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queenbee67 Wed 21-Apr-21 16:57:13

Friend of mine has recently joined one of the big MLMs - let's call it Squash Minus.

I was surprised as she always seemed quite sensible and level headed. Suddenly she's posting inspirational quotes all over Facebook and talking about how much she's earning and how great her new 'business' is...while trying relentlessly to recruit other people. I didn't have her down as a liar so I'm wondering if it's possible that she really believes she's doing well or maybe she really is?

I don't know a lot about these companies but I tend to think they're probably not the most legitimate way to earn a crust. What do you think? Has anyone had any first hand experience?

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BingBongToTheMoon Wed 21-Apr-21 16:59:14

Unfollow her or delete her. Give her zero money!

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 21-Apr-21 17:00:03

She's lying and/or brainwashed.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 21-Apr-21 17:00:54

And yes, stay well away and do not give her money.

queenbee67 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:01:02

I absolutely have no intention of buying anything or engaging positively with any of it. I'm just wondering if she's actually outright lying about how well she's doing with it? I'd be shocked if she was. But even more shocked if it were actually true...

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PanamaPattie Wed 21-Apr-21 17:02:02

Both. Run away!

MrsBDarcy Wed 21-Apr-21 17:02:29

I recently read an MLM blog by someone who did Poonique (I may have amended the spelling there) and tells the gory story. Fascinating

MadisonMontgomery Wed 21-Apr-21 17:02:41

Everyone I know who has joined a MLM posts all the time how much money they’re making - yet oddly, on their posts selling stuff nobody but other MLM huns seem to be buying? So yes, I think it’s bollocks tbh.

BrownEyedGirl80 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:03:15

Squash Minus.I see what you did there 😁

Osirus Wed 21-Apr-21 17:05:38

My sister used to sell the same products. She wasn’t obsessed by it and did use the products herself and really liked them, but got bored with the relentless plugging on Facebook.

I guess we were lucky she wasn’t completely absorbed by it!

Soubriquet Wed 21-Apr-21 17:05:50

Squash minus grin. Took me a second there too

She is brainwashed into thinking she can be a good seller. In reality she will actually put more money in then getting any money out

queenbee67 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:06:12

Also if it were such an amazing business why would they aggressively try to recruit people constantly? Surely you'd want all the profits for yourself?
Yeah it's bollocks I'm sure of it. I'm just surprised that someone I always thought was fairly sensible has got sucked it. Even more ridiculous if she's openly lying about her profits online. She does regular lives explicitly detailing how much she's earned so it seems really off to bareface lie about it.

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Cocolapew Wed 21-Apr-21 17:06:57

A workmate did this a few years ago, I thought the same as you. Was she really believing what she was saying or was she happy to lie to her friends/workmates?
I think it was she was happy to lie as long as it made her look good/made her money

MissConductUS Wed 21-Apr-21 17:07:04

Do a search for MLM on The stories are heart rending. The vast majority of people who sign up lose money. That's what feeds the beast. The products are typically overpriced and of poor quality. Your friend is frantically trying to recruit others because that's what can actually make you money in these horrid schemes.

BrumBoo Wed 21-Apr-21 17:11:15


As always, I suggest reading this blog. Not the same MLM but they all follow the same pattern of recruitment and selling:

MLMs are the most awful, misogynistic groups that take advantage of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Usually young mothers in desperate need to money, but not always. Anyone can be suckered in, most of them make no money from it. Some end up in worse situations than before. If I'm relatively close to a person starting their own 'business', I try and offer fair warning but no one has listened yet. Otherwise ignore ignore ignore.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 21-Apr-21 17:14:44

A friend of mine knows a Doctor who got sucked in and I know of a Pharmacist.
It's madness, but it seems it happens.

1Morewineplease Wed 21-Apr-21 17:15:29

Yes I do.
My lovely neighbour, very intelligent and always seemed so sure of herself, always poo-pooing " silly people" as she called them , suddenly discovered this juice ( I won't name it) that was the elixir to all of life's evils!

This juice was 'scientifically proven' to promote weight-loss, improve acne, improve joint mobility, cure my IBS, give my ( then) young children immunity from so many diseases and...reduce my chances of developing cancer!
As well as any other thing that you can think of.

Oh how she would knock on my door and tell me outright that I was stupid to not use this juice and that I was denying my family the right to longevity and that I wasn't being a good neighbour by refusing to support her new business venture and she kept asking me to take her products to my workplace so that more people would benefit from the juice's goodness.

It was so very, very hard to listen to her diatribe on my doorstep every couple of weeks but I persisted as I couldn't bear the embarrassment of my work colleagues . I , also , DID NOT WANT this blessed juice!

It was so embarrassing and toe-curling but she eventually dropped it for some kind of home craft thing.

It ruined what little friendship we had and resulted in not wanting to answer the door to anyone, in case it was her.

She moved not that long after.

Turkishangora Wed 21-Apr-21 17:16:43

I've lost 2 friends to these MLM schemes. I had to distance due to the relentless hard sell. This particular one is a beauty one and like a cult. I don't know anyone who uses their products apart from other members! It's supposedly high end on a par with creme de la mer etc!! I used to buy the odd thing that I didn't really want to be supportive but I ended up with over priced crap.

Both friends were in a vulnerable lonely predicament at the time. MLMs are extremely morally questionable.

user1636853246842157 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:18:27

She may not see it as lying if she's been spun the whole "fake it til you make it" thing.

She may have convinced herself she's being "positive" and a "businesswoman" rather than being deceitful and manipulative.

Worsthomeschoolteacherever Wed 21-Apr-21 17:19:12

Drinking Aloe Vera will cure my MS I was told 🙄🙄. These people are ruthless 😡

PandemicAtTheDisco Wed 21-Apr-21 17:19:39

Look on ebay or other selling sites and see how much the products sell for from sellers that have quit the MLM scheme.

Look at the actual products themselves and what similar products of the same quality cost.

Look at school raffles with the huge gift baskets donated from ex sellers. They are generally very quiet and embarrassed about how stupid they were to be drawn in.

Apart from my neighbour who just keeps getting drawn in by each new scheme and then losing all the money she's invested. She must have believed what she was saying at the time as she quit her decent, well paid job. She has now returned to work doing a job she hates.

YellowGlasses Wed 21-Apr-21 17:21:14

I’d say she is lying and brainwashed. She’s no longer your friend, not whilst she’s under the influence of MLM.

Mn753 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:21:15

Funny how it's so lucrative but no men do it

HairdresserTara Wed 21-Apr-21 17:21:19

It’s not called Business Bombshells by any chance is it? A distant friend has started posting all sorts of embarrassingly cringe sales pitches on FB about their beauty products. If the products were well reviewed and a reasonable price then I’d love to buy from her but they are neither!!

emilyfrost Wed 21-Apr-21 17:21:55

MLMs are a scam. She was brainwashed into it and is now lying to try and recoup her massive losses.

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