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To wonder why anyone uses "spreads" instead of butter?

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AjasLipstick Sun 18-Feb-18 05:46:59

They're awful! So fake and plastic-ish. Hasn't it been proved that butter's better for you?

Do you use spread? Why?

Ifailed Sun 18-Feb-18 05:48:37


Slitherout Sun 18-Feb-18 05:50:18

I use spreadable butter so halfway between 😁. I never know how you'd use normal butter, either you keep it in the fridge and it's way too hard to use, or you have to plan every time you want it and get it out early to soften or you have to leave it out all the time slowly going rancid [boak]

GreasyFryUp Sun 18-Feb-18 05:53:16

Butter never lasts long enough to go rancid I leave it out! Use Kerrygold or similar, a much softer butter.

And spreads, never.

chocolateiamydrug Sun 18-Feb-18 05:58:58

it's as spreadable (unlike butter when it comes from the fridge) and loads cheaper too. have you noticed that prices of butter recently? some people are on a budget, believe it or not!

AjasLipstick Sun 18-Feb-18 06:00:16

HChoc well I am in's about 2-3 dollars here depending on brand. Seems ok to me. We go through a pack a week if I don't bake. How much is it in the UK?

muststoplurking Sun 18-Feb-18 06:00:16

I don't like the taste of butter so I use 'spreads'. I always have, probably always will. I assume it's just what one gets used to/prefers. i don't eat loads so I don't really consider health/financial impact of this decision at all.

chocolateiamydrug Sun 18-Feb-18 06:15:15

Op, £1.60 for supermarket brands .other brands are dearer. it's gone up loads in the past 1-2 years .

Northernknickers Sun 18-Feb-18 06:16:56

By 'spreads' do you mean margarine (bleugh!) or Lurpack Spreadable (butter spreadables) Which taste more like butter but 'spread' 😂 If margarine...then maybe cost, dairy intolerances perhaps or just upbringing, if that's what they were brought up with. I personally think they taste awful, but that's because I have always had butter. But if I'd been brought up on margarine, I guess I'd think the same about butter!

Oh, and the PP who said about it 'going rancid' if left doesn't!! Well, not unless you live somewhere with Saharan like temperatures and leave it out, uncovered, for weeks on end! It just sits in its little dish on the side. Completely wonderful.

TonicAndTonic Sun 18-Feb-18 06:21:01

I grew up eating margarine as at the time my parents believed it was healthier. For a long time this meant I found the taste of butter much too strong. I eat Lurpak now but it's taken a while to get to that point!

Screaminginsideme Sun 18-Feb-18 06:21:46

Cows milk protein allergy

Mummyoflittledragon Sun 18-Feb-18 06:27:37

I’m milk intolerant. Don’t have much marg and need to eat it because butter doesn’t agree with me. I can tolerate hard cheese much better.

IWouldLikeToKnow Sun 18-Feb-18 06:27:46

I use butter all the time. I'm in Ireland and we have gorgeous butter from our grass fed cows. There are no spreads that come close to the taste. I'm in the UK regularly to visit my in laws and they use lurpack spread. It's disgusting IMO. Doesn't resemble butter in the slightest.

c75kp0r Sun 18-Feb-18 06:29:09

Spreads are quite a bit cheaper than butter as there is always one brand on special offer so you can usually get a tub for a pound. I imagine if you had teenage boys and a dh in the house, you’d notice the cost difference. I try to buy butter but the cheapest one is £1.40 now for a block that wont last anywhere near as long as a tub of gloop would.

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 18-Feb-18 06:29:22

I grew up on margarine (Flora). I think it was a combination of budget and thoughts about what was healthier in my mum's opinion. I was easily 26/27 when I learned the superiority of butter...

DragonsAndCakes Sun 18-Feb-18 06:35:08

It’s price surely? Butter is £1.60 for 250g, flora is £1 for 500g.

daisychain01 Sun 18-Feb-18 06:35:12

Bertolli (olive oil spread) is OK. It doesn't rip the bread to buggery when you use it from the fridge

We use butter sometimes, from the farmers 👩‍🌾 market, it's lush! Guzzilions of calories don't care

betterbemoreorganised Sun 18-Feb-18 06:36:13

Because of cows milk protein allergy and yes butter does taste much better but I can’t eat it.

BiteyShark Sun 18-Feb-18 06:36:32

My DH prefers the taste of 'spreadable' butter. I prefer butter so we have both grin

Afreshcuppateaplease Sun 18-Feb-18 06:39:37

We use vitalite as have a dairy free dc

Honestly i dont notice the difference

Averyyounggrandmaofsix Sun 18-Feb-18 06:46:11

Generally yes butter is better for you, it was a victim of the great fat is the enemy propaganda when it should have been sugar.

noeffingidea Sun 18-Feb-18 06:47:23

I use spreadable butter. I prefer real butter but it's too expensive now. I did spend years eating utterly butterly, then one day decided to go back to butter and never looked back.

brizzledrizzle Sun 18-Feb-18 06:50:22

Price. We don't use much spread and I'd rather economise on that and be able to buy more ethically farmed meat.

Makingworkwork Sun 18-Feb-18 06:50:51

Daughter has dairy intolerance

DryHeave Sun 18-Feb-18 06:51:18

It does go rancid when left on the side, even in a dish. I can definitely taste when that’s happened, anyway.

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