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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Woman's hour on RSE teaching

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WarriorN · 24/03/2023 10:33

Monday's programme is on RSE in schools - they want to hear listeners thoughts about this I'm schools.

What should be covered, experiences.

OP posts:
WarriorN · 24/03/2023 10:34

*in schools.

Didnt hear any more info but will feature listener's comments and contributions which can be anonymous.

OP posts:
WarriorN · 24/03/2023 10:35

@2fallsagain just tagging you as I know you are SSAUK (wouldn't be surprised if you have a speaker on the programme?! 🤞)

OP posts:
WarriorN · 24/03/2023 11:06

They posed some qs:

Do you think dangers if porn should be taught i schools or more focus about not accessing it online (paraphrasing.)

'Are you happy with how RSE is taught in your children's school ?'

OP posts:
WarriorN · 24/03/2023 11:06
OP posts:
2fallsfromSSA · 24/03/2023 17:36

Thank you WarriorN, it is in hand and we hope that Tanya will be on the show on Monday.

WarriorN · 24/03/2023 17:45

Fantastic, I look forward to the programme!

OP posts:
WarriorN · 26/03/2023 19:46

@MrsOvertonsWindow hopefully Tanya will be on... 🤞

OP posts:
2fallsfromSSA · 27/03/2023 08:17

I can confirm Tanya will be on woman's hour this morning talking about RSE in schools.

WarriorN · 27/03/2023 08:35

Excellent news @2fallsfromSSA ! I look forward to the discussion.

OP posts:
MrsOvertonsWindow · 27/03/2023 09:28

That's great - she's such a good speaker.

WarriorN · 27/03/2023 09:35

This is the line up - it's a big programme

Woman's hour on RSE teaching
OP posts:
WarriorN · 27/03/2023 09:56

Bumping to highlight

OP posts:
2fallsfromSSA · 27/03/2023 10:06

Thanks Warrior.

nauticant · 27/03/2023 10:09

Very interested to tune in to this.

I wonder whether we'll hear much of the usual:
"teaching the wholly inappropriate stuff is only happening in a few places"
"and in any case they'll see much worse online".

Shame it's not Emma Barnett presenting.

WinterTrees · 27/03/2023 10:13

Yes, this is definitely a discussion that would really benefit from Emma Barnett's hardline handling.

WarriorN · 27/03/2023 10:18

I hope it's one that they will continue to return to as it's not a one off and done topic.

Very important in the context of vagw and girls too.

OP posts:
WarriorN · 27/03/2023 10:21

All teachers are out of their depth with this.

And the ones who think they are, may not be the most appropriate individuals.

So they turn to the web.

Who ever is speaking now is very good on the issues that teachers are facing.

OP posts:
2fallsfromSSA · 27/03/2023 10:27

ASCL denies what is happening in schools. SSA have been highlighting concerns to them for years. The previous president of ASCL employed Equaliteach in her own Trust.

2fallsfromSSA · 27/03/2023 10:27

There are many issues in schools. It needs investment and regulation.

nauticant · 27/03/2023 10:32

Again, the tone is that if everyone means well then things are generally OK. This is not what safeguarding it about.

WarriorN · 27/03/2023 10:34

It's not just vetting outside agencies coming in and a teacher staying in the room.

It's all teachers downloading things off the internet and teaching it without knowing what they're actually delivering

OP posts:
WarriorN · 27/03/2023 10:35

nauticant · 27/03/2023 10:32

Again, the tone is that if everyone means well then things are generally OK. This is not what safeguarding it about.


Sometimes the most well intentioned person isn't the most appropriate person to work with children.

OP posts:
ResisterRex · 27/03/2023 10:37

It's bizarre that we've seen charities whose sole purpose purports to be RSE (but usually turns out to be a vehicle for propagating Queer Theory), pop up. We don't have this for maths or English, or history or D&T. Why? Why this industry on this topic? That alone is pause for thought.

nauticant · 27/03/2023 10:41

Nuala McGovern does seem to be in minimisation mode. The mother of a child who is skeptical about what was taught to her child is having her account caveated all over because things she's saying haven't been checked by the BBC and third parties mentioned have not had a right to reply.

2fallsfromSSA · 27/03/2023 10:42

She has been interrupted more times than either of the others.

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