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Homophobic attack against lesbians at Manchester Pride? **Thread title edited at OP's request**

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HavingALittleBabyToolshed · 29/08/2018 21:47

On Sunday night on the stage in Sackville Gardens, during Manchester Pride, Tony Cooper joked about “dragging” the 8 women involved in the Get the L Out protest at London Pride “out by their saggy tits”.

He has confirmed this rant in the above tweet.

This is not only a misogynistic rant, which sadly is only an offence in Nottingham, but it as it was aimed singularly at lesbian women it is a homophobic hate speech.

OP posts:
HavingALittleBabyToolshed · 29/08/2018 21:49

You can read more about the Get the L Out protest here

Mr Cooper’s hate speech is beyond problematic.

OP posts:
WrongOnTheInternet · 29/08/2018 21:52

The north west has always been particularly misogynistic even by the standards of the crappy UK so it doesn't surprise me.

annandale · 29/08/2018 21:56

Horrible comment and I disagree with the sentiment, but I'm really sorry, my main response is a massive LOL at 'sadly is only an offence in Nottingham'. Have you considered writing an Alan Bennett type piece about a festival or something like that? I quite genuinely think you'd be brilliant at it.

NotBadConsidering · 29/08/2018 22:09

No support in the thread which is good to see.

HavingALittleBabyToolshed · 29/08/2018 22:12


That’s me done.

OP posts:
Voice0fReason · 29/08/2018 22:22

Pathetic little man. He has no real arguments to make so he resorts to an offensive comment that makes him feel all big and clever.

TheCountryGirl · 29/08/2018 22:27

I'm sure he expected the usual crowd to show up and support him when he tweeted that..:so far only the spoon idiot has obliged. Good to see a few men weighing in too.

longtimelurkingtrans · 29/08/2018 23:11

Also saw him on Twitter with the same post, He didn't seem overly apologetic over it. He needs charged as this could homophobic abuse and violence.

WeWantJustice · 29/08/2018 23:54

Why was the other thread pulled?

I said on that please report him for homophobic incitement to violence.

Fuck 'em.

HavingALittleBabyToolshed · 30/08/2018 00:25

It was pulled because of something in the OP apparently?

OP posts:
Maryzsnewaccount · 30/08/2018 00:29

The "wording in the op is a bit much".

So was the fucking insult.

This is ridiculous. Pulling an entire thread because the op pointed our that Pride was lesbophobic? ffs

Maryzsnewaccount · 30/08/2018 00:32

The anti-woman activists have their way of doing things now

Go through every op with a toothcomb, try to find anything at all that could possibly be construed as an insult, and get the whole thread pulled.

It seems to happen a lot at night; threads that have been there suddenly disappear when the interns come on duty

Italiangreyhound · 30/08/2018 01:42

Shocking comments, I hope the police will take this seriously.

ThumbWitchesAbroad · 30/08/2018 05:10

I'm just jumping onto this thread because I've only just found out that a thread from a week or so ago has been deleted because the OP turned out to be a bit of a GF after all, apparently Hmm

It was an excellent thread with some excellent posts, especially by an older lesbian poster whose name I can NOT remember, but she was so fluent about the problems that women and lesbians will face if the changes to the GRA go ahead.

This was the thread - - does anyone remember the name of the poster everyone was applauding? It was quite a long name but that's all I remember and I'm gutted because I wanted to link a friend to that thread so she could see the problems that women and lesbians are up against, but it's bloody GONE! Angry :(
So much useful info in that thread too - I really don't think MNHQ should have pulled it. Angry

WeWantJustice · 30/08/2018 08:56

Mumsnet are really facilitating misogyny aren't they. In other situations where something valid has been discussed, what they've done is changed the wording, not pulled the whole thread. Why couldn't they have done that here?

Why don't they want women to know how misogynist activists talk about us?

WeWantJustice · 30/08/2018 09:38

Could someone please tell me what date this happened? You need this info to report a hate crime.

Here's the site by the way:

WarmWishes · 30/08/2018 11:37

He's uploaded a letter to Manc Pride trustees to twitter, in which he tenders his resignation as patron and organiser of the community stage.

LadybirdsAreBirds · 30/08/2018 12:04

Good the man does have some shame

I hope he read the last thread and maybe starts to understand where lesbian and straight women are coming from
I hope he understands that threats on the freedom of lesbian to state their sexual attraction are also threats on gay men.

placemats · 30/08/2018 12:11

He's done the decent thing and I hope he reflects on what he said and learns something from it.

Those comments below his initial boastful tweet were very encouraging and no doubt in my mind, influenced his decision.

WarmWishes · 30/08/2018 12:14

Shouldn't have had the luxury of being able to resign.

TheGoddessFrigg · 30/08/2018 12:59

He has only apologised for saying 'dragged off' - not for the 'saggy tits' comment.

LadybirdsAreBirds · 30/08/2018 13:03

He's probably got misogyny running through him like a stick of rock, so he doesn't see how a joke about saggy tits would be so vile to women

Remember though Anthony, you were born out of one of us. You have friends (I presume) and female relatives. Think on.

nauticant · 30/08/2018 13:35

Good the man does have some shame

He has no shame. Yesterday he was goading with this:

crowing over upsetting "TERFS on mumsnet" and when it became clear how just about everyone loathed what he'd said, he sent that mealy-mouthed resignation.

Ereshkigal · 30/08/2018 13:49

crowing over upsetting "TERFS on mumsnet" and when it became clear how just about everyone loathed what he'd said, he sent that mealy-mouthed resignation.

Yep. Terribly sorry about your hasty resignation when you appeared to be so proud of your comments and unrepentant. Strange. Signed, the women of Mumsnet.

TheCountryGirl · 30/08/2018 13:53

He actually said he can't be a misogynistic shit because he has a mother. Ffs misogynists are so stupid!

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