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I need help shifting my belly

46 replies

janx · 15/04/2009 20:24

I have two dcs - both big babies. Ds born 16 months ago was 9lb 10...and I still look pregnant. I am still bfeeding, but really need to shift some weight - not really been on diets before so not that experienced in what works etc...really do need motivating. Doesn't help that dp is v slim ....any success stories/advice/support would be much appreciated

OP posts:
KerryMumbles · 15/04/2009 20:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sazzerbear · 15/04/2009 20:27

and me!

MerlinsBeard · 15/04/2009 20:27

sit ups work to a point

compo · 15/04/2009 20:29

no wine, cheese, biscits, chocolate works but is very boring!

MerlinsBeard · 15/04/2009 20:30

do you need to lose weight? or just tone up?

Stretching exercises like yoga and pilates are good too

KerryMumbles · 15/04/2009 20:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janx · 15/04/2009 20:32

Wow - that was quick - prehaps we can start a support group! Compo - thanks, and yes I need to lay off the choc - oh and I love cheese. Was wondering about cutting out bread,as i feel like I get v bloated.
How old are your dcs KM and SB? Sit -ups yes - do you do them MOM?

OP posts:
janx · 15/04/2009 20:34

I need to do both mumofmonsters - but by belly is defo the problem area - not unhappy with the rest of me - but general toning would be good. Have started doing yoga - I have a back problem which does restrict what I can do to a certain extent

OP posts:
sazzerbear · 15/04/2009 20:38

Janx, ds is 2, I still look a bit "preggers" - not a good look - need to control my muffin top before it escapes over the top of my jeans for good! . I walk at least an hour a day, have to cut down on wine/bics etc and do some toning.
MOm - How many sit-ups do you have to do a day to see any benefit?

MrsMattie · 15/04/2009 20:40

I've lost 2 stone in the last 3 months, but still havent lost the preggo-belly look . It's so annoying.

MerlinsBeard · 15/04/2009 20:40

I do all kinds...probably too much if i am honest! I don't have any kind of back issues though.

Yoga will gently ease your muscles. It's hard to target one area really, better to go for all over-ish ime.

I have lost 2 stone since DS3 was born in March 08 thru gentle exercise. Have just started upping it a bot to lose the last few lbs a bit quicker though!!

KerryMumbles · 15/04/2009 20:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sazzerbear · 15/04/2009 20:43

Good on you ladies for all the weight loss, has inspired me!!

flimflammum · 15/04/2009 20:47

I've been looking into this as (17 months post baby no. 2) I'm not overweight but still look 4 months pregnant. Apparently Pilates-style 'crunches' are good, and we need to tone up the transverse abdominals by doing sit ups reaching across with one hand to the opposite knee. I'll try and find the link.

Shoshe · 15/04/2009 20:49

Can i join in?

I have lost 3.3st now but cant get rid of my belly [grump]

Have the added bug bear of having lupus and Fibromyalgia, which makes exercising difficult, what can I do?

janx · 15/04/2009 20:56

Mrs Mattie - that's great - well done you

MumofMonsters - are you cutting back on any particular foods?

Kerry - I am an older mum which doesn't help me thinks

ffm - I look 6 months preggers . That link would be good

Welcome Shoshe - how long did it take you to do that? Sorry not sure what lupus and Fibromyalgia is

OP posts:
Shoshe · 15/04/2009 21:00

i started with weightwatchers on 9th February,



MerlinsBeard · 15/04/2009 21:01

janx - yes...eating smaller portions in general and what i do eat is healthier than before DS3 (if that makes sense).

Also take a diet pill from boots but thats prob just psychologically working

beforesunrise · 15/04/2009 21:43

dd2 is 11 months and today a lady offered me a seat on the tube... i could have wept there and then. what do we do about these tummies??? as others have said- not so much the weight, it's the shape!!

DLI · 15/04/2009 22:01

i'd love to get rid of my tummy too. my husband has even tried cheering me up when i complain about it saying it is a baby belly and very womanly, my response - b**cks

janx · 15/04/2009 22:02

I definately eat way too much - got away with it when I was younger as was skinny growing up. Also eat when bored/stressed/tired etc - had a tough year last year as my dad died and consoled myself with choc/cake/crisps

Shoshe - those conditions sound really tough

beforesunrise - I often get glances on the tube as if the person is mulling it over whether I am pregnant. Should wear a badge saying - baby was on board, but not anymore just a lot of surplus boarding

OP posts:
MotherofInvention · 15/04/2009 22:25

It's that old chestnut - eat less, exercise more... which is a lot harder than it sounds. I'm slimmer than I was the first few years after having DCs, but bigger than I have been since and my belly is the last thing to go and the first thing to grow - aargh! I might as well just stick whatever I'm eating to my belly as it will replicate itself there as fat within minutes.

I've tried lots of tricks and eating low GI food definitely helped the most. It's sensible, healthy, practical with easy recipes and if you keep it up you can lose lots of weight without feeling bloody starving all the time, crucially. But like all these weight loss programmes you have to stick with it. It's great though, as the stuff you can eat helps you stay full and you can snack and even eat some chocolate... I used this book.

Building regular exercise into my routine also worked for me - otherwise I'd always be postponing it to do something else. Now I'm hooked. Exercise DVDs that you can use at home can be really good - Davina's Power of 3 was pretty good for starters I seem to remember.

The real bugger is you have to keep it up, all the bloody time, and not drink too much red wine/eat all the kids' easter sweets, etc etc. Boring!


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MarkPT · 15/04/2009 22:26

If you're interested, I work as a PT, and will be running a free transformation challenge in a few weeks, from my (free!) forum at [] I have a few mumsnet members.

I'm full with PT clients so not looking to make money anywhere.
Just looking to help a lot of people in one go, and maybe get testimonials out of it as well as you're good health and new bodies!
I'll be sending afood plan to everyone who "enters" thay I give to my PT clients and a couple of home workouts to follow.
It will probably last 6 weeks (obviously you can do it as long as you want) and during it all you can keep updates on the forum etc as motivation to everyone else on it.
It will be a worldw-wide challenge and hope to get a piece in the local paper too.

Anyone interested join up and chat/post away! I'm here to help, it's my job, and trust me this is free no catches, as you'll see once you join the forum and see the subjects I help with.

P.S. The plan will be tough, no wheat, alcohol etc, but it works for a reason, so only look to take on the challenge if your prepared to sacrifice such foods!

sazzerbear · 16/04/2009 08:28

thanks MarkPT, will have a look!

LibrasJusticeLeagueofBiscuits · 16/04/2009 08:36

Wouldn't it be better to follow a healthy food plan that will be sustainable over the long-term?

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