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To think that an 11 year old doesn't need..

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Misspollyhadadollie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:31:12

A baby sitter? (During the day)

Karmin Fri 20-Oct-17 11:31:53

It depends on so much more than the age of the child

DonkeyOaty Fri 20-Oct-17 11:33:40

I wouldn't have left mine at age 11. Unless you mean for an hour or so?

You can't issue a blanket statement as each child is different.


Misspollyhadadollie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:33:54

Ok no special needs involved.

2014newme Fri 20-Oct-17 11:34:26

Yes they do if alone all day

Antisocialarsebadger Fri 20-Oct-17 11:35:22

I've just left my 11 year old at home on their own. He'll be alone for about 3 hours and I'm happy he's ok. I wouldn't leave him for a full day though

Glumglowworm Fri 20-Oct-17 11:36:52

If home alone all day then yes probably

If home for a few hours after school then no probably not

Is the child happy to be left? If not then it doesn't matter how old they are

halcyondays Fri 20-Oct-17 11:38:13

I wouldn't leave my 11 year old for a whole day, only for about 2 hours.

Misspollyhadadollie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:38:36

Let's say while a parent works as an example. I feel it's madness I would laugh if someone asked me to baby sit their 11 year old (would think they were joking tbh)

Lweji Fri 20-Oct-17 11:39:38

I only left my very responsible DS for the whole day at well over 12.

At 11 I left him for a few hours, but not if it included meals.

Fenced1010 Fri 20-Oct-17 11:39:51

I think 11 is too young to be left all day :-(

(Or even at all)

WaxOnFeckOff Fri 20-Oct-17 11:39:54

Not as clear cut, really depends on where you live, how long for and what they's be doing as well as the child themselves.

I'd definitely leave either of mine for half a day during the day time. They were both sensible and would likely just spend the whole time on computer/games console.

I'd not have been happy to leave them for a whole day unless absolutely required as a "one-off" as I wouldn't have wanted them to spend the whole day on compter etc at that age.

Also it's different if it's a one off or for a week. The novelty of one half day or day would wear off by the end of the week and increase the capacity for boredom and mischief.

Evelynismyspyname Fri 20-Oct-17 11:40:49

That's how long is a piece of string... For a few hours? No.

For longer they might be unhappy and bored, which can lead to risk taking (or just being unhappy which is of course not ideal). I wouldn't have thought a "baby sitter" would be the ideal solution so much as a more informal reciprocal arrangement to go to a friend's house (and have friend back in return) or perhaps to a holiday club if one exists for the right age, or have an arrangement to go to a neighbor for lunch or something.

Depends where the 11 year old lives and how they feel about it and how long it's for.

My main concern would be them being stuck indoors all day if it is all day.

Lweji Fri 20-Oct-17 11:41:49

I see. I'd ask to pop by during the day to see if everything was ok, but most likely at meal times, as the chances for incidents are greater.

But it depends on the 11 year old. Some in that age bracket are not to be trusted completely alone in the home.
They could open the door to strangers, invite friends in without permission, or decide to do dangerous stunts.

WaxOnFeckOff Fri 20-Oct-17 11:43:52

It's not about babysitting though is it? It's about being around to supervise. What if they brought friends into the house when you weren't there and they had an accident - would you be egally liable? WOuld you then ban friends and they are stuck in all day every day on their own. Would they be allowed to go out? Are they allowed to make food or would they be left a packed lunch?

Is there someone available for them to go to in an emergency?

Loads of factors to consider,would I arrange child care for a half day one-off? No. Would I leave them all week on their own? Also No.

CMOTDibbler Fri 20-Oct-17 11:44:05

I leave my 11 year old for a couple of hours, but wouldn't leave him all day, so if we needed to leave him, he'd have a babysitter. Last time it happened, his babysitter took him windsurfing, so he doesn't mind at all!

AuntieStella Fri 20-Oct-17 11:44:26

A sensible 11 yo, who is at secondary school and who is accustomed to being left for shorter periods, then yes I probably would leave home alone for several hours (assuming suitable emergency arrangements in place).

But I think over half term I'd still be looking for activity camps or child swaps with friends until they were a bit older.

MyDcAreMarvel Fri 20-Oct-17 11:45:18

You would laugh at responsible parenting? How strange.

Evelynismyspyname Fri 20-Oct-17 11:45:47

My 12 year old is often home alone for 3 hours, but is a sociable creature and would be miserable alone all day. I don't think it would be great to confine a child to the house for the entire school holiday, so the question would be whether you were happy with them going out... That widens the scope of their responsibility considerably, and depends very heavily on where you live!

Misspollyhadadollie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:46:22

What's wrong with "being stuck in all day" it's one day confused

WaxOnFeckOff Fri 20-Oct-17 11:48:30

That's what I said earlier. It really depends on whether it is all week or a one-off. If it was a one off I'd be happier with a half day tbh but a whole day with instructions and the right 11 year old could be fine.

Minidoghugs Fri 20-Oct-17 11:48:57

I agree it's a case of being a long time to spend alone all day for most kids.
All 11 year olds are different and some may be mature introverts who would enjoy a day of peace and quiet to read and do their homework, while some would probably have a bunch of mates round and set the house on fire or something.

Misspollyhadadollie Fri 20-Oct-17 11:49:49

Maybe it's my area as I live on a main road so no kids play out around here anyway

SilverSpot Fri 20-Oct-17 11:50:16

All day every day during the summer holidays whilst parent works? Too much.

All day now and again, totally fine.

Notanothergiraffe Fri 20-Oct-17 11:50:54

I wouldn't have left my 11yo alone all day in the house, sorry.

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