, it’s a well known combination of human selfishness and media glee in chaos.


Shitfuckcommaetc Fri 24-Sep-21 17:10:38

After not being able to fill up on the way back from work today I'm having to walk 3 miles to work to start at 6am to start my 12hr shift.
Cant afford a taxi and buses don't run that early

So yea, anyone with a full tank sitting on the driveway who fancies giving me a lift?!

Selfish fuckers.

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DrDreReturns Fri 24-Sep-21 17:10:56

I've got an electric car. grin

LakieLady Fri 24-Sep-21 17:11:21

When I went out earlier, the queue at the petrol station on a busy dual carriageway was so big there were about 20 cars queueing in the inside lane of the main road.

It caused delays on the main road, as everyone had to move out of the inside lane and crawl along the outside lane at the speed of a slow-moving vehicle up ahead.

When I drove back, a police officer was stood at the entrance to the petrol station and only letting a car through when there was room for them to queue on the petrol station forecourt.

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