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Baroness Stern and false allegations

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LondonSun · 22/06/2010 21:48

We were (all) outraged when Cameron used Stern's report to infer that there are lots of false allegations of rape a couple of weeks ago. (defending proposal granting rape defendants anonymity)

I questioned her about it at the Rights of Women conference today and she said SHE DOES NOT THINK THAT THERE ARE LOTS OF FALSE ALLEGS, PROBABLY ONLY A HANDFUL EACH YEAR.

She said she though that research into false allegs would prove how few there are, not how many there are.

So that's something.

OP posts:
Dave80 · 11/01/2011 22:07

"have a biscuit, Dave"
Thank you mucho.

"he is a man, HB, and remember a man's opinion is worth twice as much as a woman's peer-reviewed published research."
Never implied that so stop putting words in my mouth. Just like yourself I'm human.

"Can you offer any hard evidence for this absurd assertion"
Are you going to pull a figure out your ass and say only 1% of rape accusations are false? They are becoming common and you know it.

HerBeatitude · 11/01/2011 22:14

Can you offer any hard evidence?

The evidence of the incidence of false rape allegation is from that well-known bastion of militant feminism, the police.

They say roughly 4%.

What is your evidence?

StewieGriffinsMom · 11/01/2011 22:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fatherofboys · 21/05/2011 12:24

I would like to place a male perspective here - being a husband and father who has been married for 25 years and now going through a separation - whereby my wife has recently left the marital home and inexplicably made an allegation to the police that I raped her for a period of 10 years until just before the separation.
I have not been the best husband in the world and I understand that there was a huge amount of bitterness in my actions over the course of the marriage, but the allegation of rape is beyond all comprehension - my wife was in control of our sex life and not once in 25 years did I force myself on her.
Is she chronically depressed over my actions and her mother's recent bereavement, does she want to destroy me, would she want to stand up in court and be grilled by the defence team when there is no shred of evidence that the allegation is true?
I am desperate to apologise to her for my actions in the marriage and reassure her that I still have loving feelings for her and will sort her out financially etc.
I would have her back tomorrow if she wanted or am I being delusional?
Or is this a ploy to weaken my position in any divorce settlement?

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