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Knife in left hand?

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creamcheeseandlox Tue 16-Jan-18 14:07:31

I am right handed but when I eat I hold my knife in my left hand and fork in right, so in theory like a left hander. This often means I switch them when in a restaurant etc. It's never caused me any grief or bother. My dh always points it out as the 'wrong' way to eat and it winds me up. One of my dc also has randomly adopted this as well as was holding his knife in the left hand. My husband pointed this out and said it's the wrong way to eat and that he should switch it over. I got annoyed as there is no technical 'wrong or right' way. He eats what ever way he is comfortable. I then said that if he was left handed should he be forced to write with his left hand as that is the dominant way in society? He said that that is different hmm. AIBU in just letting my dc get on with it?

Oldraver Tue 16-Jan-18 14:09:03

There is no wrong way...rinse and repeat. And tell him to stop being so fucking rude

Helendee Tue 16-Jan-18 14:09:12

I'm the same, I've always used fork right hand, knife left. If I try to reverse most of my food shoots off the plate lol.

bobbinogs Tue 16-Jan-18 14:12:25

Both of my kids do this, I have no idea why but it seems of too little importance to try and change. They both get food in their mouths!

Skowvegas Tue 16-Jan-18 14:13:17

One of my three children eats that way too. He switches between hands quite a lot for other things, although not writing. I think he's not as 'right-handed' as the rest of us are, but not ambidextrous either.

viques Tue 16-Jan-18 14:14:00

I'm left handed. eat right handed.

The world turns.

Trinity66 Tue 16-Jan-18 14:15:20

I'm right handed but wear my watch on my right when apparently you're supposed to wear it on your left if you're right handed, I was wearing it that way for years before someone told me that and I'm used to it that way now, so I'm not changing!

I don't get why your DH is so upset about something like this though lol

Singlebutmarried Tue 16-Jan-18 14:15:29

@viques same her

Bit DH and DD are RH and eat LH

sirlee66 Tue 16-Jan-18 14:15:43

I wouldn't have an issue with it and tbh, I'd probably not even notice if you were to eat in front of me.

However, when we were children. We did have strict table manners at home and school (knife and fork together on plate when finished, no playing with food and no elbows on table etc..) this included knife in right hand and fork in left even if you were left handed!!! My poor leftie friends

However, these days im not sure that table etiquette is quite as strict... I'd be much more concerned by you using your mobile at the dinner table!

Let's all abandon cutlery and stick to chopstix!!!

PinkHeart5914 Tue 16-Jan-18 14:16:49

I am right handed yet I hold my knife in my left hand too, when I was little Mum & Dad use to keep swapping my knife to my right hand but I always just swapped back so they gave up.

My granny always said “You hold your knife the wrong way” but nobody else has ever commented on it.

Why does your dh feel the need to comment on it? Does it really effect his life that much. I’d leave your dc to it personally

FizzyGreenWater Tue 16-Jan-18 14:17:07

'The only thing anyone is doing wrong right now is commenting rudely on someone else while they are eating. There is no correct way, as people are both right and left handed. Let's leave this now please.'

BigBaboonBum Tue 16-Jan-18 14:19:54

I’m right handed but play instruments left handed

liz70 Tue 16-Jan-18 14:20:17

Do you jostle other people at the table with your elbows?
Do you talk or have your mouth wide open when eating, displaying its contents to others at the table?
Do you drop food or drink onto the table or floor?

If you answer "no" to all the above, then carry on as usual. There is no problem with your table manners, regardless of how you choose to hold your cutlery.

citybzg Tue 16-Jan-18 14:21:05

I am right handed and use my fork in my right had if not using a knife. When o use a knife I use my left hand for my fork. I have no idea how I manage thinking about it because my left hand is normally mostly redundant.

Still it doesn't matter which way round anyone holds their cutlery. So long as they are using some....

Sisinisawa Tue 16-Jan-18 14:24:00

My brother is left handed. He holds his cutlery with knife in right hand.

My husband is right handed. He holds his knife in his left.

I consider my husband to do it wrong but I don't comment on it.

Our children do it "right".

fortifiedwithtea Tue 16-Jan-18 14:24:44

YANBU I am left handed. I feed myself with my left hand, that is the hand I hold a fork in, all be it the normal hmm way.

It is perfectly reasonable to my that you hold a knife in your left hand and fork in the right.

I think right handers have mistakenly been eating left handed for years grin

BTW for cooking I use a knife in my left hand. Would your husband consider I cook the wrong way?

brizzledrizzle Tue 16-Jan-18 14:25:11

I'd be more bothered if people didn't know how to use cutlery at all rather than which hand they hold it in. I'd have a problem with people not knowing how to use a knife and sticking their fork in a large piece of meat to bite chunks off whilst holding the whole piece on their fork - I've seen that in a restaurant before now.

creamcheeseandlox Tue 16-Jan-18 14:29:19

When I ask who says it's right or wrong he just comments that that's they way they are laid in a restaurant and yes he will also say he is eating right and I am doing it wrong. Next time I'll say what about when all the cutlery is in a pot in the middle of the table??

Birdshitbridgegotme Tue 16-Jan-18 14:33:16

Omg this is me! I didn't eveb realuse it was 'weird untill one day eating with my partner I pointed out why did he hold his knife in the 'wrong hand as hes a right hander like me.. found out it was me who was doing it 'wrong hahhaa I dont care im comfortable

TheNecroscope Tue 16-Jan-18 14:33:37

My DS is right handed but has definite left handed tendencies. He eats with his knife in his left hand. He’s tried both ways and that’s what’s most comfortable. Not a problem at all.
There’s a website which you can do a survey on to assess how left handed you are - there are lots of different ways you can be ‘handed’ - as well as writing, there’s dominant hands for throwing and catching etc. Left handedness is a spectrum.

TheNecroscope Tue 16-Jan-18 14:34:37 Here you go, try that!

lookingforthecorkscrew Tue 16-Jan-18 14:35:18

I eat with my fork in my right, and I don’t give a fig what others think of it!

eyeswideshit Tue 16-Jan-18 14:36:26

I'm left handed at writing and chopping, right handed at eating and using scissors.

My cousin writes right handed but eats left handed. He began refusing to eat at school after one of the teachers said he was doing it wrong. Really dented his confidence.

Hidingtonothing Tue 16-Jan-18 14:40:08

I do this too, have always put it down to learning from watching my left handed older brother when I was little but maybe not considering how many of us there are on this thread smile Come to think of it my stepdad eats this way too and he's an only child so my theory doesn't stand up at all.

LyraPotter Tue 16-Jan-18 14:47:13

Conventional tables manners say knife in right hand and fork in left. Having said that you aren't hurting anyone so it shouldn't be a big deal!

The only thing I can think is that your OH is maybe worried that others are judging you for not knowing? Obviously no one should be judging but he perhaps worries they are?

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