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Weight Watchers

Just joined WW, consultant explained nothing. I'm so confused about the plan!

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Rabbishes · 12/02/2015 20:03

I thought how it worked was you get so many points a day and you eat within them but now there pro points? And filling healthy? It's all so confusing! I'm already pissed off with it and I haven't even started yet Blush

OP posts:
emsyj · 12/02/2015 20:14

It has changed a lot in the last few years so if you've done it before but a long time ago, there's a lot to get used to!

In brief, you get 49 propoints as a weekly allowance to use any time. Each day you can either choose to do 'Filling & Healthy' or Propoints, so you get a daily propoints (use them or lose them) allowance or you can eat freely from the filling & healthy list. The 49 points run weekly and you get them regardless of whether you use daily propoints or filling & healthy or a mix of the two.

Does that make sense??

Rabbishes · 12/02/2015 20:21

Not at all....

OP posts:
Rabbishes · 12/02/2015 20:22

Thank you though, you've given me more information than the consultant did.

OP posts:
MagratsHair · 12/02/2015 20:44

Did you go to a meeting? Our leader has a chat with new members after their first meeting and explains it all.

Rabbishes · 12/02/2015 20:53

I did but she said she didn't have time to explain it this week so will next week Hmm

It's put me right off to be honest.

OP posts:
DraggingDownDownDown · 12/02/2015 21:10

How many points are you allowed? That is the what you get every day. On top of that you get 49 to eat in one week.

So - for example....

I am on 26pp per day.

Breakfast - cereal and milk = 6pp

Lunch - prawn wrap = 6pp

dinner - sausage and mushroom risotto - 10

I have 4 left to eat today - chocolate!!!!

I have not gone into my extra allowance of 49 as I am having a takeaway on Sunday and this will be used then

DraggingDownDownDown · 12/02/2015 21:13

I have only ever done points as I like to know exactly where I am "at" with my eating.

All food has an allocated amount of points -even 0 points for some for veg, fruit, sugar free jelly....

Viviennemary · 12/02/2015 21:15

That sounds really complicated. It's a wonder anyone understands it. Last time I was on it I was on 21 points and was totally starving as had used all my points by about 11 am. Not quite but almost. This sounds as if you're allowed a bit more food.

MagratsHair · 12/02/2015 21:16

I can see why!

Some leaders are better than others, perhaps try another meeting if you can and give it a second chance? I'm not a leader but I help in my meeting so I'm fairly experienced and will try to explain Smile

Pro points- the current points system. Occasionally they revamp and call it something else so in the past you have pure points, points, 123 etc. Its just pro points now. You have a set amount per day according to your height and weight and 49 weekly pro points. You ensure that everything you eat is taken from your propoints . This means weighing and measuring stuff out to ensure portion sizes are OK and tracking what you eat.

Filling and healthy - this is an approach that means no weighing or measuring. There's a list of foods that are acceptable and the list is about foods that fill you up and are healthy Smile such as veg, fruit, lean meat, calorie controlled bread etc and you eat to appetite. A lot of people use F&H if they are eating out and can't calculate points or if they want a change for a bit.

You can pay 2 ways, you can do Monthly Pass which is &10 for the first month and £21.45 per month afterwards. Monthly Pass is computer based, there's a phone app and you can use it to track your points, look stuff up and generally be in control and organised.

Or you can pay at the meeting, its £6.25 per week so more expensive than monthly pass and you don't get the online stuff. What you can do is buy from the meeting a journal, a points calculator etc and track your points manually.

I do monthly pass as its cheaper and the online gubbins connects to my fitbit and tracks my activity automatically. But its up to you whether you choose paper based or online based. Either way you attend your weekly meeting.
Give it another go and try another leader if this one is crap Smile

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom · 12/02/2015 21:19

Which bit doesn't make sense Smile

You have daily points. You count the points in your food.

You have 49 weekly points. You only need to use these if you run out of points that day. So if you have 26 points per day and eat 30, you will have used 4 from your weekly allowance.

Or you can do healthy and filling. You eat off a list like slimming world. You then use your weekly points for things not on the healthy and filling list.

Rabbishes · 12/02/2015 22:30

The daily points and the weekly points is confusing me. What's the point of the weekly ones if I have daily ones? Why not just absorb them into the daily ones and have one set instead of having two to keep track of?

I'm reading through the book and the more I read it, the more I'm thinking it's not suited to me :(

OP posts:
pinkstinks · 12/02/2015 23:17

I have been doing ww since April, never pointed a thing. I only do filling and healthy. CBa with the numbers and weighing.
At my weigh in today I reached my 70lbs loss :) it's just about funding te approach thy works for you.

redvelvetcupcake · 13/02/2015 06:50

Hi I have just re joined after not going for over a year and am also confused! wasn't even given a 5% weight goal or any goal...
I linked my fit bit but it didn't show any earned points even though i did 15000 plus steps? Do you know why please MagratsHair?
I was told when I asked just before leaving that i can have 26 points and yesterday I seemed to eat more than I usually do. Imagine if I put on weight!!!
I also don't understand how when you track food on your phone it knows to take PP out of the weekly 49?
Is it best to not use these 49 to get bigger weight loss... Beach holiday booked in 6 weeks and have 2 stone to lose, HELP!!!!

MagratsHair · 13/02/2015 07:20

Hi redvelvet Smile Smile

I'm on my phone app now so can't look but I'll have a look this morning how to link your fitbit to ww Smile

MagratsHair · 13/02/2015 07:29

Just in case it didn't link properly

Brambles34 · 13/02/2015 07:52

There are a few FB groups, some separate for pro points or F&H. A lot of newbies on there have the same problem with understanding when their leader rushes through it but soon get to grips with it in these groups. Also useful for recipes and discovering new things like cauliflower rice!! (Much nicer than it sounds and is a fab substitute for normal rice!)

Rabbishes · 13/02/2015 09:16

I've downloaded the app this morning and I'm having a browse, it seems easiest to track food via the app?

Fridays are my busy day so for quickness I usually do a jarred sauce or freezer surprise, was thinking how will that work but just looked up the usual sauce I use and it's only 4 points per serving.

I'm still not 100% convinced WW is right for me but I've paid for the month so may as well see how it goes.

OP posts:
MagratsHair · 13/02/2015 10:13

Is it showing on the activity tracker yet redvelvet

Viviennemary · 13/02/2015 11:48

They might as well bring back calorie counting which has gone out of fashion but it worked. All this points for this and points for that and calculators to work out the points. It's a bit mad.

TaurielTest · 13/02/2015 11:58

The point of having 49 weekly and 26 daily propoints is to give you some flexibility - if you have a big splurge you're less likely to give up the whole thing. My aunt, who is not the splurging type, does fine by thinking of it as 33 points each day (i.e. 26 plus 49/7).

I don't think it's that complicated. Fruit and veg are nearly all 0 points. 1 tsp oil/butter/sugar = 1 pt. 10g pasta/rice = 1 pt. It's mostly portion control and limiting carbs and fat.

I'm doing it online for a bit (Quidco offer made it free for 3 months) and have lost 3kg in the first two weeks.

Viviennemary · 13/02/2015 12:06

That's a really good loss puddock. Well done you!

SomewhereIBelong · 13/02/2015 16:50

The weekly points are basically enabling you to choose your weightloss - you NEED to eat your daily points, you do not need to eat your weeklies.

If you do not dip into weeklies at all you will lose more weight than if you take it to the full 49. But they are there for the odd splurge and if you stay under 49 should still lose some weight.


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tobysmum77 · 13/02/2015 20:13

I disagree it's just calorie counting, it isn't. You find that healthier foods have lower pp. I found over time I was eating practically entirely from the h&f list because it meant I wasnt hungry all the time. So I then stopped pointing.

I started wanting to lose a stone (I had starting bmi of 25), ate drankall weeklies and lost 2lb pretty much every week, lost stone in a couple of months. Then went into maintenance and lost another stone, this was 12 months ago and my weight is stable.

op you seem rather defeatist to me.

Rabbishes · 13/02/2015 23:57

I don't think I am being defeatist. I've joined, I've read the literature they gave me, and I've been following it today and - so far - it really doesn't feel like it's a good fit. The weighing and measuring is a PITA when I'm already pushed for time during the day, I don't find the plan to be particularly easy to understand and there seems to be a big emphasis on buying WW products, monthly passes, etc. rather than actual support.

I'm sure it works for lots of people but, for me, my gut feeling is that it's making me anxious about counting everything and I've only used 12 points all day because it's stressing me out.

I'm starting to wonder if Slimming Word might be better.

OP posts:
tobysmum77 · 14/02/2015 07:21

you don't have to weigh and measure. The healthy and filling list is one side of A4 that you stick to the fridge. You can eat as much as you like of any of it. I started pointing but over time moved away, there is no need to.

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