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To think this is the most bizarre item of clothing?

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TrixieFranklin Sun 03-Feb-19 14:29:42

It popped up as an AD on my Facebook. I understand the body suit trends but surely this would result in being split entirely in two, or the worlds worst front wedgie blush

GreatAuntMary Thu 07-Feb-19 14:47:10

At least in the eighties "bodies" were like generously cut leotards with three sensible poppers.

Oh no they weren't...!

Asked out on a last-minute date while I was at work one day in the '80s I rushed out at lunchtime and bought one of those 'bodies' to evening-wear my outfit. It was a black lacy poloneck with long sleeves and looked stunning. Looked.

I spent the whole evening going back and forth to the loo - in agonies. Every time I breathed it felt like death by a thousand cuts, and those poppers may have been only three but they felt like a million. I've never sat so still in my life.

And forget the hot date. All I wanted by the end of the evening was a hot, soothing bath.

Never again.

aarell Thu 07-Feb-19 09:18:29

A rasher of streaky bacon comes to mind (I'm not sure why?)

SpamChaudFroid Wed 06-Feb-19 22:20:12

Well according to Wiki apparently they cure incontinence, so why not piles user?

SpamChaudFroid Wed 06-Feb-19 22:17:53

That PS Ling blog reads like it's been written by somebody with a very overactive and fevered imagination. hmm

userschmoozer Wed 06-Feb-19 22:05:28

So far no one has mentioned its effect on piles so do let me be the one to lower the tone, again.

edwinbear Wed 06-Feb-19 21:47:08

Tampax string - pushed back up, never to be found again.

greeneyedlulu Wed 06-Feb-19 21:37:48

Crying with laughter!!!

Wingingit247 Wed 06-Feb-19 21:32:43

Where the actual fuck are her fanny lips?????

PassTheGinPlease Wed 06-Feb-19 20:53:13


I would look like I was blowing a raspberry from my lady garden if I wore that.

KristyKo97 Wed 06-Feb-19 20:11:15


Indeed you are right. On the other hand, the first bikini had to be modelled by prostitute as no one else was willing to wear them. And modern thongs were re-invented by cabaret dancers I think...
So let us see where the fashion will be in few years hmm

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 06-Feb-19 20:07:23

Thanks for that..... I think.

Another world. Ok so clearly this leotard thing op posted is inspired by prostitution / seedier side of stripping.

Vivianebrezilletbrooks Wed 06-Feb-19 20:02:16

Ewww that looks horrible and trashy not to mention chavvy. It also looks mega uncomfortable and it makes me think of a
Something a Kardashian would post on their instagram account.
Ugg ugh ugh!!!!

KristyKo97 Wed 06-Feb-19 19:45:30


Never heard of anal ball clothing before but found something:

and then quite explicit description of an erotic dancer training costume

Hanywany Wed 06-Feb-19 19:33:15

summerhouse i just pissed myself laughing so hard!

newnameforthis7 Wed 06-Feb-19 19:28:15

Weird yes. What I wouldn't give to look like that model though! grin

I did a little bit about a hundred years ago before I got old and fat sad

Mummyoflittledragon Wed 06-Feb-19 19:27:10

I googled clothes with anal ball in them. No results just the ball. I then went onto amazon. I’m going to get adverts now, aren’t I? 🙈

It’s a bung to put up your arse to stretch it for penetration I think. Or maybe just for pleasure. 🤷‍♀️

elise2307 Wed 06-Feb-19 19:24:25

That really is the most bizarre thing. Without sounding old and boring, some of the stuff they wear these days is hysterical. Think Love Island. Boohoo is awful!

Purplecatshopaholic Wed 06-Feb-19 19:23:51

Sheltered upbringing here. Will someone please tell me what an anal ball is....

Threewheeler1 Wed 06-Feb-19 19:01:26

I want to know if there's anything that we aren't supposed to happy to stick up our bums these days...confused

Scooby23 Wed 06-Feb-19 18:47:52

Making me feel quite queasy!!!! Xx

Catsinthecupboard Wed 06-Feb-19 18:44:17

Under NO circumstances is ANY dress worth an A-ballshock

MitziK Wed 06-Feb-19 18:39:26

*It's been photoshopped to fuck.


Could it be their target demographic is people mid op, so don't have either?

flingingmelon Wed 06-Feb-19 18:39:24

I might have overthought this, but the whole anal ball thing. hmm Wouldn't you just go commando? I mean, if the concern is an accidental pic of your chuff versus your anal ball pants - does it really matter? Is there some sort of pearl clutching rule I don't know about that suggests a bum gobbling 'pant' is better than nothing at all?

ScrambledSmegs Wed 06-Feb-19 18:39:22

Goodness, I never knew the 'my vulva ate my undies' look was so in vogue.

kennycat Wed 06-Feb-19 18:35:20

That would look amazing with a full bush. 😂😂

I’m intrigued. Not so intrigued that I’d buy one but I’d like one if you lot to and report back.

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