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To be angry that I was called a home wrecker, and that this is weird?

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TakeTwoOfThat Fri 15-Feb-19 19:05:36

So a lot of people on here will know my story about my husband leaving me and keeping me hung on for months while he went straight into a new relationship with a woman a few weeks after Leaving me and she's pregnant and then he asked for me back. Anyway there a little back story

So he's not with her now, he asked for me back. Which is a cheek after he left me and saw me begging and crying when he left and he left me to bring up our 5 children

So this woman messaged my daughter from her daughters phone ( yes he introduced my kids to her a month after leaving me and allowed them to be friends and lied to me about who she really was and said it's his friend. Anyway the message read 'hi xxxxxx can you tell your mum to msg my mum on xxxxxxxxx as she has something important to tell her'
My daughter was confused because they don't know about this unborn baby or that she was actually his gf and not his friend so was confused. And I'm angry she used my daughter to get to me! This happened this morning. I didn't message her back as I don't want to be in the drama., although I am curious as to why she wants to message me.

I asked him why she thinks he has the right to do this and he said he doesn't know and she probably wants drama and that he can't understand why she would want to talk to me because she said she hates me and that she's called me a home wrecker. He said he told her she has no right to say that about me but I'm angry that this woman thinks I'm a home wrecker when I was the one who was left with 5 kids after a 14 year marriage. I don't want to be a part of their drama yet she's using my daughter. I didn't want to block that kid from talking to my daughter because the kids are innocent but I have had to block her from my daughters phone now.

TakeTwoOfThat Fri 15-Feb-19 19:08:02

She thinks because she's pregnant with my ex she thinks she can involve me in this and my daughter.

TheShiteRunner Fri 15-Feb-19 19:10:35

Your husband has treated you both badly. You have no idea what he's been telling her. Of course she shouldn't do anything through the children but your anger is misdirected.
Men who have affairs are always, always brilliant liars. He has lied to you and he'll have lied to her.

Norrisskipjack Fri 15-Feb-19 19:11:23

What a catch.

slipperywhensparticus Fri 15-Feb-19 19:12:00

Are you back together?

mimibunz Fri 15-Feb-19 19:12:24


ATBhinchers Fri 15-Feb-19 19:13:04

I think you're overly angry about a message from a woman who was treated as badly as you yet your anger should be directed at him. I'd also have just moved on by now and couldn't give a fuck about either of them. Give that a go.

JingsMahBucket Fri 15-Feb-19 19:15:28

LTB already.

JasperKarat Fri 15-Feb-19 19:17:51

Why on earth did you get back with him? Talk to her, I'd be interested in what he's been telling her if nothing else

HollowTalk Fri 15-Feb-19 19:18:05

You're right. He is a CF. Tell him to bugger off, get onto CSA and make sure he pays what he should, divorce him and forget the fucker.

HJWT Fri 15-Feb-19 19:19:16

I would personally ring her ask her what she wants let her have her say then interrupt her and say 'Listen, Im not interested in the dribble you have coming out of your mouth, I know YOU called me a home wrecker and I think you need to take a good look in the mirror. Delete my child's number and DO NOT contact her again because we are not interested. Then id put phone down

TakeTwoOfThat Fri 15-Feb-19 19:19:32

No I didn't say we were back together

I know he treated her badly aswell
I'm angry at her actions of messaging my daughter to get to me when I don't want a part In this
And the fact she called me a home wrecker when it's not justified

Boredboredboredboredbored Fri 15-Feb-19 19:20:21

Please say you're not still with this loser?

Isth Fri 15-Feb-19 19:20:38

You’re back with him?! Please say you’re not 🤦🏼‍♀️

slipperywhensparticus Fri 15-Feb-19 19:21:52

Glad your not with him my advice fwiw is to not engage with either one of them

Home wrecker my arse

Nanny0gg Fri 15-Feb-19 19:22:57

How do you know she said that?

Oh yes, your fully trustworthy ExH told you...


TooTrueToBeGood Fri 15-Feb-19 19:24:28

For your own sanity, stop giving a flying fuck what she thinks or says. You do not need to get sucked into the drama she's trying to create.

AnyFucker Fri 15-Feb-19 19:25:50

I expect she is trying to tell you he is still balls deep in her while asking you to get back with him

Listen to her. You would be a fool to take his word for anything.

MrsBertBibby Fri 15-Feb-19 19:26:15

Your ex sure doesn't want you to talk to each other.

Wonder why.

AFistfulofDolores1 Fri 15-Feb-19 19:28:21

It's called "projection".

MrsBertBibby Fri 15-Feb-19 19:28:59

Heh, snap, AF

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 15-Feb-19 19:29:03

Block her and her daughter on all your children’s phones and your phone and all social media. You don’t need this shit. Ignore ignore ignore. Don’t discuss her with your ex. Discuss his contact with your children and his child support payments and nothing else.

Crunchymum Fri 15-Feb-19 19:30:06

You only have his world that she has called you a home wrecker??? Is that correct?

Gorse Fri 15-Feb-19 19:30:12

This man needs the snip before he impregnates someone else.

TwoRoundabouts Fri 15-Feb-19 19:30:14

If she's pregnant she may not be thinking straight. Phone her up and tell her not to use your daughter or any of your children to pass abuse and threats otherwise you will take action against her for harassment of them. Then put the phone down.

Don't delete the messages and take copy of them plus the number they come from so if she tries it again you can prove she is harassing them.

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