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Trans children in Sweden - serious side effect, cover ups by hospital

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Doubletoilandtrouble · 25/11/2021 10:06

This is in Swedish only for now. A trans child, Leo was treated for puberty blockers for 4 years. Leo ended up with osteoporosis (significantly below any normal bone density interval), fractures in the back, constant pain and worse mental state.

The journalist also found an additional 12 cases in Stockholm only where children had serious side effects (bone fractures, deep regret from voice changes, injuries, deteriorating mental health and significant weight gains). Leo’s case was not reported and not one of these.

Leo’s parents were not informed of the risk and the doctor that warned the parents about the side effects was reported to the management and silenced (words like incitement was used).

The psychiatric staff initially blamed everything on the hormone team. The head of the department with the hormones claimed in the interview to never have seen the reports from the psychiatric team.

Investigation only seem to have started after the journalist made the program and it wasn’t possible to cover up any more.

And this was Astrid Lindgren’s children’s hospital, one of the hospitals that at least stopped with this treatment. Other hospitals are happily going and claims that the treatment side effects doesn’t worry them.

The program finishes with that nobody know the number of children with serious side effects (some seem to be covered up). Some other Swedish hospitals keep going.

And there is an interview with two transwomen who think that it is horrid that people are using “think of the children”, that is just an argument to deprive trans people of care. They think that the big problem is transphobia. These two transwomen also spoke at the medical conference and told the doctors about how they needed to shift the focus from potential harm to children to fighting transphobia.

I feel sick. I hope this will come out with subtitles soon.

OP posts:
OldCrone · 25/11/2021 11:26
DuckDuckNo · 25/11/2021 11:30


It is a little bit like here actually. Lots of women horrified at potential side effects for children and some happy middle aged transwomen telling us that we are bigoted and transphobic.

Seems to be a very typical case of it in the documentary. The focus is on female children who are given medical treatment to change their body, side effects be damned, and the first trans person interviewed is someone born male who decided to change gender at 50.

How the eff are a middle aged male person's' feelings about themselves relevant when we are discussing the physical and psychological impact of medication on a female child???
Doubletoilandtrouble · 25/11/2021 11:30

Transcript is pretty good (haven’t read it all). Obviously it cannot convey the angst of Leo’s mum.

OP posts:
Whatwouldscullydo · 25/11/2021 11:37

How influential is Sweden?

iguanadonna · 25/11/2021 14:23

Medically Sweden is quite influential. Some important research centres. Centralized patient records mean that long-term studies including retrospective ones can be carried out. Also famously progressive, so if treatment questioned, hard to paint as social conservatism.

Whatwouldscullydo · 25/11/2021 14:34

That's good I guess.

I live in hope that one day thise who suppressed information will be punished accordingly.

And I also hope that it brings about a change globally to prevent further harm.beimg done to these poor children.

Gncq · 25/11/2021 15:24

There have been so, so many amazing and informed women who have posted on this very forum in depth analysis of the dangers and problems of prescribing puberty blockers.

Virtually all of them have been banned from here over the years, or simply stopped talking about it through fear of being banned. That's just here! Then add Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc into the equation.

It's about time we are able to talk about this without unqualified people uttering the magic words "transphobia" and getting everyone to shut up.
To shut up about not mutilating children fgs.

EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 25/11/2021 16:41

I'd be interested if the code of silence around this starts to give way to transparent reporting of what has happened to this cohort of young people.

A WHRC webinar earlier this year had a presentation by a Swedish author (Kajsa Ekis Ekman) who reported that she had been contacted by a Swedish infertility clinician who claimed to be seeing increasing numbers of women in their 20s who (after testing) have atrophy of their reproductive organs. These are women who had been treated with puberty blockers and cross hormones at a young age and gone on to have difficulty with conception. (It seems that they had detransitioned but this wasn't entirely clear.)

SocialConnection · 26/11/2021 00:00

Checkout trans man Scott Nugent on the subject of transitioning children.

AnyOldPrion · 26/11/2021 05:07

I feel sick. I hope this will come out with subtitles soon.

Me too. I have long thought there would eventually be a huge scandal over this, but twelve young people in Stockholm alone (presumably the tip of the iceberg) and with side effects that sound even more severe than I feared is perhaps an indicator that even I have underestimated how awful it’s going to be. I was still half-hoping those of us who have predicted a lobotomy-sized scandal would be proven wrong.

LobsterNapkin · 26/11/2021 15:07

I wonder if parental embarrassment may play a role in the fact we are not hearing a huge amount yet.

I am sure many of the parents of these kids are feeling like they allowed something awful, or are worried about the criticism they will get from others. Maybe especially if they had a lot of pushback from their own friends and family. I can easily imagine they'd not want to go public.

MarshmallowSwede · 26/11/2021 15:15

There is going to be more than likely criminal charges filed.

And yes not all the victims have come forward but action is being taken to get more information.

Like I said, this is only the start of this scandal.

Justme56 · 26/11/2021 15:29

Does anyone follow genspect or our duty parents challenging gender on Twitter? There is a link to the film now with subtitles but I have no idea how to link it here.

rogdmum · 26/11/2021 15:44
ChattyLion · 26/11/2021 15:47

This is completely avoidable needless and pointless human suffering. Awful. So many people for years now, have been saying this is the inevitable result of these drugs. Drugs not even proven to make the kids feel better from the problems that drew them into this pathway in the first place.

And how traumatising to the young people harmed in this situation that they could have permanent physical and possibly mental and emotional problems from this ‘treatment’. Harms of the most devastating kind- loss of adult sexual function, loss of natural fertility, cognitive ability, loss of strong healthy bones, leading them to have to limit the extent of their physical activities… then compounding it they will lose all trust in the professionals around them who they thought were helping them. They’ll need a lot of medical contact and I can imagine that will be very difficult emotionally.

All the while a whole political movement will be covering its own arse. As the harms come to light they will deny transitioned children’s experiences or will minimise the profound harms done to them, because for them that’s a price well worth paying to validate adult gender identity.

It seems unfair that it will be mainly the medical and pharmaceutical profession (and NHS) that will get the lawsuits for going along with it.,whereas all the campaigning organisations and YouTubers and other people who will have created this whole climate, will just be able to delete their social media and pretend they didn’t influence a generation of kids, and that they.didn’t put pressure on the professionals to ‘affirm’ them.

We have to hope for these awful scenarios to be seen as shocking enough that the majority of people who have been pushing this agenda do draw back. I guess the really hard bitten ones will just double down on the child medical experimentation and then avoid any further questions by claiming to be the victims of transphobia themselves. Hmm

LobsterNapkin · 26/11/2021 16:13

Yes, ChattyLion. It seems like there really should be repercussions for groups like SW and Mermaids.

QueenSue · 26/11/2021 16:17

Leo was 11 years old when the "treatment" began and had developed osteoporosis at the age of 15 SadAngry

QueenSue · 26/11/2021 16:22

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

QueenSue · 26/11/2021 16:42

I wrote a summary of what happened in the doc and I don't know why the comment was deleted.

Gncq · 26/11/2021 18:22

Well I just got deleted for mentioning AGP in a thread where it was wholly relevant, so I can only assume the overlords are watching closely at the moment.

OvaHere · 26/11/2021 18:27


I wrote a summary of what happened in the doc and I don't know why the comment was deleted.

You used the G word. It was probably that.
QueenSue · 26/11/2021 18:49

I'd be great if people who disagree with language wrote replies explaining this instead of having one's comments instantly deleted.
It's heartbreaking to hear of the unneccessary injury and physical pain of the child as well as the mental pain of the mother in the documentary. They trusted the doctors, they thought the treatment was reliable, all they heard was positivity and the info about serious side-effects were hidden from them.

Scraggythang · 26/11/2021 19:18

@Gncq I had a comment deleted yesterday and two threads I’ve been on disappeared. They’re definitely on high alert atm.

Bellendejour · 26/11/2021 20:07

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EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 26/11/2021 20:11

This reply has been deleted

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