There are two strangers sat in my garden eating their dinner

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Scrowy Sat 19-Jun-21 11:57:59

I've told them it's private property and not part of the footpath that passes next to it. Apparently they will be on their way soon.

I've now chickened out of saying anything else but I'm passive aggressively watering the hanging baskets about 5m away from them and they are very deliberately not making eye contact with me.

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MaMelon Sat 19-Jun-21 11:59:07

What?!! Tell them to move it now!

Jumpingintosummer Sat 19-Jun-21 11:59:14

You have to be joking!

Luzina Sat 19-Jun-21 11:59:24

Say you’re going to call the police if they don’t move on. Take a pic or video of them. Go inside and lock the door and call the police

bonfireheart Sat 19-Jun-21 11:59:25

What kinda dinner? Is it takeaway sat on a wall or a picnic on your grass?
This would annoy me so much!!

Bionicname Sat 19-Jun-21 11:59:51

„Accidentally“ water them a bit too? ( I probably wouldn’t, but it’s a very tempting thought!)

bonfireheart Sat 19-Jun-21 12:00:16

OK to bluff and tell them you're calling the police but please don't actually call the police.


PanamaPattie Sat 19-Jun-21 12:00:21

Get your hose out and start watering them.

DinosaurDiana Sat 19-Jun-21 12:00:40

Just tell them to fuck off before others think it’s ok too.

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Sat 19-Jun-21 12:00:41

Oh god i would hate this

Make a brew and go and sit with them, join in their convo

FakeColinCaterpillar Sat 19-Jun-21 12:02:22

Where are they sat? I’d say ‘I’m watering the lawn now’. How very odd.

TurtleBay28 Sat 19-Jun-21 12:02:25

CF. Grab yourself a chair and sit with them take the hose with you.

Or if you have a dog just let them run free to go and eat their lunch grin.

SirVixofVixHall Sat 19-Jun-21 12:02:41

What ?!
What is wrong with people ? Tell them to get orf your land !!

Scrowy Sat 19-Jun-21 12:02:54

They aren't eating anymore and are now sat reading maps/map books I think.

We have a popular footpath pass right next to the house and I think people assume our garden is some kind of public park due to the footpath. This is not the first time it's happened (I regularly joke about putting out some picnic benches and charging) but it's the first time they haven't moved when asked...

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Wombats12 Sat 19-Jun-21 12:03:23

Ger'off my land.


Bluntness100 Sat 19-Jun-21 12:03:40

Are either of them an elderly Korean lady?

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accentdusoleil Sat 19-Jun-21 12:03:58

Could you not get a fence or similar put ip? They usually help determine borders

thefirstmrsrochester Sat 19-Jun-21 12:04:07

That’s so bizarre, are they sitting on the grass? Surely there are other places further away from houses to sit down and eat?

Jumpingintosummer Sat 19-Jun-21 12:05:06

Don’t ask, tell. Get off my property, now!

Ifailed Sat 19-Jun-21 12:05:15

There's no point in calling the police as trespass is a civil matter. However, you can use 'reasonable force' to remove them if they don't leave.

Fizzgigg Sat 19-Jun-21 12:05:19


Are either of them an elderly Korean lady?


EShellstrop Sat 19-Jun-21 12:05:48

There's a lot of threads about garden squatters lately, what gives?

MiddleClassProblem Sat 19-Jun-21 12:07:14

Does the footpath go through your garden or is it fenced off?

viques Sat 19-Jun-21 12:07:34

I think you ought to take out a garden chair, or a huge blanket and go and sit next to them, like really close, like this


Or if you can


Take your phone, put it on loudspeaker , phone friends and CHAT

sorryiasked Sat 19-Jun-21 12:07:37

Go and give them an invoice for use of picnic spot. £100 should do it 🙂

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