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Todayistuesday Sun 12-Mar-17 08:35:41

Last night, having a meal at 7 in a nice pub and a parent got their child to use the potty by their table. This isn't normal, is it?!

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Astoria7974 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:16:16

The couple weren't Chinese tourists were they? I've seen one pull a potty out on the tube!

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 12-Mar-17 09:17:47

That's just disgusting

Seriously if a child can't make it from a table to a toilet then they should be in a pull up

Mumtobe12 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:17:55

Yanbu this is unhygienic and also not going to help child learn where toilet is.

ThoraGruntwhistle Sun 12-Mar-17 09:20:53

I agree that toilet training involves getting used to waiting to pee in the appropriate place, which is never next to a table in a pub. So they are doing a pretty awful job training the child.

patriciareddell Sun 12-Mar-17 09:22:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. As it was not meant to be in this thread.

bimbobaggins Sun 12-Mar-17 09:23:16

What did the staff say when you told them


onalongsabbatical Sun 12-Mar-17 09:28:52

YANBU to think it's not normal. YABU not to have reported them. If there are no social consequences how do people work out what's acceptable or not?
I'm fairly sure the 'nice' pub would have asked them to take child and potty into the loos.

Vegansnake Sun 12-Mar-17 09:30:02

That happened to me in a cafe,she was a least 3 wandering round with a naked bottom...I was shocked..nothing I ever did with my 4

SomethingBorrowed Sun 12-Mar-17 09:37:58

On the tube I can kind of understand, if the child is just potty trained as quickest access to a toilet would be 10-15min at least.
On a restaurant no way, there are toilets 2min away.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:41:40

You should ring environmental health and complain about the restaurant. They should have done something.

Goodythreeshoes Sun 12-Mar-17 09:46:29

There's not a lot the restaurant could have done to prevent this though is there Wish

Comps83 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:52:43

That's abs fcking disgusting excuse my language but I would have been very angry witnessing this. Imagine if a dog owner in a dog friendly pub just put a plastic bag down and let rover do a number 2 while everyone was eating. I can't see how this is any different. I know it's the most natural thing in the world to do but howay man have some standards. Filthy people. No kind of example to the child I feel sorry for it.

CheeseQueen Sun 12-Mar-17 09:54:01

I've got two small kids, and that's totally rank. Mingers. Not acceptable at all, some people are just gross.

MummyMuppet2x2 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:54:25

Utterly gross!

tectonicplates Sun 12-Mar-17 09:54:51

YABU for not speaking up at the time. They'll get away with it for as long as nobody challenges them. Next time, do something about it yourself instead of waiting for others to do so.

SleepingTiger Sun 12-Mar-17 10:06:52

OP I couldn't imagine doing it myself.

I should bloody hope not! grin

KoalaDownUnder Sun 12-Mar-17 10:10:40

There's not a lot the restaurant could have done to prevent this though

They could have gone over and had a word, rather than turning a blind eye to a child take a dump in the dining room while other customers are eating.

The80sweregreat Sun 12-Mar-17 10:16:36

That is gross! Its a wonder the staff didnt say something!

Newname12 Sun 12-Mar-17 10:18:12

Well i was combing my 5 year old's hair in a leisure centre cafe after her swimming lesson and got asked to stop it only took 2 seconds and i was finished and sat back down because someone had complained about it being unhygienic.

So if that's unhygeinic, how would potties not be?

elodie2000 Sun 12-Mar-17 10:23:53

'The couple weren't Chinese tourists were they? I've seen one pull a potty out on the tube!'

Eh?!! hmm I doubt it's a 'cultural' thing if that's what you're suggesting! The woman who did this when we were out to lunch together was white British so I'm guessing hmm it's a 'minger' thing Astoria

Excited101 Sun 12-Mar-17 10:26:09

I know someone who did this in a museum café, which is right next to the toilets anyway, I was shock

reallyanotherone Sun 12-Mar-17 10:30:43

Elodie - i think in chinese culture "elimination communication" is a thing.

So it's not unusual to not use nappies, but to use a potty from birth, supposedly learning the childs cues as to when they are about to void, and chuck a potty underneath them.

Hence it being more acceptable in that culture to use a potty anywhere.

Todayistuesday Sun 12-Mar-17 11:00:18

They had a potty with the liners, can't remember what they're called - fab btw. So she tied the bag, then went and disposed of it. I thought about saying something to the staff or the people themselves - if it had been just our family I would have done. I was with my parents and I think they would have found it uncomfortable if I complained. To be honest, I'm not sure I would have changed their behaviour anyway; if you're so oblivious/entitled/socially inept you'll go ahead anyway? To make matters worse, the boy really did look old enough to be able to get to a toilet.

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MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Mar-17 11:20:06

I carried a potty around with me at this stage, but to use in appropriate places, certainly not an eating environment.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 12-Mar-17 11:23:11

It doesn't matter whether it's a 'nice' pub or not, it could be the pits of the earth and rough as fuck but whipping out a potty like that is grim regardless.

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