Bloody heatwave on its way again.

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ALongHardWinter Mon 02-Aug-21 14:55:06

I heard a couple of days ago that we are going to be 'enjoying' sizzling temperatures of 30 degrees,for the second half of August. Enjoying FFS. I'm absolutely dreading it. When will these people get it into their heads that not everybody loves very hot weather?! I'm only just recovering from the last heatwave in July! I know I'm going to get called a killjoy,but seriously,I know there is an awful lot of people out there who agree with me. How do all you hot weather haters cope with 30 degrees plus heat?
(I'm in West London btw,not sure how the rest of the country is going to be afflicted affected).

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HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 02-Aug-21 14:56:58

I'm due to be at a festival mid August and crossing everything this is right. I'd rather a tad cooler but as long as I don't need a poncho or wellies then I'm happy.

FedNlanders Mon 02-Aug-21 14:57:49

I'm hoping it is wrong BUT the nights are closing in. Its now dark by 8.30. The autumn is well on the way heatwave or not!

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 02-Aug-21 15:00:58

Oh bloody Christ, that’s going to be fun at 8 months pregnant living in a flat angry

I’m in west London too. The last one I literally just sat in front of a fan eating calypo. when not at work. Which do not taste the same anymore, probably less sugar.

isthismylifenow Mon 02-Aug-21 15:01:20

I can't say I'm a hot weather hater as I live in a hot country and those temperatures are normal for us.

But, I suppose we are more geared up for the heat rather than cold weather.

Not helpful I know. But get ice lollies to hand, water in the ice cube tray (I just ended up buying an ice maker), lots of cooler goods, salads, quiches, cold meats etc.

And cool showers.

Good luck, the weather is all kinds of wonky around the world.

VariantL1130 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:03:30

I have found my people!

Everyone kept telling me how lucky I was that my UK holiday coincided with the heatwave. In reality it was too hot to walk anywhere, too hot to use the hot tub, and the kids were ratty throughout. I'm pale. I don't tan. I burn. Give me 18 degrees any day.

ALongHardWinter Mon 02-Aug-21 15:05:16

Sending you my sympathy SmidgenofaPigeon It's a long time since I was pregnant,but I can still remember being just over 8 months gone in early July 1983 when the weather turned swelteringly hot. Absolute hell. Hope you don't suffer too badly.

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Sparklingbrook Mon 02-Aug-21 15:05:34

I am not a massive fan of the heat but not in a hurry for Autumn just yet. One final blast of heat will be nice , it won't be long before we're scraping ice off windscreens and worrying about getting to work in the snow.

FourteenthDoctor Mon 02-Aug-21 15:06:42

Hope so as I've got those 2 weeks off!

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 02-Aug-21 15:06:50

@ALongHardWinter thanks! I’ve stocked up on ice cube trays 😂

I hope it’s a short-lived heatwave 🙏🏻

SmidgenofaPigeon Mon 02-Aug-21 15:07:27

I’m definitely a cold weather person too. I love love loved Iceland in December. So fresh and cold.

ALongHardWinter Mon 02-Aug-21 15:08:06

VariantL1130 That is also my optimum temperature! I have a friend who sits shivering when we're outside the coffee shop when it's 'only' 18 degrees. She honestly can't believe that I'm quite warm enough!

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ParkheadParadise Mon 02-Aug-21 15:08:06

Can't wait

Chocoqueen Mon 02-Aug-21 15:08:26

Nope. Not happening. I'm pregnant and due on the 24th, if there's a heatwave I will cry.

doctorboo Mon 02-Aug-21 15:10:16

Ugh. I don’t particularly want another heatwave as we’re in the middle of moving and I sweat like a beast and am allergic to the sun - very attractive blush .

But a positive is at least we’ll be able to be in the garden during the day, after 6 years of shared tricky garden access.
My boys have tennis club and superhero club for the last two weeks of August so that’ll be 10 days of worrying about their water intake as they have additional needs and don’t speak up about being thirsty.

nordica Mon 02-Aug-21 15:11:12

I hate it too, especially as it feels like there's no escape from heat. Fans and stuff are only a temporary help. Cold weather on the other hand is much easier as you have lots of options from warm clothes to heating to hot water bottles.

The heat makes me feel really weak, even a short walk feels like such a struggle.

dreamygirl25 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:11:56

Oh wow. I'm really sorry but I kinda hope that's true as we are on hols that week!! It's been horrible in our house with velux windows

WildingFae Mon 02-Aug-21 15:12:30

I'd love a daytime heatwave, as long as it promises to go down to under 14 degrees at night.

adeleh Mon 02-Aug-21 15:13:22

God, I hope not. I loathe the heat. At least when it's cold you can warm yourself up. In the heat, unless you have air conditioning, it's so, so hard to get cool.

Imapotato Mon 02-Aug-21 15:14:59

Yay! I’m on annual leave for the second half of august!!

queenatom Mon 02-Aug-21 15:16:13

Ugh. Well, at least that replacement fan I ordered last month which was on back-order till 8 August will get some use this year...

JollyHostess Mon 02-Aug-21 15:17:08

Ugh!! If there's a chance of it being hot at night I'm definitely investing in some kind of a/c unit for my loft bedroom. The last heatwave was really incredibly unpleasant with no escape 24 hours a day.

ALongHardWinter Mon 02-Aug-21 15:18:37

Yes,at least when it's cold you can warm up by putting extra clothes on and putting the heating on. But what can you do when it's hot to cool down? There's only so many clothes you can take off (when you're outside in public,I mean).
And I feel so sorry for my poor cat. I'm sure she holds me responsible for the heat! She just flops around, trying to find a cool spot.

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isthismylifenow Mon 02-Aug-21 15:19:54


VariantL1130 That is also my optimum temperature! I have a friend who sits shivering when we're outside the coffee shop when it's 'only' 18 degrees. She honestly can't believe that I'm quite warm enough!

I think I'm your friend 😊

18 is a normal winters day temp, but as I said upthread our houses are not winter friendly. We don't have central heating etc so at 18 outside, the house is usually quite cold. I will light the fire.

It's about that today and I'm in a vest and a cashmere jumper.

25/26 degrees is ideal in my world.

I'm fed up of winter so I would willingly trade you next week. The positives of it being hot, is there is less washing as you wear less, washing dries in an hour, if you forgot to take the mince out the freezer you can do it in the arvie and by dinner time it's defrosted. 😂. It's not so dark so early, although we only have about an hour difference because we don't change clocks.

I'm trying here 😀.

Ooh and what about all the natural vitamin d you will get.

Can you post me some cold weather benefits as I'm properly done with it now...

ALongHardWinter Mon 02-Aug-21 15:20:23

And I'm going to a tribute band gig in London during the last week of August,which will involve getting the tube. Urgh. I'm dreading it.

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