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FMOTUS: F***ing Moron of the United States (Trump) thread continued

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TheClaws Mon 16-Oct-17 03:03:11

As aptly dubbed by his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Old thread:

And as I love giving you images to haunt your dreams, here’s another one, blasphemously titled ‘Our Lord and Saviour’.

TheClaws Mon 16-Oct-17 03:14:11

FCC Commissioner says licenses can’t be challenged simply because Trump doesn’t like the coverage.

PlectrumElectrum Mon 16-Oct-17 03:35:50

LOVE the new thread title. grin

How many IQ points difference between a moron & a fucking moron?

A bigly amount of coursewink

lionheart Mon 16-Oct-17 06:16:05

Hello Claws and thank for the new thread. Can't argue with FMOTUS.

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:32:09

Thanks for the thread claws. Tillerson was offered more opportunities to deny he called trump a moron (which lots of people considered disabilist, I think) and did not take them. Sorry if this was already posted on the old thread

Manu Raju
Manu Raju @mkraju
"I'm not going to dignify the question," Tillerson AGAIN refuses to deny calling Trump a "moron" - this time in interview with @jaketapper
Tillerson had three opportunities today to deny it and he wouldn't, says he's not going to "play" that game

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:35:52

Russian trolls were schooled on ‘House of Cards’

The Russians who worked for a notorious St. Petersburg “troll factory” that was part of Vladimir Putin’s campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election were required to watch the “House of Cards” television series to help them craft messages to “set up the Americans against their own government,” according to an interview broadcast Sunday (in Russian) with a former member of the troll factory’s elite English language department.

The interview, broadcast by the independent Russian TV station Rain, provides new insight into how the troll factory formerly known as the Internet Research Agency targeted American audiences in part by posting provocative “comments” pretending to be from Americans on newspaper articles that appeared on the websites of the New York Times and Washington Post.

[...]But more broadly, the instructions given to employees of the English language department were to stoke discontent about the U.S. government and the Obama administration in particular. “We had a goal to set up the Americans against their own government,” he says. “To cause unrest, cause discontent [and] lower [President] Obama’s rating.”

PerkingFaintly Mon 16-Oct-17 06:36:29

Many thanks for new thread, TheClaws.

For the image, not so many.shock <hides eyes>

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:41:22

Lionel Barber
Lionel Barber @lionelbarber
A deeply-researched and important read: What Facebook Did to American Democracy - The Atlantic

But maybe some hope? (Although the answer they’re proposing is to teach everyone how to discern fake news from the rest so perhaps not)

Finland Has Figured Out How to Combat Fake News. Full Frontal Thinks The U.S. Can Follow Suit.

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:43:10

Michael McDonald @ElectProject
A real pizzagate:
1. States register people under age 18
2. Trump's voter fraud commission asked for voter files with this information
3. They hired a child pornographer and gave minors' identifying information to him

Trump voter fraud commission researcher arrested on child pornography charges

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:44:16

Former GOP Candidate Arrested For Mailing Pipe Bomb, Bullet To Political Enemies

Eric Krieg — a former Republican candidate for office in Lake County, Indiana — allegedly sent a pipe bomb that injured a postal employee.

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 06:47:29

Nobody respects women as much as Donald Trump

NowThis @nowthisnews
Unearthed footage shows Donald Trump squeezing and kissing a woman while talking about offering a job to a 'beautiful' teenager

TheNorthWestPawsage Mon 16-Oct-17 07:02:52

Thanks for the beautifully named new thread Claws grin

CaveMum Mon 16-Oct-17 07:09:17

Thanks for the new thread Claws. I'm more of a lurker these days, but I am reading all your posts.

badbadhusky Mon 16-Oct-17 07:10:05

No subtlety here: I like to grab a new thread by its title and give it a good placemarking. As a regular poster I can do exactly what I want and noone can complain. Sometimes if the thread is feisty, I pay it off with gin and get an NDA.

Lweji Mon 16-Oct-17 07:17:45

Does this mean we need to RTFT?

Thank you, Secretary of Threads, Claws Thellerson. You're a great person. The best.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Mon 16-Oct-17 07:19:46

You’re gonna get jumped on for using the word moron - a lot of MNers find it offensive shock

SingaSong12 Mon 16-Oct-17 07:37:03

Thank to Claws for the new thread.
Also to Pain - Atlantic article is illuminating but even though it’s really basic the first paragraph struck me as so true

“In the media world, as in so many other realms, there is a sharp discontinuity in the timeline: before the 2016 election, and after.”

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 08:17:08

I find it really difficult to explain the scale of Russian interference in social media to friends because some of them can’t see how pervasive it is and don’t understand why it’s any different to the mail publishing falsehoods etc (it might be why I latch onto articles recapping the situation!).

Sadly, I think they’ll hang on for this:

Scoop: Trump privately predicts he will appoint four justices

"Ok," one source told Trump, "so that's two. Who are the others?"

"Ginsburg," Trump replied. "What does she weigh? 60 pounds?"

"Who's the fourth?" the source asked.

"Sotomayor," Trump said, referring to the relatively recently-appointed Obama justice, whose name is rarely, if ever, mentioned in speculation about the next justice to be replaced. "Her health," Trump explained. "No good. Diabetes."

Roussette Mon 16-Oct-17 08:21:01

Thanks for thread Claws, aptly named and how many ways has Tillerson not denied he did call him a moron.

This is well worth reading. Shows what an ignoramus DT is.

lettuceWrap Mon 16-Oct-17 08:31:34

Love the new thread title Claws grin

TheClaws Mon 16-Oct-17 08:35:54

Milk that thought did occur to me, but the usage is in context, and I didn’t say it - it is Tillerson’s term.

Roussette Mon 16-Oct-17 09:01:38

Ed Joyce‏ @EdJoyce 9h
Replying to @Mikel_Jollett
October 15, 2017 @CAL_FIRE updates:

• 11,000 firefighters
• 15 active, large wildfires
• 217,566 acres
• 40 people killed
• 5,700 structures destroyed
• 75,000 people evacuated

And NOT A WORD from Trump. Well it isn't a red state is it?

Nothing about the 4 servicemen killed in action in Niger by ISIS either

That's losing and he doesn't like servicemen who are injured or die. Most inconvenient for his image

cozietoesie Mon 16-Oct-17 09:11:20

Thanks, Claws. smile

PainInTheEar Mon 16-Oct-17 09:19:29

roussette I’d thought he’d said nothing as well but I think it might be because he hasn’t tweeted about it.

Daniel Dale @ddale8
I've seen several viral tweets claiming Trump has said nothing about the California fire tragedy. Not true - he has addressed twice:

FantasticButtocks Mon 16-Oct-17 09:22:48

Thanks for new thread...I was going to give this one a miss, as it's all so wearing, he hasn't gone yet, I don't have the patience, can't believe this fool is still in charge....yet here I am lurking again brew

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