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Best pizza cutters for easy, precise slicing

This simple kitchen accessory is a must-have for family pizza nights. We take a look at the best cutters for a perfect slice every time.

By Alice Cruickshank | Last updated May 31, 2022

Family using cutter for pizza

Ahh, pizza - the one food almost everyone can agree is really, really great. Whether it's round or oval, meaty or veggie, homemade or supermarket, pizza is a winning family dinner. But finding a reliable, effective pizza cutter? Surprisingly harder than you’d think.

There’s nothing worse than a blunt pizza cutter, moving toppings all over the place, and failing to cut through crispy crusts. To save you the distress of a messy pizza, we’re researched the best pizza cutters on the market. Oh, and if you’re a pizza scissors person? We’ve got you covered too.

Here’s the best pizza cutters to buy in 2022.

1. Best overall pizza cutter: Joseph Joseph Disc Easy-clean Pizza Cutter

A pizza wheel without a handle from Joseph Joseph

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

Joseph Joseph is a Mumsnetter favourite brand, due to how practical and stylish the products are. The range’s pizza cutter is no exception. The compact disc shape feels much more modern than conventional pizza cutters, and it fits into busy kitchen drawers nicely.

The removable blade makes for easy cleaning. Oh, and it’s pretty great for cutting pizza too.

If you’re fed up of buying cheaper pizza cutters that only work well for a short period of time, then we highly recommend upgrading to the Joseph Joseph cutter.

2. Best budget pizza cutter: KitchenCraft Pizza Cutter Wheel

A simple pizza cutter

Price: £5.70 | Buy now from Amazon

Ultimately, a pizza cutter is a pizza cutter, and this budget version available from Amazon gets great reviews.

This pizza wheel has a sharp rotating blade that cuts through even the thickest of crusts and toppings.

The cutting wheel is made of stainless steel, attached to a durable long handle that’s designed to provide a firm, comfortable grip. There’s even a protective sheath to keep your cutter sharp and safe when not in use.

3. Best cool pizza cutter: Oliver Bonas Wooden Bamboo Pizza Cutter

A brass pizza cutter with bamboo-style handle from Oliver Bonas

Price: £7.50 | Buy now from Oliver Bonas

OK, a pizza cutter doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but this one from Oliver Bonas is just too pretty to pass on!

The gold-toned stainless steel pizza cutter is finished with a lightly-stained wooden handle, with a vintage feel.

It comes boxed too, so would make a great gift for the stylish cook in your life. This pizza cutter is also on sale, and a total bargain at £7.50.

4. Best quality pizza cutter: OXO 20781 Good Grips Pizza Wheel

A pizza cutter with a black handle from OXO

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Oxo is a reliable kitchen brand, and its pizza wheel certainly delivers. It features a sharp, stainless steel cutter blade with a tapered edge to easily slice both thin and thick crust pizza alike.

The Oxo pizza cutter also has a soft, comfortable, non-slip ‘Good Grips’ handle, and a built-in thumb guard for safety. Reviews say this cutter stays sharp and efficient over time too.

5. Best novelty pizza cutter: Bugucat Bicycle Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter shaped like a small, black bicycle

Price: £5.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Bicycle pizza cutters are a popular novelty gift idea, and this ‘Amazon’s Choice’ option provides reliable pizza cutting and a quirky design.

Both the front and rear wheels are made from stainless steel cutting blades, for double pizza slicing action. The black design is less garish than other bicycle cutters too.

Although this pizza cutter isn’t as kitchen drawer-friendly as other more streamlined designs, it does come with a mini bike stand. Cute!

6. Best pizza cutter for a gift: Premier Housewares Pizza Cutting Board with Pizza Cutter

A pizza board with the names of pizzas around the edges, and a pizza cutter

Price: £13.92 | Buy now from Amazon

Treat the pizza lover in your life to this pizza board and cutter set. It includes a round rubberwood pizza board with cutting grooves and writing detail, as well as a stainless steel cutter with a wooden handle.

We love the idea of buying several of these for a homemade pizza party - much more fun and elegant than serving pizza up on plates!

7. Best pizza scissors: Dreamfarm DFSC2010 Pizza Scissors

scissors with a plastic guard on the bottom blade, designed for cutting pizza

Price: £19.96 | Buy now from Amazon

It might be controversial, but cutting pizza with scissors really does work. Save your general kitchen scissors from getting all doughy with these specifically designed pizza scissors, available from Amazon.

They feature a flat plastic rail to the bottom, which prevents your baking trays or worktops from getting scratched. Reviewers say these scissors have converted them from conventional pizza wheels, thanks to the ease of use and efficient cutting.

8. Best pizza knife: Dr Dough's Pizza Rocker Cutter

A pizza rocker knife, which features a long, curved blade

Price: £15.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Pizza rocker knives are favoured by busy Italian restaurants and pizza takeaways, as they are much quicker to use than pizza wheels. You can also enjoy some of that efficiency at home, with this quality and affordable option. The long, curved blade works by being pressed into the pizza, then ‘rocked’ to get a quick, clean cut.

The sharpness of the blade means this cutter is best left to the grown ups, and should be kept out of reach of little fingers.

What’s the best tool to cut pizza?

For years, a pizza wheel was considered the best way to cut pizza, but the use of scissors to cut pizza has become popular. Specialist pizza scissors will prevent your trays and boards from damage.

For a more professional pizza cutting tool, look for a pizza rocker. This long blade quickly cuts through dough in one motion.

Is a pizza cutter supposed to be sharp?

Unlike other knives, pizza cutters are not designed to be really sharp, although a blunt blade is no use either for cutting through crusts. It is difficult to sharpen a pizza wheel due to its round shape, so invest in a good-quality pizza cutter that will last for years without dulling.

What else can pizza cutters be used for?

They might seem like a one-trick pony, but a good pizza cutter can actually be used in numerous ways. Use your cutter for slicing cooked pastries and making lattice toppings, trimming bread crusts, splitting grapes for weaning babies, and even for cutting homemade pasta into shape.

What’s the best pizza cutter to buy?

We weighed up some of the top pizza cutters on the market on their effectiveness, ease of use, and value for money. We decided that the Joseph Joseph Disc Easy-clean Pizza Cutter is the best pizza cutter to buy.

How we chose our recommendations

Because we know nothing beats a recommendation from a real parent, first we took to the Mumsnet forums to see which pizza cutters users were raving about. Then we scanned ‘best buy’ lists across the internet, and read individual product reviews. We then considered which cutters best suited specific needs.

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