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Weight Watchers

Starting today -3.5 stone to lose!

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Hmmingbird · 05/09/2018 11:12

Today it starts. I've signed up online and started meal tracking / planning. I am determined and I can do this.

Anyone else starting?

OP posts:
PlusPrincess · 06/09/2018 20:59

I started on Saturday and have about 7 stone to lose. Good luck xx

Lolipop44 · 08/09/2018 12:16

Started yesterday i have 3 stone to lose. I can't do it online i cheat Blush so i joined a local group yesterday. The group leader told me if i lose 2lb a week now until christmas which is realistic and a healthy amout then I'll be 2 stone lighter by Christmas which would be amazing!! We can do this ladies 💪🏻 good luck

Lolipop44 · 08/09/2018 12:17

Meal planning is definitely the best way to do it

Hmmingbird · 11/09/2018 18:46

First weigh in tomorrow. I've been walking everywhere and my Fitbit is linked to the app so I've racked up about 85 activity points! Meal planning is going well but I've had a few little cheats Blush

OP posts:
Lolipop44 · 11/09/2018 20:15

Smile go you. Good luck. My weigh in is Friday. Let us know how you've got on x

Hmmingbird · 12/09/2018 14:14

Only lost a sodding pound. But I am due on next week so maybe that is a factor. Ah well, a loss is a loss. Good luck for Friday!!

OP posts:
Lolipop44 · 12/09/2018 14:23

Well done Hmmingbird a pound lost is better that a pound gain. A pound of fat is actually alot. You may have lost inches too x

petalsandstars · 12/09/2018 14:26

I’m a week in too - weigh day Mondays. I’d be over the moon at 2 stone gone by Christmas!! I’ve about 3st to lose if I can make it to give me a buffer zone.

What’s your final goal?

Hmmingbird · 12/09/2018 14:46

Final goal is 10 stone which is 3 stone 5lb away!!

OP posts:
Lolipop44 · 12/09/2018 14:53

10 is my aim too. We can do this Wink

Hmmingbird · 12/09/2018 15:31
OP posts:
concretejungle · 12/09/2018 20:17

I started 3.5 weeks ago, also with 3.5 stone to lose. Have lost an impressive and surprising 12lb so far. Being very strict with points (blue dots every day) and doing 15k steps a day.

Really chuffed :)

Lolipop44 · 12/09/2018 20:37

Wow concretejungle well done Smile

concretejungle · 12/09/2018 22:15

Honestly, I thought weight loss like that only happened on crazy extreme diets like Cambridge.

I've had wine, gin, chocolate (small amounts, mind) and a huge variety of food as nothing is forbidden. Loving WW :)

Lolipop44 · 14/09/2018 17:55

Had my 1st weigh in today lost 4lb which I'm so pleased with. I usually drink lager but have now swapped for gin which i quite like I've had no bread this week and I've swapped my normal crisps for ww sour cream and chives which are delicious. I've brought loads of cooking sauces from meeting which has helped with evening meals also treated myself to soup maker.

Really hoping for my half a stone next week.
Hope you all have a nice weekend. Keep us posted on weight journey x

feverbee · 15/09/2018 10:53

(Re)started today, back on the bandwagon after this weekend. 6lb lost, only 3 stone to go Hmm

Titsywoo · 17/09/2018 21:55

I'm joining a group tomorrow - I also have 3.5 stone to lose and goal is 10 stone! I tried SW a few months ago but it did my head in trying to remember the bits i needed to eat like healthy extras etc. Hope to follow in your example concretejungle!

Lolipop44 · 18/09/2018 07:40

Welcome to the thread titsywoo. Know what you mean about SW i just couldn't get my head around it but i like WW. Good luck with your weight loss journey :)

Lolipop44 · 18/09/2018 07:41

Hmmingbird good luck with your weigh in tomorrow Smile

Thatmum · 18/09/2018 09:52

I'm on day 3. My first goal is 11st 10but that's quite a long way off Sad I've linked app to my Fitbit bit I'm trying to ignore those extra points as I need to see some fast weight loss or I'll become disheartened, give up and put even more weight on. Weigh in day will be Monday. The idea of being 2st lighter by Christmas sounds amazing. I'll be checking in regularly as I must do it this time.

Titsywoo · 19/09/2018 13:55

Weighed in yesterday so day 1 here. About to have moroccan honey chicken and cous cous with runner beans for lunch (6.5 points) and am planning pesto pasta for dinner (small amount of spaghetti and lots of courgetti plus brocolli, peas and mushrooms) which is another 9 points. I never eat breakfast but am always wanting to snack in the evening so have several points spare so I can have a slice of bread with smoked salmon.

Titsywoo · 19/09/2018 13:56

Oh I also just did a class at the gym but I'm not going to eat my exercise points as I'd like to lose as much as possible before my birthday. I'm saving my weeklies for Saturday night as I'm out (typically it would have to be on my first week!).


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PawneeParksDept · 19/09/2018 17:32

I started today, and I have 1 point left 😂 ( I have just eaten my evening meal and tallied in my milk allowance for cups of tea)

Don't really understand Flex can anyone explain the basic idea of what you do with those points?

Titsywoo · 20/09/2018 00:03

I used my points but didn't go into my weeklies. I saved a few for a snack before bedtime as i often snack then.

Pawnee - the ww consultant I saw yesterday said that you can eat the zero points foods - chicken breast, fish, eggs etc without counting (until satisfied) and the rest of your daily points are for anything else. Weekly points can be split across the week or used all at once. So I have 23 daily points and 35 weeklies. Today I had the following:

Lunch - Moroccan honey chicken with cous cous (6.5 points but the chicken was free) plus runner beans (free)
Dinner - pasta with pesto sauce and parmesan (11.5 points) plus loads of veg (free)
Snack - small slice bread with butter and smoked salmon - 5 points

I'm saving all my weeklies for alcohol at the weekend as I'm at a 40th birthday party. Or I could have 5 a day over a week or some other combination!

DaisyChops · 20/09/2018 14:38

Hi Ladies, I'm thinking of joining WW online and I just wondered how you were finding this? It looks like it's really working for you and some good losses here 👏

I've done SW in the past and I did lose a stone but I've put it all back on 🙈. I need to lose 2 stone at least (ideally 3!)

I've noticed a few of you mentioned the app links to your Fitbit, i really like the idea of this, is it easy to link and track points etc on the app?

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