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AIBU to think some posters on here lie?

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mystar Sat 09-Feb-19 23:54:01

This leads on from the drinking thread. Yes, when my daughter was a baby I barely drank but she’s now 12 so I don’t think twice about smashing a bottle of wine on a Friday or Saturday night.

Obviously if she was ill it would be a different story.

When she was at junior school her pack up regularly included Pom bears or the the Aldi equivalent. And, every now and again we have dinner which consists of freezer tapas or a beige platter (chips/goujons etc). We even sometimes have said platter in front of the tv.

I also swear inadvertently in front of her and I don’t use my recycling bins properly.

Sometimes when I read things on here I think I must be the worst mother in the world. AIBU to think I am normal? Are there others out there like me?

OlennasWimple Sat 09-Feb-19 23:56:25

MNers are real people, and real people lie all the time

It's just on here, most people will never know that you are lying (therefore I can tell you that we all ate organic alfalfa wraps for dinner and everyone enjoyed them, particularly when washed down with unicorn tears, and you can't prove that it was a lie wink )

Crockof Sat 09-Feb-19 23:57:03

I always wonder what the holier than thou brigade are actually hiding

Jaffacakebeast Sat 09-Feb-19 23:57:30

Haha!! Me and ds love a plate of beige in front of the tv

thewinkingprawn Sat 09-Feb-19 23:58:20

They lie but also on threads like the drinking thread, the worthies pile on and then the vast majority of us who do like a drink or whatever and don’t have the same level of angst don’t bother to post.

meow1989 Sat 09-Feb-19 23:59:33

Yanbu, i dont see what's to be gained by it though (lies, not your thread).

kitkatsky Sun 10-Feb-19 00:00:06

You're me! (But if DD is 12 you're 4.5 years ahead)

mystar Sun 10-Feb-19 00:02:52

But this is a place when you can escape real life and say things you wouldn’t normally say to your mates or family. My daughter is ace; she’s well mannered, thoughtful, kind and intelligent. She also spends too much Time on her phone and is sometimes materialistic. The latter are poor qualities she has picked up from me.

I’m never going to be a perfect mum but I don’t pretend to be. I just sometimes read posts and think people are kidding themselves about their lives. If they aren’t then fair play.

TrixieFranklin Sun 10-Feb-19 00:03:30

Of course people lie on an anonymous online forum which is synonymous with trolls and GFs but some people just don't drink when they have kids too.. my husband drinks an awful lot and I don't drink at all. It's not because I think I'm better than him or people on here, it's just a decision I made. I was never a big drinker before kids and I don't miss it or ever really want to. It's a personal choice thing.

mystar Sun 10-Feb-19 00:04:13

Yeees! Best tea ever!

CrazyKittenSmile Sun 10-Feb-19 00:04:16

I think a small number of posters will be completely lying or fabricating what they say but that they are in the minority. However I think a lot of postets will be white-washing the truth a little to presebr an ideal or best version of what their life really looks like, conveniently leaving out the bits that don’t fit with the thread or the viewpoint they want to convey. I think this is especially true on topics where posters tend to get quite sanctimonious and jump on band-wagons around things like healthy eating, bedtimes, drinking. I think these sorts of threads will also draw out the small number of posters who have strong feelings about things like lunchboxes, drinking with kids etc and who are being completely truthful but who skew the thread because a disproportionate amount of those people will post on the thread - most people with a ‘normal’ attitude to food/ drinking/ swearing etc probably don’t feel the need to justify it on a thread so you tend to get the more hardline people responding.

KrazyKatlady Sun 10-Feb-19 00:04:18

my DD is 12 and I don't even know what she has for lunch some days (I'm pretty sure it isn't hummous, quinoa or anything containing any sort of vegetables) Some days she has a wrap from home which according to another thread on here is tantamount to child abuse! And I have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend. I thought I was reasonably normal until I joined MN.

RedHatsDoNotSuitMe Sun 10-Feb-19 00:04:33

It's not just food. It's all the "oh no, I would have helped/stopped/intervened/said something".

what a load of bollocks!

There was a hysterically funny thread one time about someone asking people to post pictures of their bedrooms. On that thread which was about eleventy million pages long, about 3 posters put up pictures of cluttered crap, with an unmade bed and clothes strewn all over the floor.
Everyone else put up amazing pictures of gorgeous bedrooms. It was all very lovely, until one poster came on and said she worked in magazines and recognised lots of the pictures from photo shoots she'd organized.

It all got a bit blame-y and then MNHQ came on and said "the OP asked for pictures of a favourite bedroom, not necessarily your OWN bedroom".

Yeah right!

Lying on the internet (whilst being holier-than-thou)... Can there actually BE anything more pointless? Like... who exactly are you kidding and who even cares?

And that's not even mentioning the piling-in nasty ones, who lie in wait to attack the OP and make them feel horrible.

I probably shouldn't be posting this, as not in the best of moods. The thread just struck a chord tonight!

ShadyLady53 Sun 10-Feb-19 00:04:49

YANBU Of course people lie on here. BUT I genuinely am teetotal and it gets even weirder responses in real life.

Guineapiglet345 Sun 10-Feb-19 00:05:25

Yep, especially on threads like the one a few weeks ago where a woman had been given £10k by her mother as a gift, she’d made financial decisions based on the money being a gift and then the mother asked for it back, and loads of posters were saying they’d give it back, as if!

Drogosnextwife Sun 10-Feb-19 00:05:30

You are completely normal 😂. I honestly can't understand why people would lie on an anonymous site 😂.

I only recycle certain things and my kids have heard quite a bit of swearing. They also get a little treat in their lunch box every day 😱

BertrandRussell Sun 10-Feb-19 00:05:40

Oh, OP. Surely with your Oxbridge degree and your Masters you know better than that? grin

Mumsnetters never have only one degree.....

Designerenvy Sun 10-Feb-19 00:07:20

Of course they do ! Why wouldn't they?
It's easy to be perfect when your anonymous!
It's probably escapism and a bit of building yourself up to feel better about yourself.

Drogosnextwife Sun 10-Feb-19 00:07:29

I do genuinely hardly drink but that's because of the hangover! I actually quite like drinking, it just doesn't like me.

mystar Sun 10-Feb-19 00:08:07

@trixiefranklin you are honest and not smug and judgmental. I just find it odd that in a place when you are anonymous that people lie.

GottenGottenGotten Sun 10-Feb-19 00:09:43

I lie, but only insignificant details so it's harder to figure out who I am.

EG I might say my children are a couple of years older or younger than they are, or I might change the details of a scenario - eg instead of a cousin it might be a neighbour.

I don't lie about how much I drink though. But you probably wouldn't believe me grin

(I still own wine I was given as a housewarming present and I have been in the house 7 years... ish lol )

Designerenvy Sun 10-Feb-19 00:10:24

However, the other side of it is why lie when your anonymous??? What does it achieve ?

OvO Sun 10-Feb-19 00:10:50

I’m now wondering if I’ve told any lies. grin

I don’t remember telling any but I’ve probably omitted something on purpose, that kind of thing. Well I want everyone to agree with me sometimes! 😉

TrixieFranklin Sun 10-Feb-19 00:11:01

Some people get off on being goady and trying to spark a reaction I guess

TrixieFranklin Sun 10-Feb-19 00:12:17

Ohhh that doesn't sound right, I don't mean 'get off on it' in a sexual way blush I don't imagine anyone's doing a wanky spanky over a drinking thread, but they like getting reactions from other people with opposite opinions and causing a bit of a ruckus.

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