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Jahan · 14/09/2008 12:07

The idea is that we get into pairs or teams and clock up exercise minutes and lbs lost by the end of the week.

So, who's in?

OP posts:
StormInanEcup · 14/09/2008 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cheekysealion · 14/09/2008 14:37

yeah sounds good fun

LisaLessLumpy · 17/09/2008 19:24

I'm in for it, most definitely

Donk · 17/09/2008 19:31

I'll have a go

SheikYerbouti · 17/09/2008 20:15

I'm a loser, but not in the weightloss sense sadly

Count me in though, I can be despondent and negative and bring everyone dooooowwwwn

LisaLessLumpy · 18/09/2008 07:09

Don't think of the weightloss to start with sheiki, think of clocking up the exercise minutes

CantSleepWontSleep · 18/09/2008 08:19

I plan on losing at least 1.5 stone in the next month. Will that make me a winner?

StormInanEcup · 18/09/2008 16:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mummc2 · 19/09/2008 16:29

hi can i join in, just got great motivation for weight loss so need to start. starting tonite with treadmill see you all tomorrow

StormInanEcup · 20/09/2008 15:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Jahan · 21/09/2008 09:05

Sorry, I've been awol for a while.

We need one more person so we can get into teams and get going with the challenge!

Anyone else?

(I thought yay! we've got an even no. till I realised Cantsleep was just teasing us )

OP posts:
MrsMcCulloch · 21/09/2008 10:11

Aw go on then, I'll give it ago!

StormInanEcup · 21/09/2008 10:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Jahan · 21/09/2008 11:03

Excellent indeed.

The idea behind this is that the psychology of teaming up will increase your motivation as you won't want to let down your team mate.

I've just paired everyone up in order so here goes;

  1. Me and Stormy
  2. Cheekysealion and Lisa
  3. Donk and Sheiky
  4. Mummc2 and MrsMcCulloch

So hopefully we can start tomorrow if everyone is still in. Please sign in again by the end of today to confirm otherwise we can change pairings.

The challenge is to clock up the most pounds lost and the most minutes of exercise clocked per team.

So, weigh yourself, liaise with your team mate and get set, go!
OP posts:
MrsMcCulloch · 21/09/2008 11:09

Hi Mummc2, hope you are still in. Will weigh in tomorrow morning after school run and physio then hopefully come up with a brilliant plan to shed some lard this week ha ha.

Thanks you to Jahan for thinking up this idea, could just work you know!

StormInanEcup · 21/09/2008 11:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Jahan · 21/09/2008 11:33

Yes, post your start weight by tomorrow and your weight loss plan for motivation.

I'm going to post my weight and plan today as I'm going to be at work and can't really post from there.

Start weight - 11stones exactly

My plan is to stick to 1250 cals everyday and do at least 3x exercise sessions and walking everyday to boost the minutes.
Right Stormy team mate. Lets kick ass

We'll have weekly winners and an overall 6 week challenge winner.

OP posts:
Jahan · 21/09/2008 11:34

(btw if you can't sign up today, you can join late)

OP posts:
cheekysealion · 21/09/2008 15:12

i am here ready to go!!!

StormInanEcup · 21/09/2008 16:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

LisaLessLumpy · 21/09/2008 21:16

I'm here too - Hi Cheeky, are we gonna kick some ass?

Start weight as of yesterday morning 11st 4lb.
I too am aiming to stick to 1250 cals per day and to drink at least 3 pints of water on top of other drinks. Will aim to do at least 3 x 30min sessions on the XT during the week

mummc2 · 21/09/2008 22:08

Hi im finally here, will weigh in tomorrow, just after ive been to the shop and got some batteries for my scales!!!! and i wonder why im overweight when i cant even weigh myself DOH! LETS GO TEAM!!! WATER, WATER,WATER, EXERCISE EXERCISE, E X E R C I S E!!!!


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MrsMcCulloch · 22/09/2008 08:31

Hi mummc2, glad you are still in. Off to Boots for weigh in shortly then on the treadmill, will check in later.

LisaLessLumpy · 22/09/2008 10:52

Right I'm off to drink a litre of water whilst doing 40 mins on the Cross Trainer. Not that I feel like it but the boys are at nursery so I had better make the most of it

mummc2 · 22/09/2008 14:02

hi weigh in: 10st 11 lb.
ideal weight: 9st
realistic weight: 9st 7lb

had small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk for brekkie and tuna mayo and salad sandwhich for lunch with yogurt. treadmill tonite when kids go to bed. Was guna go for a walk into town but rainy and dd1 not up for it

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