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Gregor Murray (SNP Councillor) - guilty of verbal abuse

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Popchyk · 15/05/2019 12:38

Dundee councillor Gregor Murray guilty of breaking rules by swearing at woman on Twitter

Of particular interest:

"In their judgement the panel said the councillor had also abused the complainer by referring to her as a TERF….a transexclusionary radical feminist.

The panel said: “It was evident that the councillor’s description as TERFS being scum and hateful and vile that he intended it to be a term of abuse.”

Gregor Murray has flounced from the SNP.

EXCLUSIVE: Dundee councillor Gregor Murray quits SNP over party’s ‘institutional transphobia’

OP posts:

weebarra · 15/05/2019 19:14

I hope it's of significance that TERF has been judged to be a term of abuse. I'm in Scotland, find it very difficult to stick my head above the parapet. I hope this helps.
Remember, we can self identify any way we like and this is just a wee example of that!


R0wantrees · 15/05/2019 19:55


JessicaWakefieldSV · 15/05/2019 20:06

Joan is brilliant.


eurochick · 15/05/2019 20:08

Well said Joan!


LizzieSiddal · 15/05/2019 20:20

Joan is a star!


Michelleoftheresistance · 15/05/2019 20:23

Well said, Joan. Particularly the bit about changing your pronouns or choice of identity doesn't exempt you from rules and boundaries, or being challenged for misogyny.


KarenTheCashRegister · 15/05/2019 20:52

Well said Joan.

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect transgender/non binary people to be held to the same standard of behaviour as everyone else.


Popchyk · 15/05/2019 21:00

Here's the wee nyaff's Twitter.

Crying about how unfair it all is. And how it is totally a heinous miscarriage of justice.

Nobody seems to care.

Reckons that he is a Scout Leader. Which is both terrifying and not in the least bit surprising.

OP posts:

Beamur · 15/05/2019 21:07

I really admire Joan's ability to write consisely and with perfect clarity.
It's excellent that these bullies are being held accountable for their unacceptable language and behaviour.


Gingerkittykat · 15/05/2019 21:13

I don't do twitter but just clicked the link above and it is comedy gold.

Also, the people I referred to as ‘the C word’ were anonymous. I don’t know if they were women or not. I don’t know them, or how they identify. Does Joan know who they are? Maybe she could pass on their details to the local authorities so that they can take the appropriate action


Also, those quotation marks around Non Binary Joan, we’re going to have to go ahead and call them out for being horrifically transphobic.

That's just in the past few minutes.

Maybe I need to try Twitter again .


KarenTheCashRegister · 15/05/2019 21:22

I wouldn’t let him in 100 metres of my kids. Scout master FFS.


youllhavehadyourtea · 15/05/2019 21:34

They is having a kind of teenage strop.


R0wantrees · 15/05/2019 21:37

Lundy Bancroft's work is relevent.


FermatsTheorem · 15/05/2019 21:41

Thanks for the twitter link. The melt-down by "don't call me he, even though I've got a beard and look and behave exactly like a spectacularly unpleasant woman hating bloke in pretty much every way you could possibly conceive of" is hilarious to witness. It's like a non-binary version of Titania McGrath, only not actually a parody (and possibly all the funnier for being the real deal).

What a skidmark on the face of humanity! But a ludicrous one, best laughed at.


Popchyk · 15/05/2019 21:42

He's hilarious.

He's ranting at the moment, but I predict he'll soon veer into Martin Luther King mode. With him casting himself as MLK.

"I have a dream that one day the suffering of non-binary folx in Tayside can be internationally recognised as the nadir of human oppression. I have a dream today that people from as far away as Broughty Ferry and Auchtermuchty, people of all gender identities and none, can put on their sparkly wellies and come together to assert their inalienable right to hound women on social media, y'all".

Something like that.

I give it 10 minutes.

OP posts:

FermatsTheorem · 15/05/2019 21:42

Also thanks for reminding me of the phrase "wee nyaff" - used to be one of my mum's favourites. Grin And so apt.


FermatsTheorem · 15/05/2019 21:43

I once lived in Broughty Ferry!


Popchyk · 15/05/2019 21:55

I'm glad, Fermats.

You can reliably tell us about the hotbed of anti-non-binary-folx hatred that no doubt lurks in its underbelly.

I have heard rumours that pronoun preferences are not always respected there.

And as for Auchtermuchty, well, I've heard that the bowls club there is not even a Stonewall Champion, which probably tells you something of the depths of despair that the local non-binary folx are feeling right now.

OP posts:

FermatsTheorem · 15/05/2019 22:05

I could not give you an up-to-date account of pronoun usage in Broughty Ferry - it's well over 10 years since I was last there. They did have a rather dashing fake leopardskin coat in one of the charity shops, which I looked terrible in, but really suited my sister. Not quite sure where that fits on the gender jelly-baby spectrum. Was the fake leopard assigned the wrong gender at birth? Who knows.

I know a rude joke, the punchline of which is "Auchtermuchty."


SimplySteveRedux · 15/05/2019 22:13

Good. Twat!


Gingerkittykat · 15/05/2019 22:24


I’ll be absolutely clear - in this scenario, you are the elite, you are the powerful, you chair the Committee and such. You’re attacking a vulnerable minority, and whipping up hysteria. You are making our lives harder, intentionally and maliciously, and you should be ashamed.

MLK mode indeed!

And loving the wee Nyaff too, it reminds me of The Corries.

I'll be driving through Auchtermuchty tomorrow, maybe I should take my wellies!


birdsdestiny · 15/05/2019 22:27

He is funny, it's a shame he appears to be talking to himself, I think people could do with a laugh today.


MorrisZapp · 15/05/2019 22:31

Popchyk you are hilarious! Non binary folx of Tayside, pmsl!


SuperLoudPoppingAction · 15/05/2019 22:33

Happyhillock I love your name

So bittersweet that GM is moving on. They is such a good example of The Problem


RuffleCrow · 15/05/2019 22:36

'Institutional transphobia' = a stubborn persistence in treating women like human beings, despite the best efforts of The Woke. **

**See also Aimee Challenor

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