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The slog of this authoritarian shitshow is grinding us all down. My inspiration has gone into hiding with Melania. Knock yourselves out! (Trump cont.)

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boatyardblues Tue 05-Jun-18 21:57:09

Does what it says on the tin. 🤷‍♂️

Here’s the last thread:

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 05-Jun-18 22:02:54

keep persisting.

PerkingFaintly Tue 05-Jun-18 22:05:36

Grinding on here, with refreshments to keep us going: biscuitcakebrewwinegin

Thank you so much for the new thread.

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Tue 05-Jun-18 22:06:45

Thanks Boatyard. Authoritarian shitshow just about covers it. I wonder what this thread will bring? We can but hope smile

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Tue 05-Jun-18 22:08:27

I can bring smoked cheese and dates but that's EXACTLY what I brought to the table last time. One snack pony, me.

boatyardblues Tue 05-Jun-18 22:11:58

You’ve just reminded me I have wine in the kitchen.

PerkingFaintly Tue 05-Jun-18 22:15:17

And this is a problem... how, Bette? grin

AcrossthePond55 Tue 05-Jun-18 22:16:39

Checking in, thanks for the new thread.

Anxiously awaiting the final primary results and the drop of the next episode of Handmaid's Tale, both probably occurring at about the same time on the West Coast. Nothing ironic about that, is there?

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:23:44

Thank you for the new thread title, boatyard. I read the end of it as Trump c*nt which would be entirely in keeping, obviously, but really means I need to find my glasses.

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:25:38

I have dim sum -- although maybe we will need those for the Singapore summit. [smile[

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:26:16

Glasses! smile

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:43:06

Reuters Business
‏Verified account

'EXCLUSIVE: ZTE has signed an agreement in principle with U.S. that would lift Commerce Department ban; U.S. will claim penalty of as much as $1.7 billion - sources'

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:46:44

'Kelly Sadler, the White House communications aide who made a imprudent comment about Republican Sen. John McCain's health last month, no longer works in the administration, three sources with knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday.'

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:47:53

De Vos doing her thing again.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal school safety commission set up after the deadly shooting at a Florida high school will not examine the role of guns in school violence, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Tuesday.

Roussette Tue 05-Jun-18 22:52:53

Thanks lots boatyard for thread.

I watched a bit of that Betsy DeVos interview, god that woman is nauseating, grinning like a jackass whilst talking about gun deaths in schools and not even remotely answering the questions. She has the sort of face I would like to slap (not advocating this is a thing to do!)

Watching Trump try and sing God Bless America has given me the biggest laugh today. God Bless America, la la la la, smile, grin, thing, la la. He looked soooo stupid

There is speculation there were few Eagles fans and many staffers and interns

Gumpendorf Tue 05-Jun-18 22:53:29

I came to post the video of Betsy's statement, per se. grinconfused

Sen. Leahy: Will your school safety commission look at the role of firearms?

Sec. DeVos: "That is not part of the commission's charge, per se."

Leahy: "So you're studying gun violence but not considering the role of guns?"

DeVos: "We're actually studying school safety."

Thanks for the new thread, boatyard. It's now hard to remember the normality before Trump and his corrupt chums occupied our lives.

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 22:55:07

This is powerful.


'Photographer Andres Gonzalez's passion project might break your heart. He has spent the past five years documenting mass shootings at American schools.

But not in the way you might expect: There are no landscapes of school yards, crying teenagers, terrified parents or yellow police tape.

Gonzalez has traveled to communities where school shootings have taken place and sifted through archives of the tangible pieces of grief left behind: handwritten letters, crosses, Stars of David, candles with icons, angels, photographs, painted portraits, teddy bears, T-shirts, deflated balloons, origami cranes — a symbol of hope and healing with its roots in Japanese culture.'

Lweji Tue 05-Jun-18 23:17:47

It is!!!

Thanks for the new thread, even if I need to keep some distance atm.

BertrandRussell Tue 05-Jun-18 23:21:26

Is there a sensible theory about what's going on with Melania?

Quantumblue Tue 05-Jun-18 23:25:07

Lovely thread title. We cannot lose hope.
<takes a knee>

lionheart Tue 05-Jun-18 23:42:40

ohmymimi Tue 05-Jun-18 23:48:21

Lovely new thread, thank you, boat.
That's an interesting comment about attendees at the flag/anthem do, Roussette. I noticed it was a very white gathering. Noticed the same about the Memorial Day attendees at Arlington. Then I recalled the pic. of the new cohort of WH interns. Bloody regressive.

boatyardblues Tue 05-Jun-18 23:54:07

Thanks for being so generous about the crappy thread title. 😆 You guys are the best!

BoreOfWhabylon Tue 05-Jun-18 23:55:23

Thanks boat flowers

ohmymimi Tue 05-Jun-18 23:58:38

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