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To think the UK media silence on the Prince William rumours is odd

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Absofuckinglutely Thu 25-Apr-19 14:27:10

Just that really. No idea if there's anything more than rumour and speculation, but it's all over social media that Prince William allegedly had an affair with one of Kate's friends, but there is a total media silence on it.
Pretty bizarre considering that Meghan Markle barely has to breathe and the media are covering it.

Roussette Thu 25-Apr-19 14:28:10

Sounds like a load of old tosh to me.

Doubt it very much. He seems besotted with her.

Hollowvictory Thu 25-Apr-19 14:28:57

Perhaps because it's nonsense.

Sirzy Thu 25-Apr-19 14:30:43

Perhaps because they have more sense than to believe all the shite posted online?

FocusTalk Thu 25-Apr-19 14:30:57

Doubt it very much. He seems besotted with her.


Chancewouldbeafinethlng Thu 25-Apr-19 14:31:58

I saw something a while back that was saying it without saying it. Or so it felt like.

The media is so shady that I’m not surprised. They’re all in it together. Very well controlled.

Bluntness100 Thu 25-Apr-19 14:32:40

Huge lol. Media silence my arse. It's made up social media crap because she had a falling out with a friend. What do you want, media stories on it..🤣🤣🤣

TheQueef Thu 25-Apr-19 14:32:47

Maybe they have had their pound of flesh from William already.

NannaNoodleman Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:06

Didn't Claudia Winkleman's sister's husband's sister's dog's vet's wife's cousin's garden gnome remove a tweet saying something about this!?

Hollowvictory Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:08

And their relationship with the royal family will be over. Its not worth it for them to print rumour and speculation and be kicked off every royal story and your for ever more.

PortiaCastis Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:10

Oh do you really fall for all that crap and anyway spreading nasty bollocks is a bit grim , its a lot of shite so just ignore it FGS

VladmirsPoutine Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:23

Perhaps there's no basis to it. That said the media coverage I did see about it blamed Meghan for making it worse by blaming Kate. Oh how I laughed.

Tell you what, had it been rumours about Harry cheating; I reckon there'd be a massive 7-page spread about it.

tisonlymeagain Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:28

Because of this I guess

Lawyers acting for Prince William, second in line to the British throne, have threatened legal action if U.K. media repeat rumors published in an American magazine about him having an affair with an aristocratic friend.

Hollowvictory Thu 25-Apr-19 14:34:50

Claudia's half sister is married to a royal.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 25-Apr-19 14:35:25

I've read it in the MSM, probably because its bollox and no one actually believes it. I would sincerely doubt he'd play away from home, given the hell his mother put them both through with her dalliances.

TheSerenDipitY Thu 25-Apr-19 14:36:05

after the pain and damage infidelity has caused in his life do you really think hes off fucking other women

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Thu 25-Apr-19 14:36:58

Claudia's half sister is married to a royal.

- Freddie Windsor, he's number 48 at the moment, bit far down the pecking order

happyhillock Thu 25-Apr-19 14:37:40

I don't think he has had an affair, certainly don't think the media would keep it quiet.

BertrandRussell Thu 25-Apr-19 14:38:55

Because injunctions?

Nicknacky Thu 25-Apr-19 14:39:02

Because the media aren’t stupid enough to publish unfounded gossip with no apparently credible source to back it up. It’s just gossip.

ukgift2016 Thu 25-Apr-19 14:39:33

The press are silenced. The royal family have more power than you think.

William definitely seems the type to cheat. He never seemed into Kate as she was into him. He is like his father.

Lovetunnocks Thu 25-Apr-19 14:39:48


pikapikachu Thu 25-Apr-19 14:40:40

* after the pain and damage infidelity has caused in his life do you really think hes off fucking other women*

Someone linked to a study that said children whose parent(s) had affairs were more likely to have affairs when they were older. If

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 25-Apr-19 14:41:50

after the pain and damage infidelity has caused in his life do you really think hes off fucking other women

Oh dont be naive!

Not saying he is, not saying he isnt. Couldnt care less either way tbh, but that comment is ridiculous.

Mominatrix Thu 25-Apr-19 14:41:54

WHy do you care?

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