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Why do you think Women are better than Men?

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Awillo · 29/05/2011 17:06

They quite clearly aren't, they just leech off what Men achieve.

Women only want equal rights when it suits them, like pay for example.

OP posts:
BooyHoo · 29/05/2011 17:06


(that's a yawn BTW)

Prolesworth · 29/05/2011 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Jaquelinehyde · 29/05/2011 17:15

Bahahahahahaha nice try.

LRDTheFeministDragon · 29/05/2011 17:16

Sorry, this is the Feminism section, where we think women are equal to men. You were looking for Shit-Stirring - it's under IAmACock in the Topics section.

AliceWorld · 29/05/2011 17:20

That's a really shit attempt. Try harder, I'm sure you can do it if you give it a little more thought. We're rooting for you.

DirtyMartini · 29/05/2011 17:21

I'll give you lots of money if you can find one person on this board who genuinely thinks women are better than men.

Lots and lots of money.

Awillo · 29/05/2011 17:23

Wow, are you all always this rude?

No wonder this place has such a bad reputation.

OP posts:
AliceWorld · 29/05/2011 17:25

You're right, I can't imagine what it was in your original post that got this reaction, poor sausage.

AuntieMonica · 29/05/2011 17:27

i can be much more rude for you...............

fuck off and grow up

that better?

LRDTheFeministDragon · 29/05/2011 17:41

Yeah, if only we were polite and sparkly and brought you your pipe and slippers while you educated us about how inferior we are, this little old feminism section with its few thousand posters would be so much more popular ....

Grumpla · 29/05/2011 17:42

I've been practicing my overarm, here you go:


RedHeels · 29/05/2011 17:44

So if you find the answers rude, how would you describe your OP? Highly emotive language, i.e. "leech off" and no factual background to your statement. Clearly a work of a superior being...

BooyHoo · 29/05/2011 17:44

it really is funny.

everyone of these twats thinks they are the first to try and get a reaction. we've seen and heard all you can think to throw at us. there's nothing we haven't seen. you're practically naked to us.

jugglingwiththreeshoes · 29/05/2011 17:57

When we have equality the men will be able to "leech off us" won't they ?

It's widely agreed that worldwide women contribute more and get less reward for it than men.

All the statistics are shocking especially when you take a world view. Perhaps someone could post a good link for those that are ignorant new to feminism !

DirtyMartini · 29/05/2011 19:49

"Perhaps someone could post a good link for those that are ignorant"

Aw, can't we just beat them up? Damn.

jugglingwiththreeshoes · 29/05/2011 20:03

Sadly I'm too ignorant or lazy to do links myself Grin

TimeWasting · 29/05/2011 20:29

Is this an illustration of a straw man argument for our future reference do you think? Grin

We don't think that women are better than men.

We are quite sure however that men are not better than women.
Does that help?

dittany · 29/05/2011 20:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grumpla · 29/05/2011 20:48
celadon · 29/05/2011 23:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WeDONTneedanotherhero · 30/05/2011 08:00


msrisotto · 30/05/2011 08:13

Poor effort. Yawn.

howsthatworkingforyou · 30/05/2011 12:51

no gender better than another gender I don't anyone would be stupid enough to say that,

anywyay shit stirring thread. [buiscuit]

howsthatworkingforyou · 30/05/2011 12:51
colditz · 30/05/2011 12:52

You're not very good at this. Next time, use more subtlety.

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