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Weight Watchers

Simple start thread, anyone?

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MrsTerryPratchett · 03/01/2014 01:54

I'm back on the WW bandwagon. Simple start version this time. We've been eating this for two days and I'm really loving it, so is DH and 3yo DD. Just some lean protein, vegetables and brown starch and lots of fruit, veg and skimmed milk tea in between. Breakfast may be my downfall, we shall see.

Anyone got fabulous recipes and support to share?

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Fizzyfuzzy123 · 03/01/2014 11:25

Hey I'm back on it too! Day one of simple start! Already had one treat oops

MrsTerryPratchett · 03/01/2014 14:39

A treat that fitted into the 7 extra points or an illicit treat? Grin

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catseverywhere · 04/01/2014 13:24

I just started Simple Start yesterday with my partner. Today for breakfast we've had 2 slices of WW bread, an egg fried in the oil allowance, a couple of bacon medallions and some baked beans. Not as good as a fry up, but very tasty and sustaining :)

MrsTerryPratchett · 04/01/2014 16:31

Baked beans? Are they a power food?

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catseverywhere · 04/01/2014 17:32

They are free as part of the Simple Start wotsit ....

MrsTerryPratchett · 04/01/2014 17:43

You have made my year day. I'm in a different country and they clearly don't understand the importance of baked beans. I'm off to buy some from the British shop.

I'm finding this really easy so far. Much easier than counting every pint every day was.

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MrsTerryPratchett · 04/01/2014 17:44
  • point, although I suppose you need to count pints too!
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1Madhouse · 04/01/2014 17:47

Can I join. Restarting ww on Monday so just marking my place. Have a horrendously bad 3 st to loose. All baby weight ?! Said baby is now 1 yr old and I am soooo embarrassed at my size.

Also rejoining gym tomorrow so aiming for 5 classes a week plus walks etc.

MrsTerryPratchett · 04/01/2014 17:52

Wow 1Madhouse 5 classes a week? I thought I was doing well going to the pool twice last week. Welcome to the thread!

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risingsunshine · 05/01/2014 05:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Featherbag · 05/01/2014 06:08

Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into WW next Friday after an enforced absence due to pregnancy. I lost 3 and a half stone but have put 2 and a half back on during pregnancy, partially due to SPD completely curtailing my usual exercise regime, partially due to knowing I'll never have the pregnancy excuse to eat like a pig again and taking full advantage!

I've just had my 6 week check and the ok to get going again, also going to ease back into as much exercise as I can. My meeting is on a Friday so will be next week before I can go. I've never heard of Simple Start, is it very different? I'm bfing too so will be interesting to see how that fits in.

Fizzyfuzzy123 · 05/01/2014 07:34

The simple start is filling and healthy days! Mine is baby weight too. I have dieted since having ds 9 and a half months ago but can't seem to lose it! X

Featherbag · 05/01/2014 10:36

I never did F&H days, I didn't like doing it that way, can you still just do the old PP? I lost the weight from DS1 plus an extra day doing that!

Featherbag · 05/01/2014 10:38

Day?! Extra stone!!!

SpottyDottie · 05/01/2014 17:11

I'm going to be restarting WW. Can you tell me more about Simple Start? Is just filling and healthy foods? I hope it doesn't get a complicated as SW seems to me Sad

1Madhouse · 05/01/2014 17:32

Right joined the gym again this afternoon. Signed up for spinning and synergy circuits 5 x a week plus some gym work. Now just need to hop on the scales in the morning.

It's gonna be bad !!!

Doing ww at home as have all the books etc and going to put £5 in a jar. By June I hope to have enough to go away for a (cheap) spa break.

Good luck and healthy eating all !

Mrswellyboot · 07/01/2014 22:45

I have started simple start today. Haven't read the booklet in full but have the gist of it. I am giving it a shot for the week and will go back to points of I am not happy with it

Today I had two ww yogurts as my treat
Two boiled eggs
Tea with milk x 3
Stak mince, mushrooms, peppers etc

Very strict today.

How are you all getting on? I am going to buy meringue nests and 0 Greek yoghurt tomorrow as have frozen berries in Grin

Let the good times roll

MrsTerryPratchett · 08/01/2014 00:59

I'm getting on well. I'm seeing how this works. I think, "I'm hungry" then look at what I can eat, then have fruit. Nothing on the plan is easy, really. means I can't 2 point myself into a hole. Smile

OP posts:
MercuryRising · 08/01/2014 21:57

Hi I started simple start today and so far I have found it much easier than pointing everything. My body actually feels cleaner as I haven't been scoffing all the rubbish I ate over Christmas! Does anybody know what sort of weight losses we are likely to get?

Mrswellyboot · 08/01/2014 22:27

I think the losses are good but you can only follow it for a limited time as its so restrictive. I still haven't read the booklet so just sticking to omelette ww yogurts bacon etc.

I had a very small glass of wine as my treat today. Just having a glass of warm milk with sweetener. I am not finding it too bad. With the points I would spend them on biscuits, at least now I am having protein mainly.

What are you all having for your main meals?

MrsTerryPratchett · 08/01/2014 23:00

I'm looking at about a 3 pound loss this evening's weigh in so I think this is great. In a way it is restrictive but I can easily keep track without writing anything down, which is great for me.

Main meals have been chicken, brown pasta and veg, fish, brown rice and veg, steak, brown cous cous and veg. You get the picture!

OP posts:
MercuryRising · 09/01/2014 06:08

I would be very happy with 3 pounds! Yesterday I had brown pasta salad for lunch and sweet potato chips with a quorn fillet and beans as my main meals. I find it easier than having to think about propoints.


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Dwinhofficoffi · 11/01/2014 13:50

Can I join please? I have joined online today :).

MrsTerryPratchett · 11/01/2014 14:38

All are welcome Dwinhofficoffi!

We went out to dinner yesterday. I had a steak but couldn't have any of the starch as it was all white or covered in butter. The steak was good and I didn't put on any weight going out to dinner, which is great.

OP posts:
Dwinhofficoffi · 11/01/2014 15:07

I have a meal out Friday which I am slightly concerned about as I have pre ordered a main meal (before starting WW).

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