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Help me figure out what’s up with my fanjo!

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Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 06:41

Sorry this thread will be full of TMI

Swollen labia, burning like pain around the area, feels like there is a heartbeat ‘down there’. No thrush like discharge but I’m treating for it just in case. So fed up of the feeling of swelling when I’m walking around.
The only thing that’s happened recently was wearing a body form pantyliner. Could I be allergic?

Any words of wisdom to rescue me from the firey depths? 😂

OP posts:
Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 06:43

Oh also I’ve been spotting blood

OP posts:
Landlubber2019 · 26/10/2021 06:47

Go to your gp as you need antibiotics !

Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 07:01

@Landlubber2019 why what do you think it could be?

OP posts:
Dellit · 26/10/2021 07:13

I am not a doctor.

I have had similar symptoms from skin reaction so if the bodyform liner is new, my first thought would be an allergic skin reaction (are they fragranced? Reactions to fragrance are common)

But as I said, I'm not a doctor and you should definitely ask someone who knows what they are talking about so you can treat it properly and not inadvertently make it worse. If you can't get a gp appointment today you could also ask a pharmacist. Good luck - sounds very uncomfortable!! I hope you get some relief soon.

Dellit · 26/10/2021 07:15

Just saw your other post. My symptoms did not include spotting, just skin inflammation/irritation. But in any case - Definitely ask your doctor.

Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 07:22


Thank you I’ve just taken an antihistamine (just remembered I had some from hay fever season) will see what happens and contact a gp

OP posts:
dotsandco · 26/10/2021 07:28

Ouch! I had the same reaction, many years ago, when a GP used latex gloves during an internal examination. Nowadays I don't think medics wear latex gloves, but I ALWAYS double check and remind them that I am allergic! 😳 I can still recall the intense burning pain (and in my case, shortness of breath, clamminess and heart palpitations!)

Yours sounds like a bad reaction OP...try antihistamine until you can confirm with your GP.

Duxiejhrhrvjz · 26/10/2021 07:50

I would speak to the doctor as he may prescribe you a higher dose of antihistamine.

Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 07:55

@dotsandco so strange the only thing I’ve ever been allergic to is stitches (found out after having a 4th deg tear) 😭 and now pads! Why have all my allergies got to be related to embarrassing body parts 😂

OP posts:
Piapiano · 26/10/2021 07:55

Is it actual spotting or is it from the irritated vulval skin? The skin is very thin and if irritated can bleed small amounts. Can you figure out where the blood is coming from?

Piapiano · 26/10/2021 07:57

Also, they are putting all sorts of horrible "scents" into sanitary products now so it could have been a reaction to any fragrance if it is one of those that are perfumed.

Wbeezer · 26/10/2021 08:00

I had a similar problem from loo paper with added lotion, it was highly irritating!.

KateTheEighth · 26/10/2021 08:02

Bin the fragranced liners/pads and any fragranced loo roll or loo roll with lotion. Unfortunately most pads seem to be fragranced. It's beyond annoying.

Siennabear · 26/10/2021 08:05

I would imagine it’s the fragranced pad. I can’t use strongly scented washing liquids as it makes me itch and have the burning feeling down there.

Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 08:08

Why do they even make pads fragranced?! The frangrance is a tell tale signs you are wearing a pad anyway!!!
@Piapiano I think it’s from the irritated skin to be honest. I’ve dared have a look and the skin is very angry.

OP posts:
Piapiano · 26/10/2021 08:10

That's good news. Definitely sounds like a skin reaction then.

The sanitary product fragrances are so strong you can smell them all the way down the aisle in a supermarket. Imagine putting that strength of fragrance on your most intimate skin all day and it's not surprising that it would cause skin irritation and swelling.

Flowersintheattic2021 · 26/10/2021 08:39

You need to see nurse at gp surgery. But no idea what it is

TheLastLonelyBakedBeanInTheTin · 26/10/2021 08:44

I had something similar after having a baby and had to have a cream with antibiotics in I think (or maybe antiseptic not sure) and then when that didn't work I took oral antibiotics and used sudocrem which worked. It was not thrush though. They thought it was due to bacteria left over from the birth, but I do wonder if it was because when I ran out of maternity pads I used scented towels for normal heavy periods.

justasking111 · 26/10/2021 09:07

Scented loo roll did for me worst thrush ever. See pharmacist for stronger antihistamines get pessary and cream

SunsetSmartmeter · 26/10/2021 09:08

Hi OP, the area you're talking about isn't actually skin, it's mucous membrane which absorbs/reacts to things like scent about 10 times more readily than skin, which is why it can be so sensitive. Definitely check it out with the GP - see if yours has invested in an online consult, mine recently has & it's really good to be able to type in basic information & have them call you back a few hours later, better than being on hold for 45 mins+! Good luck, hope you feel better soon Thanks

IAmFleshIAmBone · 26/10/2021 09:11

I've had these symptoms of thrush before the discharge started. Could the spotting actually be blood coming from irritated skin? Mine was so inflamed it was rubbing on my knickers and bleeding.

See doctor ASAP though, sounds horrible.

Mummysgonetobed · 26/10/2021 09:16

I’m allergic to bodyform pads - sounds similar to what I get if I ever use them. Topical Canesten helped the bruised/swollen feeling and anti histamines. It’s awful OP, you have my sympathies.
I’ve moved to reusable pads and period pants - no issues at all now!


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WheekestLink · 26/10/2021 09:39

You poor thing! Get to the GP. I had this exact thing when I first started having sex and I thought it was just part of losing your virginity 😳 (I wasn't that young, I was 20).

The burning was so bad I would have to lie in bed for hours after sex before I could go to the loo.

It went on for weeks and I ended up going to the GP on turned out I was allergic to latex.

StillSadAboutTiffanyMitchell · 26/10/2021 09:47

I have had this and was swabbed down there for everything imaginable, which all came back negative.
I am wincing at remembering it now - it was horrendous.
I never really got to the bottom of it which is annoying but it did go.
A nurse said to me that it was eczema but this was after exhausting all tests so I do feel like they just wanted to tell me something.
Do you shave ? She also told me to stop shaving as she thought that May have been the cause, which I did for a couple of weeks and it did go down during that time but I have returned to shaving and it hasn't happened again so that is probably coincidence.
For me it has become one of my life mysteries. I don't think I'll ever know what caused it

Helpfanjofire · 26/10/2021 10:13

Thanks for all your advice!!!
So I’ve been to have myself checked out (massive cringe) but the nurse was lovely. Yep looks like a reaction to the pads 😩 @Mummysgonetobed yes!!! It feels so bruised and swollen today !

I think I may have to invest in some period pants. Aren’t they a pain to change in the middle of the day though? Eg at work?!

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