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vegan mum at kids party was rude?

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DoozerDrift Sun 15-Apr-12 20:42:24

Took DS to a young child's birthday party at soft play today, and there was a vegan mum with her DC there. When it came to cake time, there was no vegan cake, so the mum gave her DC a chocolate lollipop out of her bag.

OK, her DC seemed happy with the situation and asked to hosts to check what was and wasn't vegan. So no problem there I don't think (although I'll bet my bottom dollar they'll rebel and live on bacon sandwiches when they're old enough to ignore their mum!) grin

BUT AIBU to think that taking separate treats to a party is A) rude to the hosts and B) unfair to the other children at the party who might prefer what the vegan DC are eating?

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 15-Apr-12 21:06:31

My children are deprived of offal products because I cannot stand to touch or smell them. They appear happy enough.

megapixels Sun 15-Apr-12 21:06:38

YABU of course. And please do stop all this guff about feeling sorry for the child. It's not strengthening your case in any way.

rainbowinthesky Sun 15-Apr-12 21:06:48

You actually sent a message to the party mother saying you thought the other mother was odd?? FB really does seem to be pretty dire.

Judd Sun 15-Apr-12 21:07:20

I've just dug out my vegan cake recipe to check what is instead of eggs. There is a bit of vinegar, some water and some olive oil. It is lovely ! HTH.

lockets Sun 15-Apr-12 21:07:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upahill Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:05

I just don't get WHY you would be annoyed though? confused

MightyNice Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:09


is it me or are there multiple weird threads everywhere at the moment?

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:29

You sent a message stating you thought the hosts friend was odd? shock

Do you have many friends, OP?

StrandedBear Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LydiaWickham Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:37

Dozer - how '1950s' is the place you live that just being a vegan is seen as 'really extreme'???

mynewpassion Sun 15-Apr-12 21:08:37

I guess then that you will not be inviting this child to your DC's birthday parties because of your intolerance.

PurpleRomanesco Sun 15-Apr-12 21:09:19

I cannot believe how cheeky you were OP, Sending that FB message.

I think you're the odd one.

DoozerDrift Sun 15-Apr-12 21:09:36

No, the DC won't be invited to my DS's parties because we don't know each other.

DoozerDrift Sun 15-Apr-12 21:10:39

That was just a tiny bit of the Facebook message. I just said that I hadn't come across it before and thought it was odd. I asked if it had put her (the hostess out). She said it hadn't. We chatted about other things too!

lockets Sun 15-Apr-12 21:10:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

startail Sun 15-Apr-12 21:10:55

Allergic DCs, diabetic DCs and Veggi DCs are going to be given things out of their Mums pockets, because it would be far ruder to expect the host to buy expensive alternative treats for all the guests.

mynewpassion Sun 15-Apr-12 21:10:58

Thank the good Lord! They are spared from your intolerance.

LydiaWickham Sun 15-Apr-12 21:11:01

Sorry, just seen, you sent a message to the host slagging off another parent? Really, that was so rude.

lockets Sun 15-Apr-12 21:11:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upahill Sun 15-Apr-12 21:11:42

So mum and child have no connection to you but you slag her off and then FB a message to her friend slagging her?
even more confused and a lot hmm

DoozerDrift Sun 15-Apr-12 21:12:07

I didn't slag her off. I'm paraphrasing massively, to get to the point.

rainbowinthesky Sun 15-Apr-12 21:12:26

How on earth could it have possible put the host out?? You were trying to get her to join in with you to slag her off.

5madthings Sun 15-Apr-12 21:13:06

yabu unreasonable i have plenty of friends that do this as they are vegetarian or their kids have allergies, at ds4' party recently i checked with a friend as i know her ds is allergic and made sure the biscuits i got where ones he could eat and she provided a little cake to go in his party bag as he couldnt eat the birthday cake, it didnt bother me at all, why on earth should it!

KatieMiddleton Sun 15-Apr-12 21:13:36

Wow. You're odd. Do you get out much? Or do you only know people exactly like you? I cannot imagine another reason why you would think being a vegan is strange. It's not like the kids only allowed to eat white food that's greater than 6cm in diameter is it?

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 15-Apr-12 21:14:34

Sounds like the vegan DM did absolutely everything she possibly could to make her choices painless for others. She brought spare snacks, warned the hosts etc. Should your AIBU really read, "AIBU for thinking vegans are weird and not liking them?"?

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