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Speech Therapy RCSLT WPATH EDI Institutional Capture

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Bosky · 24/03/2023 14:33

I have been following the "UK Physios" thread with interest, about shenanigans at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Worryingly, there seems to have been a major coup by WPATH at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT):

WPATH Member takes over at UK's speech therapy royal college

Where democracy dies, EDI flourishes: How the speech therapy profession was captured

CSP and RCSLT are different beasts in that CSP is a trade union as well as a professional organisation whereas RCSLT is just a professional organisation.

Physios and SaLTs do not need to belong to either of these organisations because the Regulator is the Heath and Care Professions Council (HCPC):

However, CSP and RCSLT (and the other AHP professional bodies) are very influential and are also a route to institutional capture of the HCPC by Gender Identity ideologues.

With regard to Speech & Language Therapy, Lou Preston has produced a series of articles covering how one aspect of Gender Identity Ideology (Pronoun Nonsense) impacts adversely on adults and children with communication disabilities - new readers start here:

Gobblefunking: Language, communication disability and discrimination

I don't know how things are going with the other Allied Heath Professions.

STILLTish has been covering the complete shit-show at the British Psychological Society (BPS)

(Tish also has a substack with short updates: STILLTish's Newsletter)

I hope SaLTs and other health and social care professions can get back control of their organisations asap.

Otherwise, mark my words, give it a couple of years and everyone will be asking, "How the actual f&ck did pseudoscientific, eunuch-promoting WPATH take over the HCPC??!!"

Well, just like they wormed their way into positions of influence at the WHO, the UN and every other top-level organisation that sets the rules that the rest of us downstream have to obey - or be banned, censured and criminalised.

First they take over "specialist" groups within lower-level organisations and then work their way up.

Quentin van Meter describes how a few Gender Identity Ideologues captured the medical professions and the WHO in:

The terrible fraud of 'transgender medicine'

There is nothing magic about it. It only takes a handful of highly motivated individuals with a bit of excess time and determination. So nothing magic either in that those individuals will mostly be men and childless or child-free women rather than part-time or full-time working mums.

RCSLT (96% female membership) and all predominantly female professions are easy pickings for the politically motivated.

RCSLT's introduction of EDI made it staggeringly easy for ideologues to take over, by completely destroying almost every aspect of the democratic structure of accountability to members - in the name of "Equity Diversity and Inclusion" (EDI).

The only thing left is the AGM but members appear to have thrown in the towel and are not even bothering to attend.

The terrible fraud of 'transgender medicine'

At the Teens4Truth Conference, Ft. Worth, TX, Nov. 18, 2017. A physician who was in the Johns Hopkins Univ. Hospital group where "transgender medicine" was d...

OP posts:

WarriorN · 24/03/2023 14:57

I'm at the 'three mustakeeters' and already know where this is going Ffs

SALT being captured is a disaster for children, especially those with autism and learning difficulties.


WarriorN · 24/03/2023 15:46

@Bosky could you please post the YouTube link? For some reason it's only playing in mn app without an extrn link to follow. When I stop watching it returns to the beginning and I've heard enough of the 3 idiots!


Bosky · 24/03/2023 16:30

WarriorN · 24/03/2023 15:46

@Bosky could you please post the YouTube link? For some reason it's only playing in mn app without an extrn link to follow. When I stop watching it returns to the beginning and I've heard enough of the 3 idiots!

Do you mean this?

The terrible fraud of 'transgender medicine'

Mumsnet automatically creates a preview. I don't think there is any way too over-ride it doing that.
OP posts:

Bosky · 24/03/2023 16:33

WarriorN · 24/03/2023 15:46

@Bosky could you please post the YouTube link? For some reason it's only playing in mn app without an extrn link to follow. When I stop watching it returns to the beginning and I've heard enough of the 3 idiots!

ps. When the video starts, click "YouTube" on the video and it should open the video in YouTube in your browser or a YouTube app and take you away from Mumsnet.

OP posts:

HereForTheFreeLunch · 24/03/2023 16:35

It's really something to see this in action. We've been trying to get equality for so long... as they say - women really didn't try hard enough. 🙄


CryptoFascistMadameCholet · 24/03/2023 16:53

The EDI Vampire takes another victim.



Jabiru · 24/03/2023 16:59

I might resign my membership. It’s crap anyway.


PermanentTemporary · 24/03/2023 19:52

Are you a SaLT, @Bosky?

Quentin van Meter is too extreme for me. I think he's cherrypicking some data in that presentation. He has a rigid view of his own. It is never a bad thing to hear what an absolute shit bag of perversion John Money was though.

I've been in a meeting with Sean Pert who is a lovely guy. I wish he wasn't head of the RC, and I wish the very few male SaLTs weren't so often the leaders. That's not actually his fault. Like being trans, being a SaLT and how you do it is culturally informed.

He might genuinely have quite an interesting take on this. Working in transgender voice he will have encountered a lot of desisters and detransitioners. He won't be speaking blank cliches.


TheBiologyStupid · 24/03/2023 23:29

Mum (87 now) was the chief speech and language therapist of a small health district in southeast England - I don't think that she has been following the profession for years, but I'll try to talk to her this weekend about what's going on. I know in advance that she'll be shocked to see males dominating, before we even get onto the other issues!


stealtheatingtunnocks · 25/03/2023 00:10

HCPs used to be evidence based.

I liked the olden days.


FrancescaContini · 25/03/2023 00:49

The article by Lou Preston looks very interesting - thanks for the link.

“Gobblefunk” indeed.


unwashedanddazed · 25/03/2023 02:08

I'm currently having speech therapy due to an operation that damaged my vocal chords. Lovely young woman, but she has trans rights posters up in her office. I was gobsmacked at the blatant political messaging in a nhs setting.

I have another appointment this week. I might wear my Let Women Speak t-shirt. In memory of my voice and my rights.

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