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Marjorie's new Not Fat Exactly thread

60 replies

marjoriedawessassy · 04/07/2005 09:48

Getting a bit busy on other thread so have started a new one.

See you on Weds!

OP posts:
Lucymoo · 05/07/2005 10:33

Hi Marjoriedawessassy,glad you had a lovely holiday.

marjoriedawessassy · 06/07/2005 09:01


Pah, have gained a pound. Bl*dy Devon and its bu*ering cream teas!

If you haven't seen it yet, Hi5 has kindly set up a database in Yahoo to record loss etc. There's a link to it in original thread - actually Hi5 can you link to it from this thread too?

Hope you've all had a better week than me!

OP posts:
Lucymoo · 06/07/2005 15:35

Hi,ive gained a pound aswell .I was doing so well now its all creeping back on again,i will have to get myself remotivated.Hope everyone has better results.

applemummy · 06/07/2005 16:33

Have found new thread and have put on a pound. very fed up but have had stressy week so sort of surprised it is only a pound. Thought when I got under 10 stone it would spur me onto nine and a half where I long to be but those penguins keep looking at me and when I am cross with dh (who is just grumpy because he is snowed under at work and very tired)I find I've eaten two before you know it! Still 5 and 1/2 weeks to holiday so I should be able to shift 6lbs in that time...shouldn't I??????

Glad you had good holiday majorie. We missed you.

KBear · 06/07/2005 16:38

Well I was doing ok but then ate a huge piece of bread pudding at the Greenwich meet-up yesterday and that blew it. 11st 1lb. So I think that was the same as two weeks ago.

Must try harder, must try harder.

chicagomum · 06/07/2005 18:22

have lost 2 pounds (having a rather stressful time of it as my inlaws are staying with us for a 2 and a half week visit and i'm running around entertaing cooking cleaning etc etc)

hi5 · 06/07/2005 18:23

See if this \link{}works
I'll paste the information about signing in on this thread too.

hi5 · 06/07/2005 18:24


hi5 · 06/07/2005 18:28

have a look at this

hi5 · 06/07/2005 18:32

The log in is:

When you have accessed the yahoo using the login,
find the link which says 'groups' and click on that.
The MarjorieDawes group should appear on the left.
The database link in that group is what we could all fill in each week to record our progress.
I have put all the names from the thread into the data base already, you need to find your name and scroll along to 'edit', which will, when clicked, open your record to allow you to add your details. Try putting in your starting weight and height.
Be warned, you need to sign out after you have done this or nobody else will be able to use those login details. If you have your own yahoo addy i can invite you into the group that way and you will be able to enter using your own log in details - that would be a lot easier for each individual. At the moment, anyone can enter detail into the data base - try not to delete the whole thing everyone.
If you have a yahoo address, sign in with the marjorieslimclub log in and 'invite' your own email address to join - you can use your own logins thereafter.

marjoriedawessassy · 13/07/2005 13:44

Good morning girls! Weds again, so get on those scales...

I'm going to cheat a bit this week I weighed myself yesterday and was 11st2 (ie 2lbs lost ).But this morning I was 11st5! I'm putting it down to dropping 2 breast feeds yesterday - my hoo-hars are like cannoballs today!

So...Marjorie 11st2 - 2lbs lost.

Anyone else? Know some are on other thread, will import scores later.

OP posts:
Lucymoo · 13/07/2005 13:57

Stayed the same this week,not good but i didnt gain (thank god!)

chicagomum · 13/07/2005 17:14

oops posted on old thread, anyway have stayed the same this week

donnacb · 15/07/2005 09:01

oops posted on old thread too. managed to lose 1lb again this week. so 11stone 5lbs at this rate its gunna take me yers to take the weight off. also have a cold and feeling blue so ate cheese cake and pizza yesterday. opps wont help at all. Glad majariedawessassy had a lovely holiday. Dont people know of any where nice to go for a long weekend with a 8 month old can be abroad. any ideas greatfully recieved. good luck this week going to try and go swimming on monday. lol donna

KBear · 15/07/2005 22:02

Am useless - didn't lose anything, didn't try this week - far too stressed. Please may I be excused?

Thanking you!

hi5 · 16/07/2005 22:49

Oh I didnt post on the thread on Weds sorry Marj, but I did weigh in, 11st1.6 - and sssshhhh don't say it too loud , but since then I've seen the number 10 flash momentarily on the scales before it decided, like the sorting hat in Harrry Potter that I was still Slytherin ( any fans will know what I mean) . I am a little bit tipsy and have just typed all this with amy etes closed.

hi5 · 16/07/2005 22:50


charliecat · 18/07/2005 10:36

sorry 11.4 again last tuesday...totally lost this thread and have only just managed to find it!

KBear · 18/07/2005 20:57

have we all fallen off the wagon?

Lucymoo · 20/07/2005 19:36

Hi,lost 1lb .I dont really seem to be getting anywhere but i wont give in!

charliecat · 20/07/2005 19:41

will check in tommorow, cant seem t o acess the yahoo thingy

chicagomum · 20/07/2005 19:44

lost 2 lbs as visitor shave left and am no longer conssuming vast quantities of red wine (mil probably thinks i'm an alcoholic)


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sassy · 21/07/2005 08:57

Hi girls, couldn't check in yesterday as was waiting for an important phone call all day and didn't want to tie up the phone line.

Well I've put a lb back on . Getting a bit disheartened now especially as I've not been eatng all that much during this hot spell (not been moving very much either!) Have decided to really have a big push for 2 weeks and get under 11 st (now 11st3) - this might give me the boost I need to keep at it.

Where is everybody BTW? I have been washing, honestly

chonky · 21/07/2005 09:54

Hi, would anyone mind if I joined in at this late stage? I'm aiming to lose a stone, to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (dd is now 15mo ), but I have noooo willpower at all.

sassy · 21/07/2005 09:57

Welcome chonky. You sound like me - dd2 is 6 months and I would like to lose another stone-stone and a half.
We weigh in on weds. Was lots of chat during the week but seems to have tailed off a bit now.

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