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To think I might get money for a tip in a magazine?

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Lindah1 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:26:03

Just that really, have some ideas which seem loads better than what you read in the mags, anyone had any cash for yours?

Starlight345 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:27:04

Nope but some are dire so give it a shot

LuxeLisbon Sun 24-Jun-18 21:28:09

I read one tip in something like Take A Break and it said ... try mint sauce with mushy peas. Delicious!

confused ... yeah and maybe next try strawberries with ....cream!

Bananalanacake Sun 24-Jun-18 21:33:04

The funniest one I've seen was use those wooden sticks you get with coffee as a splint for your fingerconfused

BarbaraofSevillle Sun 24-Jun-18 21:41:08

I might offer up gravy with Yorkshire puddings or served canned baked beans on toasted bread if that's the standard expected.

peachgreen Sun 24-Jun-18 21:43:06

Those tips are ridiculous. I saw one on Twitter which recommended adding a clip to one of those shower body scrub balls and wearing it as a fascinator. And one saying to freeze a tube of toothpaste, then cut it up and serve as after dinner mints.

Rachie1973 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:43:54

lol me and my friend have a competition to see who can find the worst ones in magazines! These are the winners at the moment!

dragontwo Sun 24-Jun-18 21:44:06

ha ha peachgreen they are ridiculous!! but hilarious!

Urbanbeetler Sun 24-Jun-18 21:44:28

The sanitary towel shower slippers were the funniest.

BarbaraofSevillle Sun 24-Jun-18 21:45:39

I think peachgreen must be following Viz Top Tips on Twitter.

Angie169 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:48:28

I saw one saying the easiest way to wash and dry rubber gloves ( marigolds ) was to was do it while wearing them . No Shit Sherlock !

That said I remember a friend posing tips off to magazines all the time ( about 20 years ago ) and she got quite a few printed and money for them.
You have got nothing to lose by trying so go for it , but ,
I would imagine it would be quite hard to come up with things that have not been printed before or on one of them Life Hack sites

AtSea1979 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:49:41

Rachie those are truelly awful. The fingers in the teabag one are stained!

Cinderella2018 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:51:27

I always remember a joke one in Viz (is that still going?) I read years ago: “Save money. Instead of buying expensive binoculars, simply stand closer to that which you wish to view!”


angelnix Sun 24-Jun-18 21:52:23

This is the absolute winner of crap top tips!

peachgreen Sun 24-Jun-18 21:55:20

@BarbaraofSevillle No these were genuine ones from Take A Break etc!

angelnix Sun 24-Jun-18 21:56:32

I've found a winner..........
"Don't want to fork out for expensive cinema tickets, just read the book instead. Don't forget that you can borrow from the library for free"
Seriously......that is not a top tip!!

peachgreen Sun 24-Jun-18 21:59:13

Here's the toothpaste one. Can't find the shower puff one but I'm looking!

Lindah1 Sun 24-Jun-18 22:00:06

Hahaha I'm starting to think that mine are most excellent grin

Lavende Sun 24-Jun-18 22:02:28

I’m pretty sure they purposely pick the most ridiculous ones for a laugh 😂

angelnix Sun 24-Jun-18 22:07:25

How do people think up some of these? grin

gillybombilly Sun 24-Jun-18 22:13:45

One from way back when (tongue in cheek, I hope):
Create your own address book-simply get your phone book and cross out the names of everyone you don't know grin

bibblebobblebubble Sun 24-Jun-18 22:13:54

Here is the fascinator one! Genius

dingdongdigeridoo Sun 24-Jun-18 22:14:18

Do it! My friend got £30 for sending in a terrible tip about reusing jam jars or some crap. Not bad for 5 seconds of work.

The sanitary towel ones are always the best...

UpstartCrow Sun 24-Jun-18 22:15:05

I sent in some ridiculous ones and they posted them under someone else's name. And I did not get my £20.

I'm looking at you, Take a Break.

OohOohMrPeevly Sun 24-Jun-18 22:15:14

My favourite viz one was "to save money on buying an expensive address book simply take a telephone directory and cross out all the names and addresses of the people you don't know".

My favourite Take A Break one was this:

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