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Paul Mckenna: I can Make you thin. Anyone want to join me or inspire me with success stories?

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JigglyPiggy · 11/01/2010 18:35

I am trying to get back on track after the typical Christmas binge. I managed to shift 2st 9lb last year on Slimming World but i seem to be hitting the same brick wall of overeating for every reason except hunger!

I have abandoned the SW class as I know that it is not tackling my urge to overeat, I merely keep stuffing on free foods etc

So I am now doing the Paul Mckenna approach. I try to listen to the CD each night before bed and I seem to be rediscovering my will power! Tonight I even managed to stop eating once I felt full, chucked what was left in the bin and I have not had the usual pudding.

Tonight I plan to watch the programmes I have recorded and make a start again with the book.

I am fast approaching 'danger time' i.e. when the kids are in bed I start munching so I thought I would post here and see if anyone else wants some support?

OP posts:
Bobbiewickham · 11/01/2010 18:39

It seems to be working for me.

Watched all the programmes last week, can no longer eat until stuffed, am eating approx a third less than usual and have lost 2lbs this week!

Tapping works too...just staved off a craving for a second choc chip cookie.

Good luck!

lorrycat · 13/01/2010 10:26

Hi ladies

I'm glad to have found this thread as i'm following the paul mckenna approach. This is my first week and although i'm forgetting sometimes, whenever i do apply his techniques i do find i eat about a third less than i need to. Plus its helping me with urges, as you can literally have what you 'want' and not what every other diet is telling you to have.

I've ordered the book and cd last night and have the programmes on the sky+ box. Was thinking of taking it one week at a time, so have only watched the first programme.

Good luck and hope to see good results for us all.

JigglyPiggy · 20/01/2010 17:56

how are you both doing?

I am really struggling. I find that I can be fantastic all day (especially when at work) but it all falls apart in the evenings

I am finding it stressful being back at work and juggling the kids and the nights when DD plays up I am straight on the chocolate after bed time.

So tonight I am planning on getting both of them to bed on time and settling down to watch it all again.

Positives so far are that I am more in tune with feeling hungry/full and I can tell when I am not hungry just thirsty. Oh and I am not in the least bit tempted to weigh myself everyday cus i have gained lots

OP posts:
TheChewyToffeeMum · 20/01/2010 18:03

Oooh can I join?
I started 2 weeks ago (have the book and cd) and my clothes are feeling looser already. I weighed 11 stone 8 before and my wiiFit told me last weekend I had lost 2lbs already - yay!

It is definitely different from a diet (I'm still doing it for a start) and it seems to have had a positive impact on my mood as well.

It feels so strange but I really find it difficult to finish things now whereas before I would always clear my plate.

The main positive though is I am able to acknowledge when I am not really hungry but tired, stressed etc.

Tommy · 20/01/2010 18:08

hi - can I join you?

I was on an earlier thread but it seems to have fallen off the radar.

I started his programme in September and have lost over stone so far. It has changed my whole way of thinking about food!

I fell off the wagon a bit over Christmas - mostly due to too much wine which I love but if I have more than one or two glasses i just start on the chocs

Jigglepiggly - hang in there. Do you think you are bored or just tired when you reach for the evening chocolate? I found his comment that about "don't fed emotional hunger with food "or something along those lines(!) very helpful. It's mostly about habits isn't it? and getting out of them

Bobbiewickham · 20/01/2010 18:12

Right, well, I found myself creeping back to emotional eating (slightly difficult time) but have been out and bought the book and cd today and intend to listen to it every night. Am still eating consciously, and leaving a bit on the plate, and have lost another couple of pounds, so going well.

Had a difficult incident with some Oreos last night but trying to take on board the fact that it says that will happen and not get too despondent.

Tommy · 20/01/2010 22:09

I think that's the difference, Bobbie - I don't feel guilty when I fall off the wagon anymore. It's incredibly liberating!

tearinghairout · 20/01/2010 22:17

Hi - another PM success here too. I lost over half a stone last year. He's my hero (swoon!)

Pwsimerimew · 21/01/2010 14:52

Hi! I'm off to the library now, this minute to collect a copy of the book and CD. Has anyone any idea if the tv show is on iplayer some where - os was it yonks ago????

Tommy · 21/01/2010 21:57

it has been on Living or some channel like that fairly recently

TheChewyToffeeMum · 22/01/2010 08:35

OK had a really bad day yesterday due to non-sleeping DS and grumpy DD. Definitely ate more then I should have. I think before though I would have forced down my lunch and tea in addition to the snacks just because it was mealtime. Yesterday i just accepted that I had eaten rubbish instead and left the meals alone - not very nutritious but I didn't end up feeling sick and guilty. Definitely less guilt with this method.

ppeatfruit · 24/01/2010 09:43

yup folks it really does work. i like the bit about if you're especially enjoying a meal and can't finish it just have it later a bit difficult in a restaurant though eh!

ppeatfruit · 24/01/2010 09:48

i don't want to be THIN though just a nice healthy shape and i'm almost there with the help of Tao internal exercises they are amazing !!

Tommy · 24/01/2010 15:01

also when you're at someone's house and they expect you to eat stuff! A bit awkward that but, on the whole, much beter than being on a "diet" any day

darksideofthemooncup · 24/01/2010 15:50

I am going to his seminar in Birmingham next saturday so really interested to see the comments on here. I wasn't really looking forward to it but I am now

Tommy · 24/01/2010 23:13

I'm sure you'll find it very interesting darkside. I'm not really into hypnoss and stuff like that but I can really see the sense of what he says.

Please come back and tell us what it was like!

darksideofthemooncup · 25/01/2010 10:04

Thanks Tommy I will

ppeatfruit · 28/01/2010 10:15

you know the hormone that tells you when to stop eating is NOT released when you 're tired. but the Mckenna thing even seems to override that it's magic!1
i will says that i also follow my blood type to stay healthy as well i think that is important, the eating slowly and consciously thing is healthy as well of course.

darksideofthemooncup · 31/01/2010 18:40

Well I have been, it was interesting but an exhausting day. I have taken on the slow and concious eating thing and its really easy. He is a very charismatic performer but I felt that it should haver been shorter as I really didn't pay much attention for the final two hours as I had a bit of information overload. We shall see if it works and I shall report back if I lose a significant amount of weight

Pwsimerimew · 01/02/2010 08:44

I'm going to be checking in here to see how you're all doing. Its my second week and i did cheat my wheighing myself last week - I lost 4 pound whoopie doo!
Trying hard not to get the scales out agin for a while.

Pwsimerimew · 01/02/2010 08:45

Sorry for typos - bit early for me!

Pwsimerimew · 22/02/2010 17:44

How's everyone doing? Please help keep me motivated!


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onlyjoinedforoffers · 22/02/2010 18:01

pleased this is a topic. I am following it I listen to the cd most nights and every morning before i get up . I am also s eeing a dietician but she doesnt really do anything IYSWIM i have lost 10 lbs since i have been on it that i know of but will get weighed again when i go back on March 9. I am finding it a godsend as ive said on numerous threads i have atarted swimming nearly every day and i am doing Davina Mcall workputs .iT IS GOING GREAT GREAT MY CLOTHES FEEL MUCH SLACKER ALREADY

Pwsimerimew · 22/02/2010 20:19

Sounds as though you're doing a lot of exersice as well as PM, you're good!

ppeatfruit · 23/02/2010 08:55

Yes i've noticed that as i've got older to really move the weight you have to really MOVE!! I have dropped 2 dress sizes now!!though the M and S enlarging its sizes thing can be confusing!!!

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