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To serve boiled potatoes

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Haveyouallgonequitemad Mon 22-Feb-21 23:03:54

Much stroppiness and comments and moaning because when asked what's for dinner and told them they asked would it be nice potatoes or boiled... Nice I said but they were boiled so apparantly I lied.. Surely everyone eats boiled potatoes for dinner in UK sometimes aren't they an English staple part of our traditional diet for context I didn't serve just boiled spuds I served with peas carrots and salmon encroute (shop bought but nice) are they just spoilt? We had pasta yesterday beautiful tapas day before Indian night before fresh fish etc etc it's not like they have to eat it every day I think they are too used to lovely exotic food and are just being ungrateful shits. Or are boiled potatoes actually that bad?

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RedSoloCup Mon 22-Feb-21 23:05:14

Nope never served boiled potatoes, new potatoes with butter but not just boiled, my mum did 🤮

Haveyouallgonequitemad Mon 22-Feb-21 23:05:24

Try and imagine some commas if hard to read I can't be arsed to put them in.

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MyGoMargot Mon 22-Feb-21 23:05:34

Boiled = boring.


SnarkyBag Mon 22-Feb-21 23:06:18

Boiled new potatoes? Fine. Boiled normal potatoes? Grim
I remember boiled potatoes as a child, waxy, stodge I’m afraid

KilljoysDutch Mon 22-Feb-21 23:07:14

It depends were they lovely baby potatoes boiled in their skins with some butter or horrible standard potatoes boiled with no skin? Or worse cooked like my MIL - peeled new potatoes boiled to death with mint?

CuntyMcBollocks Mon 22-Feb-21 23:08:11

There's nothing wrong with a good boiled spud. We had them quite often when we were kids and my brother and I always enjoyed them.

SnarkyBag Mon 22-Feb-21 23:08:18

Now all I can think about is Findus crispy pancakes (not crispy just sloppy vomit covered in bright orange coating) and manky boiled spuds 🤢🤢

ilovepixie Mon 22-Feb-21 23:08:47

Growing up my dad always cooked boiled potatoes in their skins every night. They were served on a plate in the middle of the table and you helped yourself and peeled the skin off. I hated them lol. But since my dad passed away I'd love to have them again!

BramStoker Mon 22-Feb-21 23:09:00

Boiled spuds are pretty dull unless there's a sauce or gravy to perk them

We had them regularly when I was a kid in the 80s but would be my least favourite way to serve spuds

muffb Mon 22-Feb-21 23:10:20

Haven't had boiled potatoes since I was a child, didn't find them very exciting then- but really fancy some buttery boiled potatoes now grin

KasparKat Mon 22-Feb-21 23:10:34

Definitely the worst way to eat potatoes, sorry!

MrsEricBana Mon 22-Feb-21 23:10:36

Eh? Of course they're fine! Sounds a fab meal.

Rupertbeartrousers Mon 22-Feb-21 23:10:38

I can’t do boiled spuds, I overdo them and then have to mash them every time (new potatoes are ok though)

deliciousdevilwoman Mon 22-Feb-21 23:11:03

Seems a strange choice with Salmon en Croute. Dauphinoise yes, new potatoes with butter, yes or even mash. Boiled potatoes are rank.

BrideofBideford Mon 22-Feb-21 23:11:39

It’s fine, but I only serve em with lots of melted butter or gravy

I grew up on a diet of brown bread sandwiches and boiled potatoes with meat and veg every day

Haveyouallgonequitemad Mon 22-Feb-21 23:11:48

Nicely cooked normal spuds yes not very gourmet but ffs I couldnt be arsed is that a crime?! Is it so wrong to have them sometimes I quite like them

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yikesanotherbooboo Mon 22-Feb-21 23:11:50

I have been producing boiled potatoes approximately once a week since I have been a mother , nearly 30 years. They are DH's favourites. I remember thinking they were dull when I was a child and true to form my DC have all moaned a bit over the years . My experience is that it takes approx 15 years to train the DC but they all love them now! Phew!

converseandjeans Mon 22-Feb-21 23:11:54

We had them most evenings growing up in 70s & 80s but I don't serve them now. You should have made a nice mashed potato dish with butter & cheese or roasted them.

MouthAche Mon 22-Feb-21 23:12:11

Boiled potatoes - Yuk!

frasersmummy Mon 22-Feb-21 23:13:03

I love boiled potatoes... Especially with mince or stew or steak pie

And what else would you have with haggis.. Yes I'm scottish..

Tatties are great

ShaunaTheSheep Mon 22-Feb-21 23:13:29

Just boring.
So many other ways to serve potatoes, it wouldn’t occur to me to just boil them (unless new potatoes but even then I would add butter and seasalt).

Mumdiva99 Mon 22-Feb-21 23:13:56

Boiled potatoes are that bad. The only time they are acceptable is covered in mayo in potato salad.

Why not cook as potato wedges or mash?

endlesswicker Mon 22-Feb-21 23:14:00

I cooked them today and we had them with the leftover meat from yesterday's roast.

Nothing wrong with a boiled spud. They do need to be the floury ones though.

SmednotaSmoo Mon 22-Feb-21 23:14:47

I was fed them too often as a child to ever want to serve them as a grown up. But, you’re only a couple of minutes and a knob of butter away from mash, which is amazing (and something rarely served as a child). But ultimately unless they’re taking a turn with the cooking, they don’t get a say...

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