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To love hanging the washing out in the middle of the night?

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WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 11-Jun-15 00:33:31

Knowing it will be nearly dry by morning.
Both kids in bed, asleep.
Nobody mowing their lawns.
So quiet and peaceful.
Also, as I generally wear just a t-shirt, it gets a bit cold. And I know that I can jump straight into my bedto warm up.,

MrsHathaway Thu 11-Jun-15 00:34:22


It will be all spidery in the morning ::shudder::

Fabellini Thu 11-Jun-15 00:34:39

But it will get night time cooties on it! shock

NomiMalone Thu 11-Jun-15 00:36:20


Your washing will be hoaching with spiders and other bugs by morning. Shudder.

Plus, a serial killer could get you.

irishmummy22 Thu 11-Jun-15 00:37:32

You are NBU I do that too!

shipinabottle Thu 11-Jun-15 00:42:55

Any time I've left washing out overnight by mistake it is damper than when I left it and has the musty smell .

Spermysextowel Thu 11-Jun-15 00:45:47

Your washing will get 'darked on'. I'm not sure what this means but my mother said that it should be avoided.
I wouldn't put it outside at night as it can end up soggier than when it came out of the machine.

MarcMaronF Thu 11-Jun-15 00:46:34

YANBU, I also do this. Hang it out before going to my nightshift, it's all dry & ready to iron by the time I get up the next day. I don't need to worry about putting it out when I come home, knackered, from work. Win win!

ScOffasDyke Thu 11-Jun-15 00:47:32

I love hanging my washing out late at night! All that early morning sun must be good for it grin

MrsHenryMountbattenWindsor Thu 11-Jun-15 00:50:04

This could be good. [remembers the epic bun fight about people leaving their washing out in the rain].

I frequently and deliberately leave my washing out over night and have never, ever found a spider or any cooties whatever the fuck that is.

They are much more likely to get shat on by a bird during the day.

elliejjtiny Thu 11-Jun-15 01:00:31

I always do that. If I did it during the day, one of the dc will have destroyed something by the time I got back.

Soduthen116 Thu 11-Jun-15 01:00:46

Love watering the garden late at night as my washing dries in the tumble dryer. grin

Yes yaddiyaddi 'but I love that fresh smell of it on the line' bollocks.

Fuck that reminds me of my childhood getting wet holding the peg bag as mom rushed around like a banshee screaming 'it's raining get the sheets in'.

GreenAugustLion Thu 11-Jun-15 01:01:20

I wouldn't actually hang it out at this time...but I do sometimes peg it out early evening and leave it overnight.

I also leave it to dry if it's been rained on.

Always had nice fresh smelling washing smile

Soduthen116 Thu 11-Jun-15 01:21:18

grin green are you my mother?

spillyobeans Thu 11-Jun-15 02:13:24

Yanbu just slightly strange grin.

But yes would it not be damp and musty? If ive forgotten or been too lazy to bring it in its always smelt s bit fusty

spillyobeans Thu 11-Jun-15 02:15:10

But i live in scotland so maybe thats why

Tiptops Thu 11-Jun-15 02:16:46

YANBU I do this all the time. Feel sadly smug when it's all dry early morning. Never had problems with spiders or musty smells.

Wagglebee Thu 11-Jun-15 03:30:16


It's lovely and fresh out there and it makes the most of the very early morning sun. Doing the actual hanging out is really nice too.

Never had any spiders or bugs or any damp smell. We're in the country by the sea if that makes a difference. The air is very clean. apart from cow poo

abigamarone Thu 11-Jun-15 09:04:56

My washing line doesn't get sun til midday but I often leave it out overnight, just have to leave bringing it in til afternoon. Love the smell of my washing if it's been rained on and dried, a really fresh clean smell.

chemenger Thu 11-Jun-15 09:12:00

Washing that has been rained on has the best smell ever, eat your heart out stinky Lenor. The best washing ever though is washing that has been out in frost so that it has been frozen. Natural softening, fluffy towels, lovely smell.

I have no problem with spiders but I have twice been stung by wasps which have crept inside my pajamas when they were hung out. Once was odd but twice really makes me wonder if I have somehow angered the wasp gods.

meglet Thu 11-Jun-15 09:13:54


might see Mr hedgehog snuffling around, can watch the stars for a bit too smile .

HellKitty Thu 11-Jun-15 09:14:46

Thanks MN, I now have a new phobia of being 'darked' on. And I don't know what that is confused

Spog Thu 11-Jun-15 09:16:49

I do this too on nice, fine nights.
i'm sure the neighbours think i'm bonkers but who cares?

grapejuicerocks Thu 11-Jun-15 09:18:28

Weirdo grin

iHAVEtogetoutofhere Thu 11-Jun-15 09:22:23

I used to live in an old fisherman's cottage at the top of a cliff in Scotland.

I used to hang my sheets out and when I brought them in they smelt of the sea. Later that day I could get into bed in ozone and heather perfumed sheets - better than any fancy laundry spray.

I miss that sad

But I don't miss the buggers whirling over the cliff, never to be seen again, whilst the bloody seagulls laughed. {happened frequently}

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