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Woolly Hugs is a charity established by a group of Mumsnet users. They knit / crochet handmade blankets and other items for families experiencing difficult times.

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Woolly hugs

Woolly Hugs : A Blanket for snorris and her family

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RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 13:38

We have heard the desperately sad news that snorris' daughter has lost her battle against a congenital heart condition she was just 7 years old. Snorris' thread is here if you would like to add your condolences. She starts it with a different name (accidia) as you will see.

We send snorris love from us all and are so sorry for her loss. She and her family are in our hearts and thoughts X

We have offered to make snorris and her family a Woolly Hug and hope it may give whatever comfort it can to them. We are so pleased that they have accepted.

So once again we are asking for your help Thanks

I will co-ordinate and Knotty (KnottyLocks) is here to answer any queries you may have. We need crocheters, knitters and donors (of funds or wool). If you would like to be involved in any way, please PM me with your offers, crafting, donating, need wool etc

Heartfelt thanks Thanks

The Wool We Are Using
*Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (being discontinued but still some around)
*Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
*Artesano Superwash Merino DK
*Rowan Cashsoft DK (also being discontinued but still some around)
*James Brett Pure Merino DK
*Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK

Just from these please as we know they combine for wash and wear

The Colours
Pinks, purples, greens, blues, silver
Cream but just for embellishments please, and if choosing cream please go for the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK 013/ DB Rialto ecru or the James Brett no 7

Suggestions for themes and motifs
*Stars (These could be in squares, or separate embellishments for us to attach later.)
*They live not far from the sea and on the edge of countryside - so colours/themes from nature.
*Magnolia trees are special.

  • S loved reading, singing and school
  • They have pets: hamsters, guinea pigs, a pony.
  • Aeroplanes
    *S loved 'Build a Bear'
    *We have the initials if this is something you'd like to hlep with, please PM.

    Squares to be six inches, using 4mm needles or hook

    Simple or complex, made by beginner or expert, we genuinely welcome them all. It really is the love and thought that counts.

    Do use the crafting guide on our website for help and ideas. Previous blankets can be seen here too. We are on Facebook at MNWoollyHugs and on Twitter @MNWoollyHugs. Both are good ways to keep in touch.

    When ready for posting, please PM me for info.

    So sad that another blanket is needed. Snorris my lovely, we are thinking of you and the girls, your family and friends and sending love X

    As always Blanketeers, we thank you so much for your support Thanks

    Pistey and Knotty Thanks
OP posts:
KnottyLocks · 22/06/2013 13:39

So pleased that we are able to do this for Snorris and her family.

Sending much love to them all. x

BIWI · 22/06/2013 13:46

Will get knitting. Love to you and your family, Snorris

RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 13:46

Bless your heart BIWI, thank you X

OP posts:
JulesJules · 22/06/2013 13:47

Oh no, how terribly sad.
Sending love to Snorris and her family.
Count me in.

MrsDeVere · 22/06/2013 13:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

3girlies · 22/06/2013 13:48

Hello Pistey,

please message me about making a donation for this.


KnottyLocks · 22/06/2013 13:49

MrsDV, you could always attach a crochet flower if you want to.

RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 13:50

Thank you everyone Thanks

Lovely 3g, I am on my way X

OP posts:
TheWoollybacksWife · 22/06/2013 13:51

Count me in too ladies.

Thinking of you and your loved ones Snorris x

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey · 22/06/2013 13:51

So sorry to another hug is needed

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey · 22/06/2013 13:53

Silly phone, please pm me a crafter and I will send wool or if you prefer I'll send the money, just let me know.

MOSagain · 22/06/2013 13:56

so sad that another blanket is needed Sad
Will of course do a square in memory of Snorris' darling daughter x

MrsDV thats what I do. I only do plain or striped squares but have 'accidentally' purchased a huge pile of pretty crocheted flowers to sew on to make them prettier. If you'd like me to send you some (have pink and lilac at the moment and more on the way) PM me your address and I'll send you some x

RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 13:57

I think it would be very lovely to have a butterfly MrsDV Xx

OP posts:
RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 13:57

Thanks MOS Thanks

OP posts:
TrinityRhino · 22/06/2013 14:04

hi pistey
how much of a beginner is ok?
I have been wanting to learn to crochet.
Would I be able to try and do a simple square for snorris?

CinnamonAddict · 22/06/2013 14:05

I will start knitting a square for snorris, count me in.

Pancakeflipper · 22/06/2013 14:07

If there's an donator woolly bundle of wool going I have my needles at the ready to knit some of the easy squares (bows down to those with talent).

I will PM you Pistey.

Skoggy · 22/06/2013 14:07

Its so sad that another blanket is needed.
Count me in. :)

MinnieBar · 22/06/2013 14:09

Count me in, I have greens and blues. Flowers

KnottyLocks · 22/06/2013 14:12

Trin, why not have a go and see how you get on.

Catherine Hirst on YouTube is easy to follow.

I think a granny square is easier to start with than a horizontal one, but others may think differently.

RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 14:13

Trinity Your simple square would be very welcome indeed, it really is the love and thought that counts. Thank you Thanks

OP posts:
RatherBeOnThePiste · 22/06/2013 14:13

I agree about starting with a granny square, and about Catherine Hirst, I'll send you a link X

Huge thanks to all X

OP posts:
TeaMakesItAllPossible · 22/06/2013 14:15

Thinking of snorris, her daughter and all her family.

I can't crochet or knit but will donate money for someone else to knit/crochet with love. I'll PM Pistey.

So sad another blanket is needed.

rubycon · 22/06/2013 14:16

as always I'm here and in. Sending much love, strength and peace. x

TrinityRhino · 22/06/2013 14:17

ooh do I get a badge Grin
right off to get wool and needle
thanks guys

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