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Terrifying Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

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Trixietangerine Fri 28-Feb-20 22:29:10

Has anyone else seen this on facebook? Terrifying and actually really freaking me out. This book was written in 1981. I can't stop thinking about it.... blush

Youngatheart00 Fri 28-Feb-20 22:30:33


PickleMyPepper Fri 28-Feb-20 22:31:29

I like what it says underneath.

'Vanish as quickly as it arrives, attack again 10 years later, and then disappear completely.'

Much more reassuring than the circled section.

Rosalo Fri 28-Feb-20 22:31:56

That's a bit spooky

dementedpixie Fri 28-Feb-20 22:32:41

The second picture is apparently from a different book

purplerainred Fri 28-Feb-20 22:32:57

I don’t really get the conspiracy theory. Science fiction writers make thousands of books every year. There are bound to be concepts in those books that vaguely become true.

What am I missing?

InArrears Fri 28-Feb-20 22:33:19

I saw this. Love DK books, but yes, very spooky.

BelieveInPeople Fri 28-Feb-20 22:33:19

Trixietangerine Fri 28-Feb-20 22:33:49

But it's not vaguely's strangely accurate in detail

purplerainred Fri 28-Feb-20 22:33:52

And yes as a pp said the two photos of text seem to be from different books.

Butterer Fri 28-Feb-20 22:34:14


cybercontroller Fri 28-Feb-20 22:34:25

It's a Dean Koontz novel, not Nostradamus.

frazzledasarock Fri 28-Feb-20 22:34:32

Seen this and the accompanying snopes article debunking it.

Butterer Fri 28-Feb-20 22:35:02

Oops - cross posted with @BelieveInPeople

purplerainred Fri 28-Feb-20 22:35:07

@Trixietangerine what is accurate about it except for a disease in Wuhan. You don’t genuinely believe the theory that the Chinese government made the virus? Time to take off the tinfoil hat.

amd4578 Fri 28-Feb-20 22:35:41

Pretty shit weapon at a death rate of 1-2% mainly on the elderly or sick tho.

Toybox88 Fri 28-Feb-20 22:37:03

It's extracts from two different books put together.
One book was a sci fi book with a fictional potion called wuhan something that ended up turning a girl psychic. It has nothing in common with coron virus except the word wuhan.
The other was a prediction book from around 2007 that says around 2020 there will be a virus spread throughout the world that will affect people's lungs. It doesn't mention Wuhan

dementedpixie Fri 28-Feb-20 22:37:59

This page does not belong to “The Eyes of Darkness”. It comes from the 2008 book “End Of Days: Predictions and prophecies about the end of the world Paperback” by Sylvia Brown, an American author who claimed to be a psychic

Toybox88 Fri 28-Feb-20 22:38:09

Oh sorry those links and other explanations weren't there when I started my reply!

ChangedMyNameForAdvice Fri 28-Feb-20 22:38:58

Also it doesn’t only affect humans so that debunks it alone. with all the future- based drama written over hundreds of years, the odd one is bound to contain the occasional lucky strike.

Putyourshoeson99 Fri 28-Feb-20 22:40:29

These things pop up with every disaster...wise up OP! You’ll be sending chain letters next.

Pipandmum Fri 28-Feb-20 22:41:03

Oh like because there's never been a flu like epidemic before... oh wait, only nine since 1890...

Cremebrule Fri 28-Feb-20 22:46:09

There have been detailed pandemic plans for years. It would have been very easy for science fiction writers to produce something plausible based on the published plans.

Even if you just download the game plague, you can pick random ‘add-one’ like pneumonia. There are probably some science fiction works taking about brain haemorrhage or seizures. Just no/one has bothered taking a picture.

YesIDoLoveCrisps Fri 28-Feb-20 22:46:28
She’s wasn’t good at predictions . . . Or being a psychic.

DameHannahRelf Fri 28-Feb-20 22:47:00

That's... it's tinfoil hat alright, but... So many buts. It's like the Simpsons predictions/coincidences, but so much more sinister.

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